2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: West Virginia vs. Maryland

WVU WR Tavon Austin is one of the elite senior WR prospects for the 2013 Draft.

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

Last time I scouted West Virginia QB Geno Smith had an impressive game by carving up the Marshall defense. No player has boosted their stock more than Geno Smith this season and is now a legitimate first round QB.

How did Geno Smith and the talented West Virginia wide receivers fare in this game? Who are Maryland’s top prospects and what has happened to Kenny Tate? Read my scouting notes on these prospects to find out more.

West Virginia

#12 Geno Smith, QB
– Feels pressure from the blitz, gets rid of ball and throws strong out across the field, trust Bailey
– Shows good anticipation, leads his receivers into the open area
– Patient on reverse screen pass, OL get out in front, doesn’t rush it with the rush bearing down
– +Footwork in the pocket, stays in there until last possible moment and then steps up escapes rush and takes off
– Excellent velocity on out throws, even to the field side he has plenty of velocity
– Allows has a wide base, minimal moving parts, can get the pass off quickly
– Finally looks a little uncomfortable and rushes a few throws with pressure up the middle
– Pretty throw between the CB and two deep safety, a little bit of a floater, but good touch
– Always keeps his eyes down-field, doesn’t watch the rush and goes through progression, everyone is covered so he goes back to his initial read and then takes off running
– Throws Austin open in cover 2 defense, waits for him to clear underneath LB and throws it into tight space
– Incredible throw to Bailey in tight coverage, fits the ball into a 3 foot window but is dropped
– When he can step up in the pocket and step into the throw he has one of the strongest throwing arms in America
– Play breaks down, but he doesn’t panic, keeps his eyes down-field and in a good throwing position, able to get ball off under extreme pressure

#1 Tavon Austin, WR
– Patient punt returner, lets his blockers set up the wall and picks his way through traffic
– YAC monster, takes five yard slant, runs straight across the field out-running the entire defense takes it 45 yards for a TD
– 3rd down, runs his route past the sticks and gives himself room to work back for the ball
– Drops third down pass, was being bracketed, but needs to catch the ball
– Gets separation out of his cuts, vs man coverage, Tate can’t stay in hip pocket
– Turns the corner with ease on punt return, speed is simply on another level besides everyone else on the field
– Everything is with his hands, lays out in tight coverage and watches the ball in
– Second touchdown is a gift, coverage breakdown, ends up wide open in the back of the end zone
– Austin is a special player, a truly electrifying play-maker, he lays it on the line, is a pretty good route runner and elite athlete. He will be limited by his size, but his ability with the ball in his hands is special.

#3 Stedman Bailey, WR (Jr.)
– Gets separation at top of “out route” break, ball is in air before he turns, adjusts and gets feet in bounds
– Very good vertical leap, not afraid to lay his body on the line in traffic
– Drops ball on comeback route, a little high but, goes off his hands
– Can’t hang onto ball in tight coverage, would have been a tough catch and would have taken hit, needs to hang on
– Tough to bring down in the open field, feels hits coming and is able to sidestep with ease
– Works his way back to the QB when the play is breaking down, has done that a couple times today

#28 Terrence Garvin, SAF
-Comes down and covers the slot, makes a nice break on the ball and meets defender same time the ball arrives – BPU
– Flows well on the sweep, stay square to the line and close nicely, tackle RB for a loss
– Can’t get off the WR block in the open field vs. screen pass, allows RB to pick up an extra 15 yards
– Good coverage on Fursternburg, sticks to him out of his break and goes up an out jumps him to PBU
– On next play he is the first one to recognize the screen, undercuts the block and makes tackle at the line
– Runs step for step with Stefon Diggs on deep vertical route down the middle of field, good coverage all the way
– Lines up in the box, comes off the blindside and delivers huge hit on QB, good closing speed

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  1. jibri says:

    The pats should sign Ricardo Lockette

  2. jibri says:

    Tavon Austin could be the next Wes Welker

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