2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: UCLA vs. Nebraska

How did UCLA DL Datone Jones fare against Nebraska?


NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

Nebraska takes on UCLA in a battle between two storied programs who have struggle in the past couple years. I am excited to see some of the talent that UCLA has to offer.

Many of the players don’t get talked about on the East Coast and are overshadowed by USC. Nebraska always manages to produce NFL players, even if it appears that this will be a light year for them.

#56 Datone Jones, DE
– Lines up head up the OG, stunts into A gap, showing an explosive first step, breaks down/finds the ball and changes direction in the backfield to make a tackle for a loss
– No question about his athleticism, physical speciman
– Great build, 6’4″ 280 pounds and ripped, perfect frame to play multiple positions along the DL
– Goes unblocked and runs right at QB, over-running the RB who had the ball – Needs to recognize counter play
– Gets off the ball extremely quickly, runs around block instead of through it
– Left unblocked, didn’t go for the play fake, exploded and closed quick on Martinez for a sack
– Struggles when blocked initially, hasn’t been able to counter, if he wins off of first step he is very explosive
– Exhibits his eye/hand coordination locating tipped ball intercepting the pass, it gets called back but, it was an athletic play
– Destoys the LG, drives him all the way back and runs him over. But, in the process he allows the RB to run right by
– In goalline situation with Nebraska backed up, he fires off as low as he has all day and slants to B gap, opens up large lane for Zumwalt
– Penetrating way to far up field, Nebraska is starting to take advantage of it
– Unblocked again, and exhibits and absolutely explosive burst and closing speed getting to QB, doesn’t take play fake at all, instead locks in on QB and forces a safety. Explosion is very impressive in space

#8 Joseph Fauria, TE
– Lines up offset the OT, runs a wheel route, shows quickness/strength running by the cornerback who was holding him for a TD
– Massive target, huge catching radius, would like to see him add some muscle/thickness
– Does not sell run/pass well, when it’s a run he is really slow off the ball and lackadaisical as a blocker
– As expected he is not very quick in his change of direction, but is able to create separation and space by using his body and size
– Slows down a little bit at the top of his routes, which allows DB to get position and hands on him
– His second touchdown consists of him running four yard bumping into DB and boxing out, ball gets tipped and he comes down with it. Definitely not graceful, but uses his size to his advantage, in the pros it could be PI
– 4th down (fake fg) Runs a vertical route to end-zone, shows lack of awareness by completely throwing the CB out of the way. Lucky no interference was called
– Rarely if ever lines up “inline” has been used in both the slot and split out. I would like to see him play more physical in the run game where he doesn’t hold his blocks long enough and lacks technique as a blocker
– Has the potential to be special, but is very raw, is basically just a mismatch right now

#21 Aaron Hester, CB
– Tall and long frame, lanky, long arms
– Gets sucked down inside and then can’t get off block, leaving boundary open when Abdullah bounces it out – TD
– Playing much too soft a zone, not dropping proper depths which is creating large gaps
– Playing boundary corner and started to jam Kenny Bell at the line
– Hips aren’t as fluid as I’d like, takes him a split second long to open up and run – Could potentially profile as a safety with his frame
– He is too high in his stance and his peddle isn’t very quick, opened up a little early

#23 Jonathan Franklin, RB
– Gets to the line, stops and tries to pick a different hole – no gain
– Bounces it outside, maintaining balance, takes big hit but, keeps feet moving and picks up the first down – Was able to outrun the DE who had contain and the angle
– Takes the draw and doesn’t see a giant running lane, instead cuts it back into traffic
– Gets to edge and then goes north-south, lowers his shoulder and takes on contact
– Has been indecisive before he gets to line of scrimmage, vision has also been questionable
– Shows explosion on the stretch play where he is forcred to go north-south
– Makes a beautiful cut back against the grain, maintains balance despite being hit – has displayed +balance tonight
– Most impressive play of the night – take quick sweep/toss in backfield, able to make two defenders who had him dead, miss with cuts in the opposite direction while accelerating upfield, he exhibits his speed running by half of the Nebraska defense and outrunning the angle, he then breaks it back into the field forcing two more missed tackles
– Exhibits reliable hands out of backfield, able to pick up some extra yards after contact

#35 Jordan Zumwalt, LB (Jr.)
– Fills B gap, stays square to the line and makes the tackle
– Reads the swing pass, gets out quickly and delivers a big hit and perfect form tackle – Good range
– Sits in his zone and stays with Turner, when pass is thrown he breaks quick and makes form tackle
– Lets WR cross his face and doesn’t drop deep enough, creates big soft spot in the zone
– Quick burst off the edge, closes quick on the QB for a sack
– Gets into the flat again and plays his assignment forcing the RB to cut it back inside – no gain

#94 Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE (Jr.)
– Lining up as 3-4 DE, gets really good push, allowing Zumwalt to crash and get the sack
– Occupied multiple blockers, but showed good push, none-the-less
– Gets in a really good atheltic stance and looks like he can fire out of it
– 3rd and 1 – plays out of four point stance, submarines under the guard and stops RB in the backfield
– When it comes to occupying blockers and anchoring at the line, he has been the best UCLA linemen tonight, seems to understand the concept of gap control better than the other DL who like to run up field to make big play

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