Ten Year NFL Draft Case Study: Big Ten

Tavon Wilson Patriots Draft

The Patriots drafted four B1G players in 2012.

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

Every Friday this summer I’ll be doing a case study on the last ten years draft history of every conference in the FBS.

Through these case studies we’ll be able to answer which schools and conferences produce the most talent, the most busts, the most players at each position and much more.

I know that it’s a lot of information to digest, but there’s some very interesting findings during each week of research which will become even more telling as each week progresses.

This week, I’m taking on the B1G.


From the 2003 draft until the 2012 draft, there were 2552 total players drafted, the B1G made up 339 of those draft picks, for 13.3% of the total players drafted. It’s hard to put this in context now, but after I’m able to tally the totals for some of the other major conferences, this will be more telling.

Total players drafted from the B1G/total players drafted from 2003-2012
Total 339/2552 – 13.3%

By year, I broke down total number of players drafted, the total number of first round picks and the most picks by school.

YEAR BY YEAR BREAKDOWN: A full breakdown of the last ten drafts from an Big Ten perspective. (Page 2)

POSITIONAL BREAKDOWN: Which positions in the Big Ten get picked early? (Page 3)

SUCCESS/BUST BREAKDOWN: Which schools produce the most busts? (Page 4)

NCAA SCHOOL BREAKDOWN: Which schools perennially produce the top prospects? (Page 5)

NFL TEAM BREAKDOWN: Which NFL Teams like prospects from the Big Ten? (Page 6)

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