Patriots Training Camp – Wednesday Sound Bites

Chandler Jones speaks to the media

Chandler Jones discussed the transition from Syracuse to the NFL. (Photo: Doug Kyed)

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

After Wednesday’s practice, we were able to go out on the field and talk to a few of the Patriots players. Kyle Arrington, Danny Woodhead, Ras-I Dowling and Chander Jones addressed the media at Gillette Stadium.

I spoke to Arrington, Woodhead and Jones, check out what they had to say after the jump.


On if he’s concentrated on anything in the offseason:

“Being accountable every play. make plays when it comes my way, just be accountable. You name it. When it comes to discipline, footwork, drills, ball skills, I’m trying to work on all of it. This is it.”

On new teammates Steve Gregory and Tavon Wilson:

“One thing I don’t do is assess that’s why I’m not a coach. You’ll have to ask them on that one. It’s been a pleasure watching those guys so far.”


On how the dynamic has changed with Kevin Faulk and BenJarvus Green-Ellis gone:

“We just try to get better every day. We got a great coach in Coach Spears. He leads us in the right direction and whatever the coaches want to start with we try to get better and be the best players we can be.”


On the pass rush moves he’s showcased in camp:

“You know what? I’ve known lots of moves, I’ve seen them done before. But my job right now is to polish my craft. Every day I’m trying to work on each and every move so that I can have two or three moves with effect so that hopefully you can see them on Sundays.”

On what his favorite move is:

“I don’t have one yet.”

On whether adapting to the NFL was a concern:

“You know what? I had a dream. And my dream was to always play in the NFL. And now that I have this opportunity I’m gonna take advantage of it.”

On whether he’s ever thought he could have done more on a given day:

“Like I said previously, each and every day I treat it like it’s game day. If I’m not walking off the field and I’m not exhausted then I’m not doing my job. So like right now I’m like barely breathing so you know. So like I said, every day is game day and I’m waiting for tomorrow.”

On whether he ever stops smiling out on the field:

“Never. I never stop smiling. Never.”

On whether he was involved in any of the scrums on the field:

“You know, I’m not Jon “Bones” Jones, my name is Chandler.”

On the transition from Syracuse to the Patriots:

“That was in college and I try to stay away from looking back at college at all. I had a great time at college at Syracuse University, I miss it, but it’s another step in my life. Another phase in my life and I’m just moving forward and happy to be a New England Patriot.”

On the intensity of this particular practice:

“The intensity? That’s how we practice every day. Very intense.”

On what he thinks he could do to help solve last year’s struggles on defense:

“I wasn’t on the team last year and I really don’t know anything about last year’s team. I’m on the team this year and my job is to help the defense. That’s what i want to do.”

On adjusting to standing up in the NFL in the “elephant” position:

“Elephant position, that’s a great question. You know, whatever Coach Bill Belichick says, ‘Chandler stand up’ and I’m gonna stand up and if he says, ‘Chandler get in a three point stance’ I’m gonna get in a three point stance.”

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