Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Ohio State vs Purdue (2011)

#93 DL Kawann Short
-Lining up at 5-tech and 7-tech DE, some DT as well.
-Thrown to ground, completely off balance.
-Pushed back by TE and OT, on skates.
-Dead feet, looks content to be blocked in passing game.
-Perhaps playing a bit of “mush rush” to contain running QB.
-Pad level consistently too high in run game.
-Beats RT with strong rip move, eventually tracks down QB for sack.
-Shows a spin move on guard, picked up by center.
-Better pad level, pushes tackle into the pocket.
-Coverage sack, sheds center and wraps up on QB as he steps up in pocket.
-Hooked by tackle on QB draw.
-Doesn’t recognizes draws and screens quickly.
-Rarely using his hands, OL locks on way too easy.

Overview: Short had three sacks in the game, but that stat was pretty deceiving. He was rarely dominating and was handled by one blocker the majority of the day. When he kept his pads low, Short did show the ability to disrupt, but his play from the DE position left a lot to be desired.

#3 LB Dwayne Beckford
-Lining up at MLB.
-Sniffs out the play quickly, closes and makes the tackle for loss.
-Spying QB, chases him to the sideline but can’t get there in time.
-Whiffs on open field tackle, QB juked him easily.
-Getting a lot of tackles in cleanup duty.
-Sticks with FB easily on an out route, good jam at the line.
-Recognizes wildcat formation and closes on the ball-carrier quickly for no gain.
-Able to disengage from OT and chases play down after big gain.
-Great open field tackle on QB for a huge loss, showed some nice speed.

#90 DL Bruce Gaston
-Lining up at DT.
-Blown five yards off the ball.
-Being handled one on one with ease, no anchor.
-Pad level is way too high.
-Getting a lot of rest in 2nd half.
-Double teamed, knocked off balance and thrown to the ground.
-Works through double team and is able to disrupt the play in the backfield.
-Runs right through Mike Brewster, can’t make the sack.
-Blocks extra point, to send the game into overtime.

Overview: Gaston came on late with some impact plays, but was rather ineffective for most of the day. Like Short, when he plays hard and keeps his pads down, he has the size and strength to be an effective DT.

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