2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: West Virginia vs. Marshall


#3 Aaron Dobson, WR
– Tall, long, athletic frame
– Rounds his second post route a little bit
– Long strider, runs a great comeback route, didn’t stutter step and came back hard to the ball, shielding the defender who was right on top of him
– Speed looks okay, probably a 4.5 guy
– Beat CB over the top, but is over thrown, looks winded after the play and has to come out
– Strong catch on the sidelines, knows where the first down marker is and fights way for first down
– Nice job selling play action, then runs by defender and makes very good over the shoulder catch for big pickup
– Fitness level is a concern, second time he has run a deep route and looks gassed, has to come out of the game
– 7 yard out pattern, rounds it off, not crisp and can’t complete the catch

Overview: I know a lot of people are high on Dobson. While he flashed on the over the top stuff, when he was able to get a step of two on the defense, he showed body control, concentration and good hands. His route running especially on the short stuff leaves a lot to be desired. His speed looks average for a WR and is more of a long strider. Based on this game it is really tough to get a feel. His QB is not very good and the offense they run, doesn’t feature him. There is definitely potential there based on his hands, size and speed over the top, but I need to see more. Either way he’s not a first round guy.

#11 Devin Arrington, OLB
– Tall skinny frame with long arms
– Definitely needs to add bulk to his frame
– Is having a tough time reading plays, slow to react right now
– Flows to the ball, but is getting there late
– He’s getting tossed around by contact. The second or third time he’s been jolted off balance too easily
– Lined up at RT on punt unit, stays in his lane and makes a good solid tackle on Tavon Austin

Overview: I didn’t see much at all. Didn’t flash and when I did notice him he was getting blocked out of the play and on the ground. I know he is a converted safety, so I’m sure he’s still learning the position. He did make a nice special teams tackle and that might be his niche. He has a long frame, but with no bulk to hold up at LB. He’s not more than a UDFA guy at this point.

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