In the Film Room: Patriots vs. Eagles

Jermaine Cunningham was one of the big winners last night.

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

A depleted Patriots team took on the Philadelphia Eagles last night. With the team playing three preseason games in ten days, Coach Belichick decided it would be best to rest 20+ players who will be on the team Week 1. The Patriots played primarily their second and third teams the entirety of the game but, were still able to make it a competitive ball game. After re-watching the game this morning here’s what I learned.

First Quarter

– Shane Vereen and Donte Stallworth started off the game as the kick returners
– When the offense took the field, Ryan Mallett was under center with Julian Edelman, Donte Stallworth and Deion Branch the three starting wide receivers
– First carry of the game, Dan Connolly gets good movement creates large running lane.
– Vereen doesn’t follow blockers on first screen pass, ran toward sideline
– Marquice Cole gets down the field very quick as the gunner, but misses the tackle
– Hightower also working on kick coverage units
– Chandler Jones bites on fake reverse and loses contain, Vick runs for 1st down
– Brandon Spikes reads up the middle run so quickly, gets to the hole, but can’t get off the block
– Kyle Love very good job of beating OL to spot, gets positioning and clogs the hole
– Chander Jones comes up field to much and leaves big running lane, Brandon Spikes meets McCoy in the hole with a monster hit
– Hightower great zone coverage, picks up Avant sitting down is soft spot and makes the play
– Marcus Cannon poor cut attempt, Mallett forces throw and almost throws pick
– Alex Silvestro completely overwhelmed and beaten in run block
– Nate Solder and Nick McDonald get out quickly and throw nice block on Edelman screen for 11 yards
– Mallett good pocket mobility, pulls the ball down and makes the safe throw to Silvestro
– Cannon with a good run block, lets defender go outside and seals him off – much better feet in run game
– Mallett hangs in vs. backside rush, completes pass to Edleman
– Solder stops his feet and can’t slide quick enough, but Mallett complete pass anyway
– On the next run play, the Eagles blitz, Cannon takes the outside man instead of the blitzing backer, Vereen tackled for a loss, Wendell also failed to pick up anyone
– Bad drop by Woodhead on screen pass, Connolly and Wendell out ahead
– Solder get beaten inside by Trent Cole, Solder way too high, Vereen stopped for 2 yard gain
– Kyle Love beats Jason Kelce badly, Kelce even tries to grab Love’s waist from behind, Vick avoid’s Love but, Cunningham closes quickly and delivers textbook blow to Vick’s ribs while he makes the throw
– Chandler Jones with a quick and sudden dip move underneath King Dunlap, almost gets to Foles
– Hightower with a very nice open field tackle on McCoy, came in fast and under control – wrapped up
– Brace and Cunningham get good penetration on sweep, McCoy forced to bounce run outside
– On the same play, Brandon Spikes literally drills Jason Kelce into the pile, knocking McCoy over
– Brace collapses pocket on the next play, Foles good job side stepping, but Cunningham gets free and forces quick throw
– Cunningham playing with a lot more leverage and power, looks sudden
– Jones, Love and Brace each win their 1 on 1 battle, force Foles to get rid of it. QB hit by Ron Brace
– Nick McDonald beaten inside and Solder beat outside, Mallett throws pick, but negated by roughing penalty
– Marcus Cannon with a couple nice run blocks, gets to second level and gets movement
– Shane Vereen struggles to hold block vs. blitz and forces Mallett out of the pocket – sacked
– Cannon sets up outside, stops his feet and gets beaten back inside by Hunt — Mallett hangs in and delivers a bullett to Branch across the middle for a big gain
– Jeremy Ebert = Butterfingers
– Last play of 1st Q, is a screen to Vereen, McDonald is the first guy out in front, attempts a pretty poor cut attempt and play ends up as a no gain

2nd Quarter

First play of half, Screen to Vereen vs. blitz – McDonald, Connolly and Koppen all out in front in unison – big gain
– Silvestro beaten inside again, poor technique and too upright, Vereen stopped for no gain
– Solder gets steamrolled by Cole, Solder had good position, but Cole got into his chest and drove through him
On next play, Solder moves his feet well, force Cole to loop around, Mallett steps up delivers a perfectly placed ball high and away from defender for TD pass to Silvestro
– Silvestro gets a good release, runs a good route
– 2 Point Attempt – Bequette checks in as a TE – Solder and McDonald blow their guys off the line and Vereen walks in
– Jermaine Cunningham once again gets back side pressure and forces quick throw by Foles
– Trevor Scott has a pretty good first step
– Brandon Spikes gets over aggressive against screen and gets himself sealed off
Will Allen displays good change of direction, drives on the ball and almost gets the pick – impressive play
– Bolden – really bad fumble on punt, can tell he’s not comfortable back their
– Jermaine Cunningham crashed inside vs. draw, runs himself out of play, McCoy with 10 yard gain
– On the Havili run, Brace gets sealed, Spikes over aggressive, Tarpinian gets blocked too easily, Nate Ebner coming up too hard creating long run right up the middle
– Nate Ebner playing on the end of the line, can’t keep his outside half clean and loses contain on McCoy touchdown
Hoyer comes into the game, Solder does very good job of keeping wide base and square, when Daryl Tapp tries spin move
– Cannon gets beaten bad by Phillip Hunt, Solder after a good iniial anchor starts getting pushed into Hoyer as well. – Hoyer held onto the ball a little too long as well
– Rivera and Tarpinian get picked and fail to switch in coverage, leaves Harbor open for TD
– On the TD play, Ebner had solid coverage on McCoy in the flat
– Donald Thomas with a very nice run block, stays engaged, creates room for Bolden to bounce it outside
– Bolden drops screen pass, would have been blown up because Donald Thomas slow to get out and failed to make block
– Brian Hoyer’s arm strength is very questionable
– Stallworth fails to get any separation, third time in game he can’t get a step on DB
– Jeremiah Warren completely overwhelmed by Cedric Thronton, tosses Warren to his stomach and make TFL
– Solder much better footwork against Cole, stays square and low, gets hands on him, doesn’t bite on the spin
– Deion Branch runs those 15 yard In-Cuts as good as anyone, good timing with Hoyer and Branch
– Bobby Carpenter is very good at reading screens and getting to flat – TD called back
– Jake Bequette hesitates just for a second and costs him a sack, good speed off the edge though
– Tyler Urban gets a ball thrown his way, but looks like he is trying to swat the ball away, not good
Last play of the half – Nate Ebner reads Foles’ eyes and gets INT, very impressed with his coverage instincts, much more talented a defender than I thought he would be.

Sorry guys, but I only have time for the first half right now. In the second half, the Patriots offense was as vanilla as I have ever seen. I will watch it this week and tweet the highlights. Thanks for reading!

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