NEPD Mailbag: Cuts Edition

Now that Deion Branch has been cut, which WRs will stick on the roster? (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

It’s the day that every NFL player dreads.

If you’re not getting cut today, it’s likely one of your best friends is. But that’s just part of the business. Patriots cuts are coming out already and there have been some big and surprising names involved.

I received a ton of questions on twitter about what the cuts may mean, so I figured I’d answer them here.

Reports have come out that QB Brian Hoyer, S James Ihedigbo, WR Deion Branch, C Dan Koppen, DB Derrick Martin and LB Aaron Lavarias have been cut by the Patriots. The Pats appear to be getting the veteran cuts out of the way early, possibly so they can stick on somewhere with another team before all the players cuts are released.

@SSheehan925 asks
@DougKyedNEPD Who, if at all, do you expect to be back at some point this year at WR?

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see any of the vet WRs the Patriots cut back. If I had to put them in an order of likelihood, it would go Gaffney, Branch, then Stallworth.

@dsgruntldwarvet asks
@DougKyedNEPD with Hoyer getting cut. Possibly good news for Moore and Dennard who are both on the bubble?

Both the Hoyer and Ihedigbo cuts are good news for those guys. The Ihedigbo move means the Pats will likely keep six CBs and four safeties. It helps that Moore and McCourty can both play safety. Sterling Moore hasn’t been overly impressive in preseason games so far, but he can always move to safety if cornerback doesn’t work out.

@animedpet asks
@DougKyedNEPD ME! Who is our 3rd and 4th WR???

Well, it could be you actually. To be honest, I’m not worried about the 3rd and 4th WRs. Aaron Hernandez could easily be considered the third WR, Edelman will be the 3rd/4th and Matthew Slater would be the 5th right now. If I had to guess, either Jeremy Ebert or Kerry Taylor may make the team, and then get cut before week one for a released Patriots veteran, a trade, or another released player like rookie Marvin McNutt, who was just cut by the Eagles.

I think Hernandez will be given a huge role at WR this year now that he’s signed his contract. The Pats basically have three WR1s with Lloyd, Welker and Hernandez.

@MattToTheFuture asks
@DougKyedNEPD Do you want to come to my James Ihedigbo farewell party? We’ll play a recap of his 2011 season set to Benny Hill music

Only if it can be a Ihedigbo/Sergio Brown farewell party. And only if it’s Ninja Turtles themed. Just because.

@59russo59 asks
@DougKyedNEPD for the mailbag: do you think Ebert can possibly ever develop into at least a 3rd receiver?

I certainly don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibilities, but I haven’t liked what I’ve seen so far. Even Julian Edelman flashed his rookie year, and he had never played WR before. Ebert seems to have the dropsies and doesn’t show off the same wiggle that Welker, Edelman and Hernandez do.

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