Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Oklahoma vs Texas


#12 QB Landry Jones
-Under center to begin game, played pistol and shotgun as well. Not calling own audibles.
-Ball is out immediately when he hits five steps, accurate 12-yard out to Broyles.
-Hits RB on flare route in stride from the pistol.
-Faces down pressure, finds underneath man for the first down.
-Forces fade route to Still, nobody open and blitz was coming.
-Play action, pass rush gets to him and has to throw ball away.
-Completes pass to Whaley in stride on 3rd down, saw pressure and checked down quickly.
-Reads coverage and takes what is given him.
-Rolls right, under pressure, throws ball away. Nobody open, good decision.
-5-step drop from pistol, ball is out on time but overthrown into double coverage.
-Hit crossing WR in stride, allowed big YAC.
-Gets ball out quickly facing the blitz, accurate throw to TE in a crowd.
-Pump fakes the safety up and hits WR with perfect touch in the end zone.
-Stills was on his spot, but Jones misses outside on 12-yard out.
-Perfect read on 4-verts against man on 3rd and 25, converts 1st down.
-Puts fade route on a dime, perfect touch again.
-Perfect throw to the outside shoulder one the goal line, indefensible.
-Holds safety with pump-fake and delivers perfect ball in small window on deep post, WR can’t hang on.
-Pressured by CB blitz, throws ball away.
-Churns forward for a couple yards and picks up first on QB sneak.
-Off target on pass to far sideline.
-Feels pressure and throws while dropping back to open receiver underneath.
-Steps up in the pocket and delivers laser down the seam against cover two.
-Perfect touch on fade route to Stills, touchdown.
-Not on same page with Stills, threw the nine when Stills pulling up.
-Connects on deep out standing in the end zone against cover two – perfect timing.
-Fits ball in extremely tight window.

Overview: Jones makes a lot of quick throws and wasn’t asked to read out the defense much. Was pretty accurate and showed good touch down the field and to the sideline. Not much of an athlete in the pocket, but got rid of the ball so quickly he didn’t have to move a lot.

#4 WR Kenny Stills*
-Lined up as outside receiver and slot receiver.
-Short catch, feels the safety and drops down to avoid hit.
-Snags ball in traffic after in route, breaks tackle and gains extra yardage.
-Laid a huge block after catch by fellow WR.
-Runs by CB with safety help, easy TD catch.
-Pushes off on CB, called for OPI – didn’t sell double move.
-Ate up the cushion very quickly, great out route, poor ball – lost no speed out of his break.
-Nice fade route and jump, but ball gets dislodged by corner.
-Bad drop, wide open.
-Fights off press outside, high-points ball and protects it quickly on fade route for TD.
-Looked pouty after not being on same page with Jones.

Overview: Frustrated most of the day and make a couple of mistakes, but caught two nice touchdown passes. Wasn’t a fan of his attitude in a big win against a rival – looked upset that he wasn’t getting the ball more.

#8 RB Dominique Whaley
-Tries stiff arm, no chance against Okafor.
-Nice catch and quickness to get a few YAC.
-No chance again, buried in the backfield.
-Good catch out of backfield, shows good speed with the ball.
-Lowers shoulder, gets what he can out of a small hole.
-Another catch out of the backfield, turns quickly and shows a decent burst.
-Unimpressive inside run, went down on first contact.
-Nifty cut in the backfield, gets him a few extra yards.
-Picks up blitzer easily.
-Decisive cutback, spins off defender to pick up some extra yardage.
-Gained the edge and kicked it into 2nd gear, ran away for long TD untouched.

Overview: Stymied other than one 64-yard run where he wasn’t touched. Looked good in the passing game though.

