2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Kansas State vs Oklahoma State (2011)

Collin Klein Tim Tebow

Get ready for your Tim Tebow comparisons – here is Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein.


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

This is my last look at 2013 NFL Draft prospects using games from last season – I’ve studied hundreds of prospects and scores of games already – use the conference links above to read my notes from all the matchups.

I saved a thriller for last, featuring a good blend of offensive and defensive draft prospects from Kansas State and Oklahoma State.


#4 LB Arthur Brown
-Lining up at inside linebacker.
-Looks strong and compact, low center of gravity.
-Recognizes swing pass early, takes an iffy angle but has the speed to get to the sideline.
-Angled out of the play by center, couldn’t fight off the block.
-Initially fooled my misdirection, but recovers and assists on tackle.
-Sucks up on play-action, leaves wide open passing lane.
-Slips a block, flows to the ball-carrier and delivers the hit.
-A little late picking up the seam receiver, recovers and gets a hand in, but pass is completed.
-Shows some impressive speed to catch up to WR running corner route from the MLB position.
-Reads his key quickly, sheds block from tackle, makes the tackle in the backfield.
-A bit slow getting off the snap on the blitz, but stays low and pushes LT back on a bull rush.
-Takes the correct pursuit angle after Wildcats get outflanked.
-Fights off block from guard, assists on tackle.
-Shows blitz, drops into coverage and is juked by wide receiver, misses tackle.

Overview: Brown was very active against the run and the pass. He showed the strength, tenacity and techinque to get off blocks and make the tackle, as well as using his speed to pursue. He looked comfortable in both man and zone coverage and is a legitimate three-down linebacker. He should be a certain top 100 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

#24 CB Nigel Malone
-Playing left cornerback – often on Justin Blackmon.
-Man off on Blackmon, closes on quick hitch but not strong enough to make the tackle.
-Misses another open field tackle, fundamentally sound but receiver ran right through it.
-Strings out WR screen, sheds block and pushes Blackmon out of bounds.
-Fights off block, shoulders receiver out of bounds.
-Smooth backpedal, accelerated quickly and broke up pass intended for Blackmon – nearly made the interception.
-In phase against Blackmon on deep post, couldn’t get a hand in on perfectly thrown ball.
-Misses tackle on Randle in space, barely got a hand on him.
-Tight coverage on Blackmon, duped by hesitation, can’t recover and gives up touchdown.
-Shoved to the ground by Blackmon, overmatched physically (who isn’t).

Overview: Looks comfortable playing in both man and zone schemes, held his own matched up against Justin Blackmon for the majority of the night. Had some trouble tackling, but his fundamentals are sound – might need to add some strength in his upper body to compete at the next level.

#12 SS Ty Zimmerman
-Playing deep safety, mainly zone coverage but played man a bit as well.
-Recognizes swing pass quickly, closes with a proper angle and makes a solid tackle.
-Not fooled by end around, contains the play.
-Solid open field tackle, wraps up lower body.
-Fills the hole, makes open field ankle tackle on Randle to save touchdown.
-Receiver outran his angle, missed the diving tackle.
-Driven outside by out route, can’t get back to the middle to cover post.
-Tight man coverage on out route, read the route early and got a good jump.
-Can’t lay a hand on Randle in open field – misses tackle.

Overview: Zimmerman had a bad mistake missing Randle late in the game, but showed good tackling skills overall. He was in position for the most part in zone and showed some man coverage ability. Should be an intriguing mid-late round safety prospect.

#7 QB Collin Klein
-Playing quarterback, variety of sets – very physical, looks line a linebacker.
-Looks to the sidelines for audibles / adjustments.
-Read option, football gets stripped out.
-Ball batted down, low release point.
-Designed run, stood up by linebacker in the hole.
-Sets up his blocks well, has a bit of elusiveness to go with his power.
-Throwing some blocks on a reverse.
-Getting in a rhythm, hits four short underneath passes in a row.
-Play pass, good touch on 30-yard pass down the numbers.
-QB draw, runs over the safety for the touchdown.
-Good pocket awareness, but lobs silly pass into coverage, intercepted.
-Perfect placement on outside shoulder on third down, nice conversion.
-Ball deflected coming out of his hand, had a receiver open – deflected again next play.
-Accurate placement and perfect timing, allowed the WR to get some YAC.
-Rolls right, delivers accurate ball on out route.
-Rolls left, mis-communication with receiver (comeback vs streak).
-Quick throw, hits tight end in stride.
-Stands tall in pocket, hits WR in stride on whip route for the touchdown.
-Slips a couple of ankle and arm tackles, rumbles for a first down.
-Rips a deep 20-yard out on a rope – great throw.
-Buys time in the pocket, throws ball away – good decision.
-Keeps his eyes up against pressure, but is a little too quick to pull the ball down and run.
-Taking some hits and has cuts and gashes all over his body – showing some real toughness.
-Powerful churn on quarterback sneak – gets two tough yards.
-Perfect execution and timing on shovel pass.
-4th and 7, goes through two progressions and escapes pocket, runs for first down.
-Option play, untouched into the end zone – shows some decent speed.
-Picks his way through the defenders with decisive cuts and goes in for another touchdown.
-Rolls right, shows great touch on deep out to left sideline for a huge completion late in game.

Overview: Klein looks like an excellent college quarterback that might not find a home in the NFL. He has a bit of a funky, slow release (four deflected passes) and doesn’t always throw the cleanest ball. That said, he is a powerful runner that is adept at making plays when he needs too. I think he gets drafted and could be a nice third-string QB that could develop into something more – such a tough player and a leader on the field. I’d want this kid on my team.

#37 FB Braden Wilson
-Playing fullback, also lines up as a “move” tight end and on special teams.
-Taken out by cornerback, chopped down at the knees.
-Pancakes linebacker, violent hands.
-Stones linebacker in the hole, throws him to the ground.
-Consistently effective lead blocker for Klein in the run game.

Overview: Wilson consistently opened up holes for Klein in the run game. He is very physical and finishes off blocks up to the whistle. Teams looking for a throwback FB should look no further.

Check out the Oklahoma State draft prospects on page two.

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