Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Ohio State vs Purdue (2011)

Kawann Short NFL Draft

Kawann Short had three sacks but was overshadowed by the OSU defense. (Photo: US Presswire)


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

Sometimes stats can be misleading. You see a three-sack game on paper and you figure that the player was an absolute force. In the case of Kawann Short’s performance against the Ohio State Buckeyes, you’d be mistaken.

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#52 DT Jonathan Hankins
-Lining up mainly at DE, also some DT/NT.
-Strong initial punch, keeps himself clean.
-Loses ball, crashes down on running back and lets QB escape.
-Drops into zone on zone blitz call.
-Double teamed, hustles down the field to assist on tackle.
-Turned by guard and taken out of play.
-Explodes through contact and bowls over the guard into the backfield.
-Sheds block from RT, can’t wrap up on RB.
-Quick inside move, blows up quarterback – called for roughing.
-Stout anchor at the nose, double team couldn’t move him.
-Can’t be moved out of hole with one guy – clogs the middle and assists on tackle.
-OL got under his pads, knocked to the ground – injured on play, did not return.

#54 DE John Simon
-Lining up at DE and DT – variety of positions, standing up at times.
-Reading the plays very well, locates ball quickly.
-Quick off the ball, untouched on inside move and gets big hit on QB.
-Drops into coverage, plays the run/pass well on roll out.
-Can’t keep outside arm clean, loses contain and watches RB score.
-Times the snap perfectly, turns the corner well but QB steps up to avoid sack.
-Cleans up in the backfield for TFL, right spot at right time.
-Always active, never stops running around trying to make a play.
-Quick move around TE, wraps up RB near line of scrimmage.
-Instant recognition of screen play, assists on the tackle.

#6 LB Ettienne Sabino
-Lining up at MLB.
-Locates the ball quickly on option play, wraps up.
-Perfect angle, wraps up on WR after the catch.
-Hooked by center, taken out of play.
-Changes direction well, flies from sideline to sideline.
-Sheds fullback block, can’t wrap up RB’s feet.
-Sucked up on play fake, didn’t get enough depth on his drop.
-Again shrugs off FB’s block and assists on tackle.

#7 CB Travis Howard
-Playing outside corner – man and zone coverages being employed.
-Solid hit in run support, stood the RB up and tried for strip.
-Takes on FB and forces play back inside.
-Got on his heels, but recovered – a lot of contact.
-Over-aggressive with chuck down the field, loses man.
-On receiver’s back, disrupts catch – very physical.
-Makes tough open-field tackle, shoestring variety.
-Quickly recognizes reverse and forces play inside.
-Called for holding, broke up pass at the end of the play.
-Breakdown in coverage, two DB’s follow same guy in zone, leaves WR open.
-Weak tackle attempt on QB, tried to shoulder him down and gave up an extra yard or two.

#4 FS C.J. Barnett
-Lining up as deep safety and on kick coverages.
-Takes good angle to push WR out of bounds.
-Closes quickly on QB to make the tackle on read play.
-Poor angle, can’t attempt tackle on WR.
-Nice tackle on reverse, closed quickly and wrapped up.
-Comes up quickly from the deep safety position and wraps up on RB.
-Recognizes draw, flies up to make the tackle.

#19 SS Orhian Johnson
-Seeing occasional snaps at safety as well as some kick coverages.
-Very poor tackle attempt, over-pursued and flailed weakly at the RB.
-Tracks the ball well, makes a nice interception looking into the sun on badly overthrown ball.

#53 DT Garrett Goebel
-Lining up at DT, looks a bit undersized.
-Shows a nice anchor, disrupts zone read by pushing guard into backfield.
-In the backfield again, makes TFL – good strength on the interior.
-Draws holding penalty, flashed inside and held working to the outside.
-Misses tackle on tunnel screen, couldn’t change direction in space.
-Stout again inside, clogs up the hole and assists on tackle.
-Drives lineman back, combines on TFL – low pad level.

#11 TE Jake Stoneburner
-Playing both inline and split out.
-Nice combo block on Short, pushed him back five yards.
-Good concentration, nearly brings in circus catch after teammate deflected ball.
-Nice block down the field, springs RB for touchdown after catch.
-Seals DE, springs big run.
-Seals off the LB on consecutive plays, blocking well.

#44 FB Zach Boren
-Playing a true fullback, occasionally plays on the wing.
-Kicks out linebacker and creates a small hole.
-Doesn’t looks as comfortable pass blocking as he does going forward.
-A bit out of control, can’t change direction and falls down instead of getting the block.
-Takes on safety very well, good pad level.
-Lined up as wing back, can’t make tough catch on out route.
-No separation trying to run an out route against LB.
-Great kick out block, springs RB for big gain.
-Wins the battle of leverage on almost every block, gets low and keeps his balance.

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