Patriots vs Seahawks: Game Day Timeline

Aaron Hernandez Patriots

He’s back. (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD Staff

On the road against the Seattle Seahawks today, the New England Patriots have themselves a matchup much tougher than many figured this summer.

Seattle’s physical defense against New England’s versatile offense should be an interesting game to watch – follow along for updates throughout the day.

8:30am – The Patriots have ruled out receiver Julian Edelman, safety Steve Gregory, as well as linebackers Dont’a Hightower and Tracy White. The Patriots will release three more inactives by 2:30pm.

8:45am – Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is expected to make his return following an ankle injury suffered on September 16th against the Arizona Cardinals. In the past, the Patriots have integrated injured players back into the offense slowly – I expect to see Hernandez to see 25-30 snaps against the Seahawks.

8:50am – With both Dont’a Hightower and Tracy White both ruled out from today’s game, the Patriots are very thin at the strong side outside linebacker position. Rob Ninkovich might see some time there, although his recent improved play at defensive end will certainly make that a tough change.

8:55am – The Seahawks have ruled out guard John Moffitt and defensive tackle Jaye Howard. Defensive Tackle Clifton McDonald is also expected to miss the game.

9:00am – Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is listed as probable for the Seahawks. Even with a back injury, expect Lynch to bring his patented physical running style Sunday afternoon. Tackling will be at a premium for the Patriots, all defenders will need to fly to the ball and wrap up to avoid being covered in skittles.

11:30am – In other AFC East news, the Jets face the Colts at 1:00pm, while the Bills play the Cardinals at 4:05pm. The Dolphins have a tough test against the Rams at 1:00pm.

12:00pm – Weather in Seattle is supposed to be mild, with steady showers at gametime. The Patriots have often played well in rain and snow, where receivers have a small advantage over defensive backs.

2:30pm – Matt Tennant, Jake Bequette and Michael Hoomanawanui are the final three incatives for the Patriots. Justin Francis, Aaron Hernandez and Alfonzo Dennard are all active for the Patriots.

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3 Responses to “Patriots vs Seahawks: Game Day Timeline”

  1. CCW1 says:

    When NE rocked stared it, they had guy’s like McGiness, Teddy Johnson, Teddy Bruschi, added in guys like Vrable……
    Sorry, but Tracey White, Ninko & Fletch are not in the leage of the aformentioned.

    Get rid of/package White, Deaderick, Brace, Vereen, and either or Fltecher OR Rob Ninko, and tag a top notch LB and solidify it!
    What made the Steelers so potent in the past was the same thing that made us so potent in the past…….A RCOK SOLID LB CORE & again with due respect…….White, Ninko and Fletch In Many Opinions are JUST NOT UP 2 PAR.

    Agreed with the need for one D lineman ans one O lineman incerted though. Let Cannon stick with straight guard and dump both Brace and Deaderick for a cat with brute force behind him will do us well.

    As far as Getting a CB………I’d what and see how the LOT of what we have pan’s out for a bit. Let them sort their place out this year and dump whomever is at the bottom rung in the package previously mentioned- No sence in just dropping them, make a trade & get a much needed decent/higher pick as #1, #2, #3, #4 and #7 next year IS NOT ENOUGH.

    *** a COMBO of Deaderick, Brace, White, Vereen, and either Ninko OR Fletch will garner a much needed solid and worthwhile piece, while dumping the NOT WHAT WE NEED.

  2. CCW1 says:

    A-Hern back should help open thing’s up a bit. Will give TB12 the ability 2 throw it all over instead of trying to pick certain target’s only.

    Not so worried in the end about the Seahawks, so taking certain guy’s out in favor of NOT having an injury against a so-so team is a very smart move; having a couple of these guy’s later on will be key in the season.
    ALSO- Sounds like The Pat’s need too be looking hard at guy’s like Jarvis Jones out of Georgia & Barkevious Mingo from LSU regarding OLB need’s.

    • Ken W says:

      I don’t think OLB is a big problem on this team. With Hightower and Mayo, that is a good combo. Also with other LB’s like Spikes and Fletcher (back next year). Why spend a high pick on a OLB to sit the bench when you can get a CB or interior lineman that the team actually needs.

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