In the Film Room: Bubble Watch

3rd Quarter

– Sergio Brown opens up the 2nd half with another nice ST tackle
– Niko Koutivides makes the first two tackles of the second half, he has shown good awareness and locates the ball
– Trevor Scott can’t get off the block by Adrien Robinson, Mike Rivera fills the gap a little late, results in a 5 yard gain
– Jeff Tarpinian does a great job recognizing the run, fills the gap, but can’t get off the block by the fullback and the RB runs right by him.
– Mike Rivera is a very good tackler, goes low, wraps up and drives through. His struggles come in coverage
– Cunningham looks like he was shot out of a cannon, beats Matt McCants outside and then demonstrates a quick and powerful rip move to get underneath him. Cunningham gets to the QB as he is throwing the ball. McCants is called for holding on the play
– Demps in space = Dangerous. He takes a quick screen pass, but turns it into a first down. Ebert solid on the block
– Derek Dennis struggled mightily. Beaten for a sack on one play, on the next play he misses the lead block on the screen pass, which could have gone for a big gain
– Nate Ebner continues to show up around the football. Impressive tackler, just needs to learn the scheme and how to play safety
– Tavon Wilson aggressively fills the gap and blows up Andre Brown.
– Justin Francis showed a great motor on the play. First he beats the RT around the edge, Carr scrambles with Francis in pursuit. Carr is able to get the ball off but, Francis chases down field and makes the tackle. He needs to show that on every play

4th Quarter

– Francis lines up on the opposite side, beats the LT this time with a dip move and gets to the QB
– Darrion Weems struggles to get the edge sealed off, all of his struggles seem to come from lack of strength and slow feet
– Demps catches a wheel route, has one man to beat but slips to the ground. No one was catching him if he doesn’t slip
– Dennard forces a fumble inside the 10 yard line, NE fails to recover it, but it was a big time play
– Francis continuing to play hard, this time he beats the OT across his face and gets pressure up the middle
– Tarpinian continues to get to the ball, displaying his speed. He just needs to finish better
– Dennard does a very good job of running with his WR, once the pass is thrown he comes off his man and drills De Palma (who was being coverd by Moore). Dennard continues to show good zone awareness
– Rivera gets penetration up the middle, gets held badly, otherwise it’s a sack and a ten yard loss
– Francis just dominated Matt McCants. Gets his hands into his chest and just tosses him aside for a sack
– Cunningham lines up at 3-Tech, splits the gap quickly and is in Carr’s face. Forces a throw away, impressive quickness off the ball tonight
– Demps went down on the final punt return, grabbing his right knee and rolling around in pain on the ground. On TV it really looked like a possible ACL injury. He checked out fine though, which is a relief
– Darrion Weems gets worse as the game goes on. Beaten badly for sack and fumble
– My DVR ran out right before the Giants FG, I have a feeling I didn’t miss much else

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4 Responses to “In the Film Room: Bubble Watch”

  1. Samson Shillitoe says:

    Nice report! Appreciate both the depth of coverage plus the insights. You guys continue to be a must read. Keep up the great work!

  2. RedZone says:

    Watching the backup lineman more closely – Waldron’s cut block was bad but he looked pretty strong in pass pro the rest of the game (better than Weems/Dennis). It looked like he and Warren were probably the two best OL candidates for the practice squad. Cunningham and Francis are both beasts they made Matt McCants for the Giants look awful the entire 2nd half. Not sure if Francis will clear waivers if the Patriots try to slide him through to the practice squad.

  3. td says:

    Looked to me like Dennard, Francis & Koutevides just may force out Moore, Bequette & Carpenter.

    Ebner will probably stay as Brown gets the heave ho. Ebner looks like a great looking Safety prospect.

    • Bobthebuilder says:

      I respectedly disagree with you. I highly, highly doubt Carpenter and Bequette get cut. Moore might be a surprise cut though.

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