2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Florida vs. South Carolina

Matt Elam FLorida Safety

Matt Elam would be an intriguing pickup for the Patriots this offseason. (Photo: US Presswire)


NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

South Carolina coming off a huge loss last week vs. LSU, needed to find a way to upset Florida in Gainesville to take control of the SEC East. While both defenses field players who will be playing in the NFL in the near future, each team has had offensive players emerge as legitimate NFL prospects. Did Marcus Lattimore play and was he effective?

Which star players were able to make more plays and which players helped their NFL Draft stock the most?


#22 Matt Elam, SAF
– Shot out of a cannon after reading the screen, best form tackler in America built like a truck
– Lines up out wide both in press coverage and off zone
– Loves to run into a pile and just throw his shoulder onto a player – plays with physical edge
– Comes on slot blitz, SC takes advantage but he takes a good angle getting back in the play and making the tackle
– Next drive playing single high, post safety
– Takes such good angles on screens and always delivers the hit, runs through players
– Much better when the play is in front of him, can play very deep at safety and close quick on a route, also very good taking angles on sweeps and making open field tackles

#23 Mike Gillislee, RB
– Hasn’t had a shot at anything yet, did make nice move in backfield to avoid big loss from Clowney
– Willingness to step up in the hole and pass protect, but on next play doesn’t pick up right blitzer
– Huge chop block penalty, neagtes touchdown
– Second time today he has been unable to punch it in from the one yard line, hits the pile and stopped his legs
– Not much wiggle, more of a straight line runner who can take and dish out contact
– Laterally quickness hasn’t been evident so far today
– Very good cut back against the grain to pick up the first down, could have gone out of bounds, let the lane develop then cut back and picked up 10
– When he gets out on the edge/in space he is indecisive and not north/south, needs to stay between the tackles

#1 Jon Bostic, LB
– Indecisive off the snap, has taken a false step on two plays on the first drive
– Got lost in coverage and let RB cross his face, has to chase down, but led to first down
– Great job playing inside/out on option. Takes his responsibility, good angle and good tackle
– Good timing on the blitz, gets there a split second late, big shot to Shaws ribs
– Showed good closing burst while chasing down the option play and delivered hard contact
– Bites on play action, lets tight end get behind him, Shaw misses him
– Good tackler in the open field, squares his shoulders, stays under control and tackles low

#73 Xavier Nixon, OT
– Good pass block set on 3rd and goal – bends knees, good punch and anchors when starts getting pushed vs. Clowney
– Break down on blitz pick up, needs to take inside man, instead took outside man (Clowney) led to sack
– Whiffed on inside move vs. Clowney, almost unblockable
– Clowney sack, but came on X block, Reed suppose to block down on Clowney, didn’t get there
– Starting to cheat inside to guard against Clowney’s explosive inside move
– Good feet and mobility for his size, has been able to hold up vs. Clowney if he isn’t beaten in first 3 steps
– Nice job getting out on the screen, shows his ability to move and run in space – good flexibility as well

#2 Dominique Easley, DT (Jr.)
– Lines up as tradtional defensive end in 4-3 to start the game
– Good bull rush from end position, has OT on skates and then chases Shaw to opposite sideline
– Moves down inside and gets great penetration immediately firing off the ball, blew up the play
– Doesn’t have the explosion off the ball or the burst when turning the corner that other DE have shown
– Not much pass rush today, but good backside pursuit, runs Shaw down and delivers huge blindside blow
– Hasn’t shown the natural pass rush ability, I like him more inside where he can use his athleticism and power to create mismatches

#73 Sharrif Floyd, DT (Jr.)
– Good get off – quick first step and beats OG to the hole
– Gets arms extended and then is able to counter and come forward hard – tough to handle man on man
– Has been cut twice, needs to use his hands to shed and be more aware of it off the snap
– Lines up on the nose, gets good push, but can’t locate the ball
– Quick and powerful swim move off the snap, wins off the snap – getting doubled team on most plays
– Lines up at NT, gets off ball quick, follows pulling center who takes him right to the ball
– Has lined up a NT, 1 tech, 3 technique today, has drawn double teams and got penetration from all three spots

#11 Jordan Reed, TE
– Lines up in tight slot in red zone, sits in zone and gets the first touchdown
– Second touchdown of the day on easy slip play down the seam, play action, he sneaks out, TD in back of EZ
– Joke of a blocking attempt on Clowney, over-extends, and lets Clowney swim him
– Shows off speed and elusiveness, taking screen at the LOS scrimmage for a big gain – Moveable TE at NFL level
– Runs a nice wheel route, separating vs. Holliman – pass off the mark

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