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Barkevious Mingo LSU (US Presswire)

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Prospect: Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 240
Grade: 7.0 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+ Elite raw physical ability for a man of his size
+ Rare build for a DE, great length, especially in the arms and a skinny torso
+ Elite/Rare speed for the position, has been rumored to run a sub 4.5 40 yard dash
+ Extremely flexible for his size, relies on his ability to bend, twist and contort his body to beat blockers
+ Great quickness and acceleration off the snap, not many DE can move and run like Mingo
+ Turns the corner with ease with long steps and quick/fluid hips
+ Easy change of direction skills, can pull off and redirect quickly when he reads a screen or run correctly
+ While sack numbers don’t mirror it, he can close when he gets close to the QB
+ Creates great burst with 1 or 2 steps and is on the QB with his long frame within seconds
– Needs to add a minimum of 10-15 pounds of legit muscle to his frame, including core and upper body strength
– Relies too much on his elite athleticism at times and not power/technique

+ Has played a few different positions for LSU, including the 5 Technique
– Can be fooled by misdirection and draw plays
– Pre-snap recognition skills need improvement

+ Plays with great enthusiasm and intensity, which seems to rub off on the other defenders
+ By all accounts he is a focused and hardworking kid who has stayed out of trouble while at LSU

Pass Rush Ability
+ Times the snap very well and can explode off the line of scrimmage with long powerful first strides
+ Accelerates like none other, gets up to top speed within the first couple steps
+ Uses his flexibility to bend and turn the corner likes to dip under blocks and has a good spin move
+ Very good change of direction skills, tough for QBs to evade Mingo when he’s closing due to his length and COD
+ Is utilized on a number of outside-in twists where he rushes from the B gap
+ Mingo’s bread and butter is his speed, loves to speed rush and tries to beat OT with purely speed
+ Can rush from a couple different positions, has experience standing up and from 3 and 4 point stances
+ Uses his length to get in passing lanes and bat down balls, could have a JJ Watt like impact in that regard
– Despite his tremendous measurables his sack numbers don’t reflect his pass rush ability (4 sacks in 2012)
– Tends to try to go around blockers too often and is kind of a one trick pony
– Not strong enough to beat initial block, if he doesn’t win with quickness he can be blocked easily
– Raw pass rusher who doesn’t have many pass rush moves and doesn’t use his hands much in close combat

Vs. the Run
+ His quickness off the ball allows him to get into the backfield and blow up plays
+ Can beat linemen across their face with quickness and long strides
+ Has a good motor and can chase down the run plays away from him
+ His long arms can be a tremendous tool if he learns how to use them, but needs to add strength
– Gets washed out of running plays way too easily as he seems to always be focused on rushing the passer
– Doesn’t recognize trap blocks or draws quickly enough and has a tough time getting off blocks once locked up
– Can be engulfed and thrown around by stronger offensive linemen, and it happens too much
– Teams like to run right at him due to his tendency to rush outside the OT, which creates large running lanes

+ In terms of pass rushing his flexibility allows him to keep a low center of gravity and low pad level
– Doesn’t use his hands well especially disengaging in the run game

Mingo is an athletic pass rusher who possesses some freakish ability in terms of pass rushing. – raw in the truest sense of the word.

Mingo relies solely on his athleticism, acceleration, flexibility and length to be a disruptive force in college football. He has a lot of work to do both in terms of getting stronger and learning how to play with the proper technique.

Early on Mingo would be unable to play on run downs, but in a pass oriented NFL the pass rush ability that Mingo can exhibit will be valued highly.

Mingo does possess some versatility, some see him as a 4-3 DE while others as a 3-4 OLB. Bruce Irvin was the 15th pick in the draft and Mingo if he develops properly has a much much higher ceiling in terms of overall ability.

Scouting Notes

LSU vs Arkansas
-Blows right past OT on speed rush and nearly gets to Wilson
-Came on a stunt and just drilled Wilson from right up the middle, got too high on the hit and drew a roughing the passer call
-Got called for launching into an above the shoulder hit
-Lots of wasted movement and ineffective moves when trying to disengage, doesn’t have the strength to just get off the block

Full scouting notes for Mingo vs Arkansas.

LSU vs South Carolina
-Needs to get more involved on rushing downs, seems to see it’s a run and stops running
-Able to be blocked one on one by LT, through the first half Mingo’s impact has been next to nothing
-Needs to get his hands up when he sees Shaw going to throw the ball
-No power to work through block, getting stood straight up at the point of attack

Full scouting notes for Mingo vs South Carolina.

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