2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: West Virginia vs. Maryland


#6 Kenny Tate, OLB
– First game playing in a long time due to health
– Shows good speed and closing burst tracking down the WR screen in the backfield
– Still looks to be in good shape, long arms, tall and thin through the midsection
– Good high-lo coverage on Austin across the middle, runs underneath his stride for stride
– A step slow on back to back plays changing direction with Austin and Bailey, straight line coverage is good, but when he is asked to turn and break with them, he gives up ground
– Still capable of delivering big hits, accelerating into contact – Physical
– Playing in the middle of the field in zone, is flat footed reading the QBs eyes, not anticipating much

#72 Joe Vellano, DT
– Plays with good leverage, is keeping his pads underneath the centers
– Feet never stop moving when rushing, has no rush moves other than a bull rush, but his motor is relentless
– Good job of getting off the double teams and sliding across the face of OG to make the tackle
– Overpowers OG and outmuscles him, delivers big his to Smith, but he is s second late
– Splits double team, stays low, and rips through, swallows up RB at the LOS – Extremely strong at the point of attack
– Vellano can really anchor I seen him pushed off his spot yet, even when drawing double teams

#89 Matt Furstenburg, TE
– Runs very well in the open field, a big athletic tight end
– Has some elusiveness to him, makes two-three men miss in the open field
– Good size/speed combo for a tight end
– Lines up in the slot on boundary side of the field, has to stop his feet and start up again when running his out route
– He does stem his route to the inside, but his cuts are verysharp and can be undercut easily
– Tries to go up in double coverage to catch the ball, not much of vertical leap, can’t high point it
– Good base in run blocking, keeps wide base and hips sunk – stayed engaged

#9 DeMetrius Hartsfield, OLB
– Reads the bubble screen, gets out in time and makes good tackle
– Fills the B gap nicely, delivers hard hit in the hole, driving the RB backwards
– Looks good moving in coverage, rangy build, takes long strides getting to the sideline
– Runs blitzes with authority, sits in the A gap with shoulders square and makes powerful tackle
– Hartsfield has an excellent build, long arms and thin midsection, needs to add 5-10 pounds of bulk, but looks like a 4-3 or even 3-4 OLB prospect
– Shoots the gap, changes direction fluidly when he recognizes the sweep and chases down the RB in the backfield – Athletic play
– Gets a sack on Smith, runs a simply twist and no one blocks him, has been the most active defender throughout the game

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2 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: West Virginia vs. Maryland”

  1. jibri says:

    The pats should sign Ricardo Lockette

  2. jibri says:

    Tavon Austin could be the next Wes Welker

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