2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame

Manti Te'o NFL Draft

Manti Te’o leads up perhaps the best defense in college football. (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD: Mike Loyko

Notre Dame traveled to Norman, Oklahoma to take on the Sooners in what was the most important game for Norte Dame since the Tyrone Willingham era. The game was loaded with NFL Draft prospects, many of whom will be eligible to come out this April.

One of the biggest question marks heading into the game was how would Landry Jones perform with the spotlight on him and how would the Notre Dame front seven hold up vs. the powerful Oklahoma offense. Check out all my scouting notes on 10+ NFL prospects in this showdown.

Oklahoma Sooners

#12 Landry Jones, QB
– Throws bubble screen behind the WR, able to adjust, but lost momentum with inaccurate pass
– Doesn’t step into throw, front foot is positioned at 45 degrees leads to extremely inaccurate pass on in cut
– Very next plays he under throws a screen pass, not a good start accuracy wise
– Plus mobility, likes to roll out and throws fairly well while on the run
– Much better timing and accuracy on second drive, working the sideline with comebacks, accuracy is better – is getting plenty of time to throw and is setting his feet, driving the ball to the sideline
– Clearly evident the offense is designed for Jones to get rid of ball quick and to his first read, throwing to first read consistently
– Almost picked throwing to the field side, looks like he picked out WR presnap and was throwing it “without reading”
– Doesn’t see the blitz coming or late to read it, Te’o comes unblocked and he’s a sitting duck
– Getting rid of the ball quickly, looks much more comfortable when playing fast, uptempo
– Steps up in the pocket, fires a well placed an hard thrown ball to Saunders on in route, tight coverage by Te’o
– On next play, he roles out and doesn’t even attempt to set his feet, throws way out of bounds
– Keeps play alive by stepping up in pocket, could have run for first down, decided to check down to Stills
– Mistakes at end of the game, throws high to the field side on 15 yard out route, then throws the ball too far in front of RB on jerk route, when he had room to run

#69 Lane Johnson, OT
– Very good initial position, wide base, good punch and is able to anchor at first sign of pressure
– Has been getting overextended by leaning forward and not bending at the waist, somewhat expected from massive OT
– Strength is evident, stonewalling which ever DE lines up against him, mot giving any ground
– Even when ND starts to widen their DEs to 7-9 technique, Johnson is able to slide and anchor, footwork isn’t very quick, but his size and strength makes up for lack of speed/foot-speed
– Holding penalty gets touchdown called back, big time penalty, but questionable call
– When asked to move or reach block he looks stiff and gets a little high
– Solid blitz pick up vs. Te’o wins with initial punch and strength, able to absorb all momentum and stonewall him

#6 Demontre Hurst, CB
– Makes good open field tackle and shows good situational awareness dragging WR down short of the 1st down marker
– Sheds WR block in open field, cuts down running angle and makes open field tackle when 1 on 1 with Golson
– Excellent coverage in man vs. Riddick, drives on comeback route and hasn’t allowed much separation vs. any WR
– Can’t get off the block downfield, allows big run by Golson
– Hasn’t been challenged much all night, when he has been he has been in tight coverage
– Pressing at the line, able to redirect inside open up hips and run stride for stride
– Next set, he’s playing off man coverage – drives hard on come back route, gets hand in to break up the pass – Has been extremely impressive tonight, had shut down one side of the field
– In zone coverage vs.Eifert closes quick and forces a tough catch, ruled incomplete

#1 Tony Jefferson, FS
– Being used primarily to take away Eifert over the top, might be the best FS in the country, consistently tight in coverage
– Very good range, can play a multitude of different coverages and also come down into box to make tackles
– Not the best tackler, likes to lung and try to make kill shot, leads to some ugly misses
– Hips look very good from back camera angle, shading the strongside he is able to open them up and get to the backside swing pass quickly, closes quick but, misses the tackle.
– Reads reverse quickly, comes up field, stays square, forces the reverse inside + awareness
– Flies up field to set to set hard edge in run support, wraps up, good job reading quickly and avoiding garbage to get to the line of scrimmage clean
– Good angle to the sideline to make tackle on out route to boundary side of field
– Reads QB run, is 1 on 1 vs. Golson in open field delivers huge hit and perfect tackle, close to forcing fumble, he then shows off his top speed on return which is called back
– Touchdown saving play, breaking on ball and delivering hit to Eifert on goal line

#4 Kenny Stills, WR
– Solid block on bubble screen, stays engaged long enough to spring Saunders
– Reading coverage and sitting down in the zone coverage, nice job working the sideline
– Getting separation at the top of his comeback routes, but has yet to break anything yet
– Second time in a row he has body caught the ball, almost bounced it off his pads
– Doesn’t stem his slant-fade route in the redzone properly, gets himself too close to sideline and essentially takes himself out of the pay

#21 Tom Wort, ILB
– I really like how he gets in a traditional 2-point ILB stance prior to each play, don’t see that much anymore
– Reads off tackle run quickly and flows well laterally to the ball, while taking good angle
– Gets cut downfield too easily, awareness and shedding technique?
– Compared to Te’o he is a second late diagnosing and recognizing the play, once he sees it he is able to make a play
– Has been sealed off and blocked at the second level a couple times tonight
– Takes these short choppy steps while trying to read, looks a bit unsure, when he sees it he closes though
– Has followed the RB out of the backfield in man coverage twice now, left middle of the field wide open, really good play design
– On next play, makes real good read, good gap control but misses 1 on 1 tackle vs. Golson

#14 Aaron Colvin, CB
– Great angle and aggressive burst, making play on off tackle run
– Perfect build for CB, long midsection, long arms and good muscle tone throughout
– Runs stride for stride and has tight man coverage over the top on deep ball
– Very good closing speed, gets beat off the crossing route, but is able to close, dive and force incomplete pass
– Everything about his looks very natural, fluid and confident. Knows where he is supposed to be and knows he has the ability to make the play – very impressed
– Another excellent angle and aggressive play in run support – Not afraid to come up hard and make low hard hit
– Allows first completion, but he is in perfect position, stays on hip and drive on the ball, had the ability to make the play, credit goes to Riddick for winning the 50-50 ball
– For a 183 pound CB, he sure does love to come off the edge in run support and throw the body around, big hit on Golson to stop him short of 1st down
– Loses another 50-50 jumpball, bit on double move allows WR to get postion and can’t go up and get it
– Good discipline in zone coverage, stays with his man (FB) on bootleg, instead of rushing QB and giving him lane to throw, he has been in position all night, in zone/man and run support.

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