Patriots Training Camp: 15 Things that Stood out on Sunday

9. (UDFA Update) Brandon Bolden continues too turn heads at camp. He looks quick to the edge and has an explosive first step when cutting it up field. I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to him, but everyone in attendance has been impressed with how he looks. He definitely doesn’t look like an undrafted rookie. Two more rookie free agents that have impressed me so far are Justin Francis and Jeremiah Warren. Francis especially is turning heads. While he is not necessarily quick off the edge, he is a strong and physical pass rusher. He has found his way into the backfield on a number of occasions and likes to hit the running backs. Danny Woodhead ran into Francis today who gave him a shoulder to the ground. Warren has looked strong in one on one drills, with a good anchor technique and the ability to stop a pass rusher in his tracks.

10. Marcus Cannon has a long way to go but one thing that is apparent with him is his power at the point of attack. During “half line” drills Cannon exhibited a really quick first step and just mauled LB Jeff Tarpinian off the ball effortlessly. Cannon has been known for his strength and quickness off the ball for a player of his size and he hasn’t disappointed. Cannon does tend to get over extended causing him to lose his balance. Coach Donte Scarnecchia has spent a lot of time coaching up the kid in camp and you can tell the team has high expectations for him.

11. (1 on 1 Battles) – Even though the pass rushing 1 on 1’s are held on the other side of the field I tried my best to keep track of who won and lost.

A. Justin Francis beat Dan Connolly
B. Jeremiah Warren beat Marcus Forston
C. Jermaine Cunningham beat Matt Kopa
D. Nate Solder beat Tim Bulman decidedly – Bulman’s helmet came off
E. Donald Thomas beat Brandon Deaderick
F. Dan Connolly tied Marcus Harrison
G. Jermaine Cunningham beat Marcus Cannon with a big time spin move
H. Justin Francis beat Kyle Hix with an impressive bull rush
I. Kyle Love tied Robert Gallery
J. Gerard Warren beat Dan Connolly
K. Jeremiah Warren beat Marcus Forston

12. Ryan Mallet had his best day yet, showing off his strong throwing arm, by fitting the ball into tight spaces. Mallett also executed a very nice play action pass on the goal line which led to a touchdown by TE Tyler Urban. It’s important for a young QB like Mallett to continue to develop each day and he did that today.

13. Jeff Tarpinian is beginning to work his way up the depth chart getting more chances with the second team. Earlier in the day Special Teams coach Scott O’Brien spoke highly of what Tarpinian was able to accomplish last year. He also noted that he looks good up to this point this year as well.

14. While many of the Patriots defensive backs struggle to in man coverage, Sterling Moore looks comfortable. He is able to flip his hips and run both laterally and vertically with the receivers. Moore also has a very good sense of where the ball is, something that served him well in the AFC Championship game last season.

15. The funniest part of practice today came when the Patriots ran a reverse to Donte’ Stallworth. QB Tom Brady got out in front to be the lead blocker and was 1 on 1 with S Patrick Chung. Brady was daring Chung and even motioned to him to hit him. At the end of the play Brady threw a little shoulder into Chung’s chest which drew a large ovation from the crowd.

Schedule Note: The Patriots don’t practice on Monday, but will be back out there on Tuesday with a 1:30 practice.

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4 Responses to “Patriots Training Camp: 15 Things that Stood out on Sunday”

  1. Daniel B says:

    Gronk had three drops? Cut him.

    Honestly, I am scared at how good Chandler Jones could be in this defense.

  2. qwerty says:

    excellent write up on camp.

  3. Matt says:

    I’m hoping to see Bolden and Francis on the final roster. Francis and Hightower look like beasts next to each other.

  4. nate says:

    its tough to get a feel for how brace is doing. if you read one of the other boston blogs its seems like he’s been on of the surprise breakout players. i guess we’ll see who’s right once the season starts. over all you coverage has been great keep up the good work

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