2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: West Virginia vs. Texas

Tavon Austin Kenny Vaccaro

Tavon Austin vs Kenny Vaccaro was just one of the great matchups in this game. (Photo; US Presswire)

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

Fresh off an 8 touchdown game Heisman front runner and potential top 5 pick Geno Smith faces his toughest competition yet vs. a very good Texas defense. Not only could this game decide the Big XII and vault West Virginia into the National Championship picture, it could catapault Geno Smith to the top of draft boards.

The Texas defense is loaded with talented players, many of whom are sure to be drafted high in the NFL draft. Read my scouting notes on the game to see how Geno Smith fared against a talented defense, unlike any he has faced this season.

West Virginia

#12 Geno Smith, QB
– Hangs in the pocket as long as possible, delivers 3rd down throw with man in his face
– Sells the draw and delivers a strike to Bailey for TD on 3 step slant
– Immediate front side pressure from Okafor, able to escape and pick up positive yards before being stopped short of 1st down marker
– Has been taking snaps from both the shotgun and under center
– Showing off impressive arm strength over the middle, throwing open Austin on consecutive plays
– Always stays in a good throwing position, makes it easy for him to hang in vs. the rush and get ball off quick
– Locked onto Austin and forced it over the top into double coverage, lucky it wasn’t picked
– Accurate and strong throw on 4th down on out route to field side
– Loses fumble at goal line, holds onto ball too long and doesn’t feel Okafor on top of him
– Hanging in the pocket despite constant pressure, not rushing things or forcing throws
– Has locked onto his first read on this drive, but has delivered accurate passes, stared down Bailey, but led him into the back of the end-zone where he could make a diving catch
– Delivers a rocket on 5 step slant in red zone vs. zone coverage
– Great sideline hitch route on 2nd and long, threw it with speed only where Bailey could get to it

#1 Tavon Austin, WR
– Takes opening kick-off and makes quick decisive cut to the sideline making the gunner miss and picks up 50 yards
– Next kick-off he returns 70 yards out ran multiple angles and displayed some of the best speed I’ve seen this yr.
– UNREAL play-maker. 4th and 4 catches pass 10 yards down-field, makes sick high speed cut and outruns defense for TD
– Utilized on reverse, able to pick up 9 yards even when it looks like nothing is there
– Goes down easy after initial contact – Not a surprise, but expect him to break more arm tackles
– 3rd down goes up and takes big hit to make the play, took huge shot and hung on
– Gets taken down again by an arm tackle by Vaccaro on reverse
– Can’t hold his block vs. Vaccaro who slides off and makes red zone tackle — TD if he holds block

#3 Stedman Bailey, WR
– Beats CB inside on 3 step slant, easy touchdown
– Bobbles sideline throw, called incomplete, loss concentration trying to get feet in bounds
– Good block downfield in the run game vs. Byndom
– Hands catcher, third time I have watched him this season and always uses hands to catch the ball
– Outstanding spin move with CB bearing down, able to accelerate out of the spin move
– Diving catch in back of the endzone, great route to get a step on Byndom
– Basically same play as his first TD, 5 step stutter and then slant inside vs. zone coverage, gets position easy TD
– Good route and great position on comeback route, shielded defender from the ball and made sure feet in bounds

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3 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: West Virginia vs. Texas”

  1. Chris says:

    @Mike Loyko

    Who is the better prospect between Austin and Bailey? Who do you see as a better fit for the Patriots?

  2. Stephen S says:

    Who would you like to see as a Patriot Okafor Vaccaro or Austin

    • NEPD says:

      All three? Seriously though, I’d take Vaccaro, unless Wes Welker is on his way out. In that case I’d take Austin.

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