2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Indiana vs Ohio State

Urban Meyer Ohio State

Will Bill Belichick’s affinity for Urban Meyer’s players transfer to Ohio State from Florida? (Photo: US Presswire)


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The Indiana Hoosiers put a scare into the Ohio State Buckeyes, but ultimately came up three points short, losing 52-49.

Ohio State has all the big name prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft, but Indiana had some linemen on display as well.

Ohio State Buckeyes

#52 DT Jonathon Hankins
-Lining up as 1-tech, 3-tech and 5-tech defensive line positions.
-Knocked back initially by center, anchors and assists on tackle.
-Seeing some early double teams.
-Strong punch, able to drive linemen into the backfield.
-Gets off cut block, pursues down the line and makes the tackle.
-Big punch, swats guard away – looks in much better shape this year.
-Pushes guard out of way, changes direction and blows up RB in the backfield.
-Keeping pads low, bowls over left guard on bull rush.
-Playing in a rotation, staying fresh.

Overview: Hankins has NFL size, strength and athleticism. If he continues to improve, he will be a star at the next level. He saw a lot of double teams in this game, but was still able to show the ability to shed and make stops on the interior.

#54 DE John Simon
-Lining up as right and left defensive end.
-Steps down with left tackle, sheds lead block and assists on tackle.
-Disciplined, sticking with his assignment before pursuing down the line.
-Arm over move, disrupts play in the backfield – relentless player.
-Allowing tackles to get their hands in on his chest, needs to get more active with his hands.
-Easily picks his away around cut block, crashes down the line and wraps up.
-Nice push/pull move, flushes QB out of the pocket.

Overview: Simon is an effort player with some decent technique and athleticism. He brought it every play and could develop into an NFL starter.

#7 CB Travis Howard
-Lining up at a variety of cornerback positions.
-Has inside leverage, allows the WR to cross his face.
-Man off, in phase on post route, beaten in scramble drill.
-Great close on the ball, perfect timing to disrupt the catch.
-Loafs down the field in pursuit.
-Tries to shoulder down receiver, doesn’t wrap up.

Overview: Howard flashed some skills at times but was inconsistent in his tackling and technique. I’d like to watch him some more before commenting further – haven’t got a great read on him yet.

#77 OT Reid Fragel
-Lining up at right tackle, former tight end.
-Looks a bit awkward coming out of his stance, having to struggle to keep his pads down.
-Moving his feet well in pass protection, slides naturally to his outside.
-Tries to reach for defensive tackle on inside move, allows pressure – didn’t move his feet.
-Using angles to seal off and punish linebackers.
-Late reacting to stunt by end/tackle.
-Not quitting on plays, looks like he is very good shape.
-Able to mirror effectively – picks up end/tackle stunt with ease this time.
-Good hand placement in pass protection, controlling the defensive end.

Overview: Fragel was impressive in pass protection for me, but looked tentative at times in the run game and is certainly not a right tackle at the NFL level. With his feet and frame, I do think he could develop into a left tackle in the NFL if given the time and coaching.

#11 TE/WR Jake Stoneburner
-Lining up in the slot and outside.
-Cracks down on linebacker, seals him off.
-Strong catch in traffic, tucks the ball in with defensive back all over him.
-Snags the ball on quick curl, powers ahead for a couple yards – good leg drive.
-Late separation in scramble drill – knows how to help out his quarterback.
-Willing blocker down the field.

Overview: Stoneburner isn’t a featured part of the offense in this game as Hyde and Miller were able to control the game on the ground. He flashed his skills as a TE/WR combination in the mold of Aaron Hernandez, passable blocking and receiver skills.

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