Tony Jefferson Scouting Report

Tony Jefferson NFL Draft

QB / RB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF

Prospect: Tony Jefferson, SAF, Oklahoma
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 212
Grade: 7.3 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Has added some bulk, at a good playing weight now.
+Looks to have legit high 4.4 speed – very good in pursuit.
+Fluid hips, can flip and run very well.
+Changes direction with ease, accelerates well out of his pedal.
-Height at 5’11” isn’t ideal.
-Has had some minor injury issues over the years.

Zone Coverage:
+Able to read the quarterbacks eyes while keeping track of receivers.
+Reads patterns and is able to effectively pass and pick up players running through his zone.
+Excellent closing speed, gets his hands on a lot of footballs.
+Has the range to cover a deep half / deep third.
+Good ball skills, shows some decent hands and some return ability.
-Timing can be a bit off as he breaks so quickly, will get some flags for interference.

Man Coverage:
+Has covered tight ends well, despite his small stature.
+Jams receivers effectively when asked to press.
+Able to stick with slot receivers underneath.
-Not a guy that you want on an outside receiver due to height.

Run Support:
+Phenomenal hitting ability – violent player that leads his team in tackles.
+Effective edge blitzer as well as from off the line.
+Good instincts in the run game, reads reverses/screens quickly.
+Fights through garbage effectively, can set the edge.
+Takes good angles, active in pursuit.
+Loves playing in the box, enjoys being physical.
-Misses some tackles due to going for the kill shot, but has solid fundamentals.

+Positive locker-room influence.
+Articulate in football interviews, understands the game.
+Plays a variety of positions (FS, SS, LB, Star), willing to do what is asked.

If Tony Jefferson was 6’2″, he would be in talks as a top fifteen pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. At 5’11”, he is still a phenomenal safety prospect that really grew up from his 2011 season – both his body and his game.

Jefferson’s versatility will make him very attractive to NFL teams, especially ones that like to employ safeties as linebackers in “big nickel” looks. He is very good against the run and excels in zone coverage. He isn’t great in man, but holds his own in the inside.

Jefferson is in on a lot of splash plays, totaling eight sacks and eight interceptions over the last two plus years. Teams looking for safety help late on day or early on day two of the 2013 NFL Draft will like what they see with Jefferson.

Scouting Notes

Oklahoma vs Iowa State
-Playing single-high, breaks on the ball early.
-Playing up to 25 yards off the ball at times.
-Covering deep half, manned up on slot, in the box – very versatile.
-Walks into the box, doubles slot receiver while spying QB.
-Misses tackle in space, couldn’t change direction at full speed.

Full scouting notes for Jefferson vs Iowa State.

Oklahoma vs Notre Dame
-Being used primarily to take away Eifert over the top, might be the best FS in the country, consistently tight in coverage
-Very good range, can play a multitude of different coverages and also come down into box to make tackles

Full scouting notes for Jefferson vs Notre Dame.

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