Musket Blasts: Patriots and NFL Draft Links, 7/11

Josh Gordon NFL Draft

Will the Patriots submit a bid for Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft? (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

Come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I choose my five favorite New England Patriots and NFL Draft links to share. Feel free to submit your own links in the comments.

Breaking down the Patriots cap situation. (

The Patriots have plenty of cap space and a character from “The Simpsons” could count the number of Patriots earning more than $2 million in base salary this season on one hand (four, the same number of fingers with which Bart, Homer, Lisa and the rest of the cast are drawn).

Scouting Report on wide receiver Josh Gordon, the best prospect in tomorrow’s supplemental draft. (

Just taking what Gordon does on the field you have a guy with remarkable talent and a great skill set. He’s an unpolished gem that will need time and lots of technical instruction. In a regular draft we’d say 3rd or 4th Round pick but in a Supplemental Draft the most we’d be willing to wager at this point is a 5th.

Phenomenal read on the Air Raid offense, great learning tool. (Smart Football)

While each receiver was given a landmark they had to get to in order to stretch the appropriately stretch the defense, they were given lots of freedom to settle down their route or even break it off if they found open space along the way. So while the play was known as four verticals, the instruction was really, “Stay in your vertical lane, but then get open.” And with this play as its new centerpiece, Leach’s offense really exploded.

Fantastic take on Rob Gronkowski’s persona of “Gronk”. (

Gronkowski isn’t some young-and-dumb wild child who doesn’t know how to harness a lifestyle given to him. He’s an intelligent, fun-loving guy who is enjoying the fame and fortune he worked to hard to obtain. Everybody knows Gronk, but how many know about the time and money Rob Gronkowski has donated using his celebrity?

A look at five top safeties for the 2013 NFL Draft, with my favorite Kenny Vaccaro just missing out. (

One of the leaders on the Sooner defense, Jefferson’s strengths lie in his coverage ability. His tremendous agility an lateral movement allow him to run with slot receivers and tight ends while covering a lot of ground in Cover-1 roles.

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