2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Oregon vs. Washington

Dion Jordan Oregon

Dion Jordan is an interesting pass rusher to watch. (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

Oregon has yet to be challenged yet this season. They have steamrolled their opponents with relative ease. Last week, Oregon just trounced Washington State on their way to a 5-0 record and #2 national rankings.

This week Oregon may face their toughest challenge yet as the 3-1 Washington Huskies travel to Eugene in a big Pac-12 showdown. Continue reading to see my thoughts on the top prospects in this game.


#96 Dion Jordan, DE/OLB
– Continues to show agility and fluidity with the ease he drops into the flat and into coverage for a man his size
– Looked awkward and off balance when trying to dip under the OT block, still turned corner, but lost balance
– Gets great jam on the tight end, almost knocks him to the ground and runs stride for stride covering him in flat
– Great explosion when he pins his ears back, was able to speed rush OT, and just miss getting Price by the feet
– Just misses blocking the punt, gets penetration and lays out with his long arms
– Runs down Price on QB bootleg and forces fumble – Runs so well for his size
– Lines up split all the way out covering the split end, basically playing corner for this play
– Sets up like he is going to jam the tight end, then stunts the C gap and forces quick throw
– Bends at the knees very well for such a big guy

#24 Kenjon Barner, RB
– Dancing a little bit at the line of scrimmage, not as north-south as he usually is
– Has good leg drive after initial contact, but still too tenative at the line, looking for the homerun play
– Looks better in second quarter going north and south. Holes are bigger and developing quicker
– Loves to run the wheel route out of the backfield, easily runs be LB, but hasn’t been thrown to yet
– Pass blocking leaves a lot to be desired, plays “pattycake” and doesn’t put shoulder into his block, can easily be beaten by aggressive or powerful rush
– Keeps feet moving trying to pick up extra yards, fumbles, but forward progress stopped is the call
– In on the goalline, makes it four yards before first contact, then driven back hard by LB, doesn’t fall forward
– Good vision in the hole, weaves way around blocks looking smooth in traffic

#47 Kiko Alonso, ILB
– Reads screen and flows quickly to the ball makes solid open field tackle
– Goes around the FB’s block instead of taking it on, allows for 10 yard gain
– Big hit on WR in the flat, got to the ball quick once he read it
– Can’t get off block vs. OC, stops his feet and isn’t violent enough with hands to shed
– He is a good blitzer, delayed it just a second to allow lane to open up and closed well on Price
– Is beat across the middle by WR, but dives and knocks down the pass
– Continues to be good when coming forward and run blitzing – blitzed off the edge, comes down line to make TFL
– Gets blown up by the lead back, can’t shed, creating large off tackle running lane

#6 De’Anthony Thomas, RB/WR
– Has the quickest feet I have ever seen from a football player
– Takes simply play makes a simple cut and turns it into a touchdown. Impossible to tackle one on one in open field
– I think he can be more than a gadget player, never seen a player move so quick, or get up to top speed so easily. He has a powerful leg drive and can break tackles better than the bigger Barner. Get him in space and it’s a wrap
– Carries the ball high and tight, really focuses on ball security when running between tackles
– low center of gravity makes him tough to spot through the hole

#46 Michael Clay, LB (DID NOT PLAY – INJURED)


#6 Desmond Trufant, CB
– Great job reaching around and tipping the pass away from TE – caught for INT – Big time play
– Feisty corner, battles on each play and doesn’t give up many easy receptions
– Pathetic tackling vs. Huff, can’t get a hand on him do to stiff arm, Huff fends him off for 20 yards ends up as TD
– Great job covering DAT out of the backfield, runs stride for stride with him 50 yards down field, called for holding
– Aggressive tackler, has shown willingness to come up hard to support runs off tackle
– Stronger than he looks

#17 Keith Price, QB (Jr.)
– Throws an awful vertical pass down the sideline, ball was thrown with too much loft and landed 15 yards OOB
– Locks onto Jenkins, has him open but misfires badly
– On very next play, he throws it 6 yards behind WR Campbell on a slant route – looks shaky
– Stares down out route the whole way, CB jumps it and returns it for a TD
– Price takes off running, but carries the ball loosely and fumbles it away
– Feet look very very shaky, bouncing around and looking at the pass rush – looks uncomfortable
– Underthrows WR on post route, throws low and behind – turnover on downs
– Has good mobility and looks good when rolling out and throwing on the run, footwork needs to be improved
– Stronge out route throw across the field side, good ball placement
– Making quick, accurate check down throws to move the offense down field

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