2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Oregon vs. Washington State

Oregon DE/OLB Dion Jordan really impressed on Saturday Night

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

It has taken Mike Leach longer than expected to get his offense installed and up to speed at Washington State. This week Leach’s Cougars took on an offense that scores with ease, basically whenever they want to.

This Oregon team is loaded with talented players, who possess NFL caliber speed on both sides of the ball. A lot of attention gets paid to the offense but, the best Oregon prospect might be on their defense. Check out the scouting notes on this Pac-12 showdown.


#24 Kenjon Barner, RB
– Exhibits very good vision and laterally agility on first carry, bounces to the outside while moving up field
– Showcased strong stiff arm to shed the DE and turn the corner for TD
– Very good cut block on blitz pick up, took free man and gives Mariota time to throw
– Able to turn the corner with ease, lowers shoulder and picks up a couple extra yards
– Nice wheel route out of the backfield, easily runs by the LB and is open, but Mariota runs it instead
– Another wheel route out of the backfield, this time it goes for a touchdown
– Good hands and YAC ability out of backfield, first catch of the day is a 30 yard TD
– Shows patience when running up the middle, lets his blocks develop and then cuts back
– Tackled on first contact, when hit below the waist, needs to break those leg tackles better
– Love to get Barner in space, where he is a mismatch one on one, able to turn a small gain into a 80 yard touchdown
– Barner will have to answer the same questions as LMJ, is he a system back, how would he operate in a pro style attack?
– Barner does have a better frame than James, but he still needs to add about 10 pounds of muscle

#96 Dion Jordan, OLB
– Drops into coverage on first play, opens hips smoothly and easily runs stride for stride with TE
– Does well to get his hands extended and into the OT chest to knock him off balance
– Speed rushes the OT, intentionally gets him to over set and then rips to the inside (similar pass rush move to Chandler Jones)
– Jams slot WR at the line and covers him nicely on drag route across the middle
– Jordan is a big fluid athlete, long arms, and good fluidity
– Quick first step, initially blocked so he executes a very quick and sudden spin move back inside
– Play primarily out of two point stance, has moved out to cover both slot WR and TE, getting good jams on both
– Impressive speed to power rush move on 4th down, speed rushes, gets into chest OT, then recoils and quick step inside forcing quick throw
– Keeps outside leverage, sheds block and makes stop at the line of scrimmage, powerful tackle as well
– Drops into coverage and “buzzes” the flats so well for a player of his size, excellent agility and fluidity
– Getting really good jams on the TE in the red zone, basically taking him out of the play and then rushing
– Slaps the OT hands off him while turning the corner, force QB to step up in the pocket
– Shows good bend when turning the corner, shoulder is able to get under OT with bend in hips/ankles
– Looks like he could be a true DE/OLB combo, he’s a good enough pass rusher to rush on 1st and 2nd down and athletic enough to drop into coverage on passing downs. A true three down End of the line player. He will be a hot commodity

#47 Kiko Alonso, LB
– Gets sucked up towards the line and overruns the hole, leaving running lane
– Comes on blitz up the middle, soft at the point of attack, delivers no pop to OL, inside “tries to find another way around”
– Spends a lot of time diving and on the ground. Launches himself at players in attempt to tackle
– Comes on blitz up the middle, unblocked and forced quick throw
– Reacting late in pass coverage, standing still and not anticipating the play, has been a split second late a number of times already
– Comes on another blitz vs. the run, gets sealed outside, which opens big running lane
– Loses the underneath WR on pump-fake, leaves middle of field open and Wazzou converts 3rd down
– Blitzes a lot but, if he runs into an OL, he’s not getting off the block, no power in the box when blitzing
– Most of his tackles come from chasing in coverage, hasn’t made any plays in the box or at POA

#6 De’Anthony Thomas, RB/WR (Soph.)
– Catches the ball while moving forward
– Makes insane cuts and actually accelerates while cutting
– He’s so quick and compact that it’s tough to even get a hand on him let alone tackle him
– Has made two strong blocks in the open field from WR position, technique is poor and size obviously limits him, but he gets aggressive and sticks his nose into the chest of defender. Also, cut blocks well on the perimeter
– Has forced Wazzou to purposely kick off and punt away from him, their game plan is to keep the ball away from him
– Takes hand off up the middle, defender right in his face, able to change direction and run laterally so quick, turns corner with ease and runs over CB at first down marker = electric
– For such a small player he runs with more power than you’d expect. His legs are always driving at contact and looks like a very strong lower body for his size

Washington State

#86 Marquess Wilson, WR
– Vertical route on first play, can’t get separation for DB and throw is off line
– Very impressive vertical leap “climbs the ladder” to go get ball at first down marker, but can’t hang on to it while coming down to the ground
– Definitely needs to add weight to his frame, I am very concerned with his ability to play against more physical corners and get off jams at next level
– Runs one step slant, across the middle at the goal line, ball hits him in the hands, drops the ball as he fears contact -BIG DROP, forces a FG attempt
– WR screen takes ball and runs across entire field, can’t get up field, lots of dancing
– Has gotten lazy with a number of his routes, has allowed the CB to get inside position on the slant, causing a pass break up
– As I have said for two years, Wilson can make spectacular catches, but when he is asked to make the simple “must have” plays he struggles.
-RAW, has lots of holes in his game, from sloppy route running to lack of concentration
– Has the height, length and vertical jump, but I don’t see a first or second round pick, you can tell he fears contact and “hears footsteps”
– Down 44 to 19 Washington State starts trying to get him the ball more. The stats in this game lie, when the game was close and being contested Wilson was invisible and actually dropped some very big balls. With Wazzou down by 25-30 points he started making plays against softer coverage. He’s not a player I’m counting on in big time situations.

#89 Travis Long, DE
– Loses contain on Barner touchdown, makes it easy for him to turn the corner
– Recognizes the two point play and gets out to make open field tackle
– Has a very poor 3 point stance, most of his weight is on his heels and hips sitting too low – can’t fire off the ball properly
– Getting pushed well off the line of scrimmage, struggling to get off blocks
– Excellent job getting out of bubble screen vs. DAT, makes strong tackle from behind
– Longs is trying to read and play contain on the edge, he stopped playing on Mariota TD run, play went away from him and he stopped, started walking. Hands on hips.
– Most of his hurries or QB pressures come off of coverage, where he has to work his way to the QB, doesn’t have natural pass rush moves, more of an effort type pass rusher
– Nice move to get arms extended and swim inside, got the OT off balance off the snap

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