Jake Knott Scouting Report

Jake Knott Iowa State

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Prospect: Jake Knott, LB, Iowa State
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 246
Grade: 7.0 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Good positional speed, able to run around blocks.
+Bends well, flexible body with good agility.
+Above average leaping ability, tips a lot of balls over the middle.
+Good size and strength profile, has room for a little more bulk.
-2012 season ended by shoulder tear.

Run Defense:
+Quick and fast enough to run around blocks and get there on time.
+Has the strength to take on guards, shed and attack the back.
+Diagnoses plays quickly, fantastic instincts.
+Fights through traffic, excellent hustle and motor.
+Has a knack for creating fumbles – 10 on his career.
-Occasionally takes poor angles to the sideline.
-A bit too aggressive at times, will over-pursue.
-Misses his share of tackles, comes in a bit wild at times.

+Able to stick with receivers in man coverage on crossing routes.
+Reads patterns well in zone, breaks on the ball quickly.
+Excellent ball skills, locates the ball very well and gets it at its highest point.
+Good timing, able to stick his hand in and disrupt the catch.
+Gets good depth on his drops, rarely sucked up by play action.

+Used in a variety of ways, inside/outside, stunts – limited opportunities.
-Not a big pressure guy, totaled only 1.5 career sacks and 6 hurries.

+Strong, vocal leader of the entire team – team captain.
+Coach on the field, tutors younger players off the field.
+Willing to play hurt, does whatever is needed of him – incredibly tough player.
+Scholar athlete at Iowa State, active in the community.

Knott is the type of football player that you want on your team. He exudes leadership and will do anything it takes to put your team in a winning situation.

If you’re looking for an outside linebacker to get after the quarterback, this isn’t your guy. However, if you want a guy that flows to the ball with ease and can make plays in coverage, you’ll find a spot for Knott.

He shouldn’t have to come off the field in the right scheme in the NFL. As a “Will” or a “Mike” in a Tampa-2 system, Knott should be a solid addition to any NFL defense.

Scouting Notes

Iowa State vs Oklahoma State
-Zone drop, reading the patterns of slot receivers.
-Good depth on zone drop, helped make QB throw it high.
-Disguises defense well, flies in from the numbers to assist on tackle.
-Comes on an “X” blitz, picked up by the center.
-Recognizes screen, gets to the sideline quickly to make the tackle.

Full scouting notes for Knott vs Oklahoma State.

Iowa State vs Iowa
-Outruns block from guard, bends and able to clog up the play for a loss.
-Drops into zone, reads the route well and forces a throwaway.
-Great speed, covers “speedy” wide receiver on crossing route, incredible burst to the ball.
-Nice depth on the zone drop, gets a tip on the ball.

Full scouting notes for Knott vs Iowa.

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