#1 S Tony Jefferson*
-Lining up in box, on the slot or deep.
-Lined up in box, breaks too early on WR and makes contact – PI flag.
-Ran over by Texas RB, bounced off with little effect – left his feet for no reason.
-Next play, wraps up soundly and makes the tackle after flying in from deep safety position.
-Lined up in off man on slot, gets physical and makes the interception.
-Fluid motion and good instincts running the route for the WR, cut in front at perfect time.
-Decent skills running with the ball.
-Sets edge against fullback, pushes play back inside.
-Pursues well behind the play after coming on blitz, tries to punch ball out from behind.
-Unblocked off edge, closes extremely fast and wraps up for a big sack.
-Recognizes WR screen but gets taken out of play by teammate.

Overview: After a couple of iffy plays early, Jefferson had a big impact on the game. He played all over the field and was very effective in the slot and as a blitzer.

#6 CB Demontre Hurst
-Playing cornerback and special teams coverage units.
-Taken out by cut block from receiver.
-Late getting to assignment, falls down trying to close on ball, way underthrown.
-Undercuts lazy pass, coming off his man to grab it. Takes interception to the house for TD.
-Poor angle on special teams coverage, leads to TD return. Fozzy Whitaker ran away from him.
-Good tackle on special teams, wraps up receiver in space.
-Another solid tackle coming up in run support on the edge.
-Post route goes for big gain in front of him, right there for tackle.
-Perfect timing, meets the ball/receiver at the same time and prevents big 4th-down play.

Overview: Made some great plays in coverage including the pick six. Looked like a legitimate 4-down cornerback in the NFL.

#30 S Javon Harris
-Playing mainly a deep safety.
-Comes up quickly and makes the assist on RB swing pass.
-Clawing at the ball and nearly got it out.
-Patient in his backpedal, didn’t close very quickly on ball.
-Wrapped up on the tackle, not overly physical.
-Playing single high, can’t quite pick off floating ball.
-Closes better, got there in time to disrupt the catch.

Overview: Didn’t make a lot of impact plays, but I didn’t see any glaring errors either.

#53 DL Casey Walker
-Lined up at DT.
-Good anchor on run play, can’t quite make the tackle.
-Gave OG a club move and went right by him, pressures the QB.
-Blows up center and makes huge sack, sudden movement.
-Taken out by cut block.
-Try swim move, but gets doubled and stopped cold.
-Recognizes screen pass, clogs up play.
-Shoves center out of the play and engulfs RB for TFL.
-Getting more and more rest as the game goes on, out on most 3rd downs.
-Fights off block again, but can’t quite reach RB.
-Shaded on the center, getting doubled on almost every play now.
-Such a strong initial punch, gets him room to operate.
-Ball drops into his hands, can’t make the interception.

Overview: Very impressed with Walker. Texas’ O-line couldn’t handle him without a double team and even then it wasn’t for sure. Set up camp in the backfield. Looks a little short, but consistently used his low center of gravity to gain leverage on blockers.

#92 DL Stacy McGee
-Lined up at DT.
-Strong punch and bull rush, walked guard back into the pocket.
-Double teamed, stays stout and isn’t pushed off ball.
-Locates the football quickly and assists on TFL.

Overview: Was a rotational lineman but was able to draw some attention. Looked long and could possibly play some 3-4 DE.

#97 DL Jamarkus McFarland
-Lined up at LDE and DT.
-Stout, tough to move off the ball early.
-Gets off block inside and makes solid tackle on RB.
-Recognizes screen pass, messes up the play.
-Double-teamed by G/T, taken out of the hole.
-Pushed off the ball by RG.

Overview: Walters got the best of him on one play, but was relatively effective as a rotational lineman.

#61 OC Ben Habern
-Injured, out for the game.

Overview: Habern will be back in 2012 with Jones, should have a good year although Ikard was decent in his absence.

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2 Responses to “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Oklahoma vs Texas”

  1. PatriotsDraftGuru says:

    The Patriots should look at Tony Jefferson real hard in the 2013 NFL Draft.

  2. Daniel B says:

    I’d like to preemptively welcome the Oklahoma players to the Detroit Lions.

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