2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: San Diego State vs. Washington

San Diego State

#2 Leon McFadden CB
-absolutely blankets Kasen Williams, forces Price to throw the ball away
-great job in coverage on Kasen Williams, forced the pass interference.
-good in the backpedal, gets his hands up well
-Comes around the edge on the blitz to get a QB hit
-isn’t much of a match for ASJ
-has nice balance in his backpedal, uses hands well at line of scrimmage
-plays a lot of off man, but UW stayed away from him for the most part.
-Looks good, but didn’t flash exceptional skills. Wasn’t challenged a whole lot, but he breaks well ln the ball, looks good in his backpedal, uses hands well.

#71 Alec Johnson C
-Is doing a nice job against Shelton, pushing him out consistently
-not very athletic, looks slow and plodding in space
-holds ground very well. Very strong.
-uses arms well. extends, keep defenders at bay.
-technique needs a little cleaning up, especially footwork in pass blocking.
-keeps pad level down for the most part.
-once engaged, can bend at the waist too much and lose his center of gravity
-The better of the two centers in this game by far. Did a nice job keeping Danny Shelton at bay.

#5 Ryan Katz QB
-has nice speed and pocket presence, can get out of trouble.
-has a pretty quick release
-doesn’t have real great passing skills, ball sails on him a lot.
-too quick to take off before his goes through his options.
-Doesn’t look like an NFL QB to me, didn’t at Oregon State either.

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