2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Indiana vs Ohio State

Indiana Hoosiers

#60 OC Will Matte
-Lining up as center – no problems snapping.
-Fires out of stance, knocks Hankins back and establishes new line of scrimmage – good use of angles.
-Effective combo blocker, gets some movement.
-Pulls outside, gets a chip on Hankins and seals off the LB at the 2nd level.
-Anchoring well in pass protection.
-Moves very well in space, gets out quickly on screen pass.
-Very quick out of his stance.

Overview: I came away impressed with Matte’s game. He moved well, showed a nice punch and was sound in his technique. He doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but he looked like a draftable prospect in this game – looking forward to watching more.

#97 DT Larry Black Jr.
-Lining up as 3-tech defensive tackle.
-Stays active, gets a hustle sack in pursuit.
-Slants in past right tackle, decent first step, flushes QB out of the pocket.
-Beats guard to the inside, powers through his inside shoulder.
-Quick power move beats the guard, combines for the sack.
-Splits double team, disrupts the play in the backfield.
-Easily moved off the ball by double team, tough time anchoring against two blockers.

Overview: Black Jr. made some splash plays against the Buckeyes. He might not be an NFL starter, but he certainly has the skills to make a 53-man roster.

#98 DT Adam Replogle
-Lining up as 3-tech defensive tackle.
-Seeing some early double teams.
-Tough time anchoring against double teams.
-Sheds block, pursues down the line wraps up for the tackle – took a big punch and gave it back.
-Nice leverage, got under the guard’s pads and makes a big tackle for loss.
-Getting some push with the bull rush when singled.

Overview: Replogle is a smart, tough old-school lineman that works hard and plays physical. His upside seems limited, but he could be a fringe draftable player.

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