2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: LSU vs Clemson

Eric Reid NFL Draft

LSU safeties Eric Reid and Craig Loston were just two of the defensive prospects on display. (USA Today Sports Images)


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl between the LSU Tigers and the Clemson Tigers was easily one of the most entertaining bowl games this season, perhaps behind only the Michigan vs South Carolina battle today.

Read on to see how the 2013 NFL Draft prospects performed.

#49 Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU
-Lined up at LDE.
-Lightning first step, gets up the field quickly.
-Crashes inside, blows up the play at the handoff, forces fumble – flexible bend.
-Extends his arms through contact, pushes tight end into ball carrier.
-Loses balance on spin move, quick to his feet and flushes QB.
-Inside move, unable to split the defenders – great hustle down the field.
-Perfect snap anticipation, bends around the edge fluidly.
-Shifts inside a gap pre-snap, unreal burst to the QB, blows it up at the mesh point.
-Clemson’s line breaks down, allows Mingo to go free, another pressure on QB.
-Spin move to get off block, tackles QB too high, misses.
-Being rested at times, has a wrap on his wrist.
-Loops inside, stopped, but works his way outside to force throwaway.
-Shows a little power on rip move, gets to the QB to make the sack.
-Powers through RB trying to make block, flushes QB to his teammate.
-Misses the tackle on reverse in backfield, left his feet rather than breaking down.
-In the locker room with “intestinal discomfort”.

Overview: In a game where he obviously wasn’t 100% physically, Mingo showed his flexibility, burst and athleticism as the most dominant defensive player in the game. He will be a first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

#99 Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU
-Lined up at RDE.
-Tries to run the arc, fast, but looks a little stiff in his movements.
-Unable to get off fullback’s block, loses balance.
-Disciplined in his read, stays hom, able to drag down QB on option.
-On the sideline with apparent foot injury.
-Back on the field, has been very slow off the snap on multiple occasions.
-Unblocked, lays a big clean hit on Boyd.
-Looked more athletic on club move, bent around the edge with more balance.
-Works around the left tackle, able to catch Boyd trying to escape.
-Hesitation move, then blows by the tackle, pressures QB again.
-Punches the ball out of Ellington’s arm.
-Strings out the play, sets an edge and forces the RB back inside.
-Loses balance on bull rush, gets sack laying on the ground.

Overview: Montgomery showed a nice club move a few times, but he is much tighter than Mingo in his movements. He has some promise, but isn’t the explosive prospect that many (myself included) thought he’d develop into.

#18 Bennie Logan, DT, LSU
-Lined up at defensive tackle, variety of techniques.
-Runs a twist, able to change directions and chase down the QB scrambling.
-Anchoring well against the OL, not being moved off the ball.
-Pushes OL into the backfield, clearing room for linebackers to clean up.
-Keeping pads low, bulldozes OL, cleans up RB for TFL.
-Active hands, keeping himself clean.
-Fights off another block, brings down RB.
-Powerful bull rush, then chases QB down from behind.

Overview: Logan had a very good game inside, he rarely lost a one-on-one battle and showed a nice motor, good hands and some power. If he declares, he could sneak into the first round.

#46 Kevin Minter, LB, LSU
-Lined up at middle linebacker.
-Takes on guard in the hole, stands him up and assists on the tackle.
-Misses the tackle on Boyd, dove at his feet and missed.
-Finds the ball, runs through the ball-carrier, strong fundamental tackle.
-Has the speed to get out to the sideline and trip up WR on screen.
-Gets out to Humphries again on the sideline, deceptive speed.
-Sheds block from OL, wraps up on the QB draw.
-Nice open field tackle on QB on 4th down.
-Blitzes, knocks OL off his line and sacks QB.

Overview: Minter didn’t have many “splash” plays, but he was around the ball the entire night, in on seemingly every tackle. He showed sideline-to-sideline speed, good instincts and sound fundamentals. He’ll be a top 50 pick this April.

#1 Eric Reid, FS, LSU
-Lined up as deep safety, drops into the box on occasion.
-Closes quickly, immediate hit on receiver when he catches the ball.
-Reads the run key, comes down and makes solid open field tackle.
-Keeps his eyes in the backfield, anticipates the throw and lights up receiver with a big hit – flagged.
-Again, closes so quickly and lays the hit on receiver.
-Comes in so fast on receiver, gets a hand on him but can’t wrap up.
-Able to jump on a fumble, right time at right place.
-So quick to the ball, knocks the pass away as it hits the WR’s hands.
-Good coverage on Hopkins, couldn’t quite locate the ball in time.
-Got there early, called for interference.

Overview: I’m not sure there is a safety that is able to anticipate and close better than Reid. He laid some big hits, but ultimately came up a bit short in coverage late in the game, unable to stop the dominant DeAndre Hopkins even in double coverage. He is a fringe 1st-round pick at this point for me.

Check out the Clemson NFL Draft prospects on page two.

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2 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: LSU vs Clemson”

  1. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    My Mock draft today has the Pats taking;
    1st – DeAndre Hopkins WR
    2nd- John Simon LB/DE or S/CB D.J. Swearinger
    3d – Alvin Bailey OG or Travis Frederick C/OG
    7th – Brent Russell DT
    7th- Kenny Okora CB

  2. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Hopkins had a super game, showed he’s a VG -WR. With the Pats need at WR I think this guy is the Pats, number one pick in the draft !!

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