2013 NFL Draft: Potential Patriots in the BCS National Championship Game

#5 Manti Te’o, LB, Notre Dame (6’2/255) (#1 Ranked Linebacker) – Don’t need to go into much depth here. The best defensive player in the country this season. Te’o has always been a very instinctive and physical run defender, who possesses a great motor and makes plays all over the field. But, this year he really improved his pass defense and it lead to a huge increase in interceptions and passes defensed.

Te’o is a great leader and locker room presence and has the make-up of a “face of the defense” type of a player. As I said earlier I think the Patriots need LB depth, but the only way they get Te’o is if they move up.

#89 Kapron Lewis-Moore, DE, (6’4/306) – Lewis- Moore is a sleeper to keep an eye on in this year’s draft. Overshadowed by the bigger names on the Notre Dame defensive line, KLM has had a very productive career for the Irish. He’s a 300 pound Defensive End who has played both inside and outside in the Irish’s 3-4 defense. He’s not an overly explosive pass rusher, but has shown the ability to use his hands to beat blocks and get to the QB. The Patriots like to vary the looks they can give teams with their front seven and are always interested in 300 pound linemen who have good length and show some ability to rush the passer. KLM fits the prototype for a 5-Tech, but can also kick inside to tackle if needed. He’s a mid-round pick, but has intriguing upside.

#17 Zeke Motta, SAF, Notre Dame (6’2/215) – Motta has had a great Senior season and has really improved his draft stock in the process. Recently named the defensive player of the year by Coach BrianKelly. Motta has all the makings of a core special teams player  and a back-up safety in the NFL. I still believe the Patriots will add a safety via the draft or free agency and Motta is one I like a little bit more than his teammate Janoris Slaughter.

Other Prospects To Watch

#80 Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame (6’6/251) (#1 Ranked Tight End)

#42 Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama (6’0/220) (#2 Ranked Running Back)

#76 DJ Fluker, OT, Alabama (6’6/335) (#4 Ranked Offensive Tackle)

#52 Braxston Cave, OC, Notre Dame (6’3/304) (#3 Ranked Center)

#20 Cierre Wood, RB, Notre Dame (6’0/215) (#18 Ranked Running Back)

#6 Theo Riddick, RB/WR, Notre Dame (5’11/200)

#26 Janoris Slaughter, SAF, Notre Dame (6’0/200)

#92 Damion Square, DL, Alabama (6’3/286)

#9 Louis Nix III, DT, Notre Dame (Returning to School)

#2 Bennett Jackson, CB, Notre Dame (Returning to School)

#32 CJ Mosley, LB, Alabama (Returning to School)

#70 Zach Martin, OT, Notre Dame (6’4/304) (Returning to School)

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5 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft: Potential Patriots in the BCS National Championship Game”

  1. Jimmy Freeze says:

    Pats need Barrett Jones and Lacy with #1 and #2…shore up the line, and have a back with Jerome Bettis capability in the mix…

    Reduce Brady’s dropbacks, and extend his career by 2 years

    Use #3 on Denard Robinson as a KR depth and possible WR

    Sign Talib, Welker, Vollmer and Edelman and fill in the rest with Free Agents.

  2. Left 1 reply that I don’t see now. Interesting you think Connolly is a weakness at Right Guard. He started a number of games at Center last year and did a capable job. They needed him to start at Right Guard this year and he had 1 penalty called on him all year and had a fight with Von Miller in the Denver Game. He is a tough capable player that doesn’t get enough credit for the good year he is having. I do think the Pats should get a Center or Guard in the draft.

  3. I saw your comment about the Pats “Weakness” at Right Guard in Connolly. You think 1 (that’s 1 ) penalty he recorded all year is a weakness and Mankins our All Pro had 4. The fight he had with Von Miller in the Denver game proves he is tough enough to do the Job. Very good job at Right Guard not a ewakness.

  4. dannyd says:

    The FS Smith (Vikings) from ND would have been a better choice last year than H tower. The only ND player of choice for the Pats is Motta, I hope that they don’t make the same mistake twice. Take Motta if he is available, he will bring the size we need.

  5. iceman says:

    Slaughter might get a 6th year. Also, Keep an eye on Stephon Tuitt for ND. He is only a true Soph but will be a first round pick down the road

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