Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Oklahoma vs Texas

Jackson Jeffcoat Patriots Draft

Is Jackson Jeffcoat going to be a first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft?


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

Oklahoma and Texas are (shocking) loaded with draftable football players, including some underclassmen with first round potential on the defensive side of the ball.

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#80 DE Alex Okafor
-Lined up at DE, variety of 2, 3 and 4-point stances.
-Draws double team, goes nowhere.
-Knifes through blockers and makes big tackle for loss.
-Quick inside move, gets in the quarterbacks face.
-Pressures QB and forces throw away, strong initial punch on TE and closed fast.
-Stacks and sheds block, assists on a tackle. Threw off TE with ease.
-Stoned on bull-rush.
-Runs around cut block, but ball is out quickly.
-Beats OL off the edge and has the flexibility to bend and pressure the QB.
-Timing up the snap very well, consistently first defender moving.
-Powerful bull rush, pushes back TE easily.
-Going hard on every play, asks out for a break.

Overview: Okafor made some impact plays but the Oklahoma offense was able to neutralize him by getting the ball out quickly. Showed some good potential as an edge rusher.

#44 DE Jackson Jeffcoat*
-Standing up at DE, sometimes in the 3-point.
-Drops into coverage from the 2-point DE position, looks comfortable.
-Ridiculously quick first step, nearly gets his hand on swing pass.
-Good hustle to pursue down the field and assist on tackle.
-Beats FB block on the edge makes huge tackle for loss.
-Nice arm over, but can’t get to QB in time.
-Stoned on bull-rush.
-Quick first step again, made himself big and got in the QB’s vision – forced poor throw.
-Sets the edge against LT, forces RB back inside to his help.
-Unblocked, breaks down and makes form tackle on RB in backfield.

Overview: Like Okafor, Jeffcoat made some plays but the Oklahoma QB got rid of the ball too quickly for him to be too much of a factor. Like his teammate, Jeffcoat could easily be a first round pick if he chooses to declare.

#4 DB Kenny Vaccaro
-Lined up in the slot, playing mainly on the line.
-Comes on the blitz, not enough time.
-Poor angle to the ball carrier, taken out of play.
-Came on the blitz again, couldn’t get the edge on the OT.
-Blanketed on slot receiver.
-Coming on the blitz a lot, but Jones is getting ball out quick
-Playing the slot, on him like glue.
-Punishes RB with a good shot after catching and running, shot out of a cannon.
-Picked by teammate on crossing route, visibly upset after play as it resulted in TD (negated by penalty).
-Press man on Broyles, shooting with correct hand and re-routing him – Broyles having a lot of trouble shaking him.
-Fights through block on screen, makes solid tackle.
-Couldn’t make up 5-yard deficit on Whaley, chasing him from behind after coming on blitz.
-Gets a tug in on Broyles and is called for interference.
-Great jam on Broyles at the line, runs route for him and nearly gets the interception.
-Perfect angle to ball-carrier, breaks down in space and tackles shifty RB in space.
-Reads QB’s eyes, jumps route and knocks ball down. Nearly a pick six.

Overview: Versatile defensive back that flies to the ball and likes to hit. Showed good skills in press coverage and ran with some good receivers in Broyles and Reynolds.

#23 CB Carrington Byndom*
-Lined up as boundary corner.
-Taken out by cut block.
-Fills the hole in run support and stops Whaley cold.
-On Stills like glue in red zone, no chance on fade route.
-Still separates on in-route, missed tackle.
-Off man, closes quickly and makes ankle tackle.
-Had help over the top (safety blew coverage) but Stills makes the catch for TD.
-Perfect man coverage on Stills, didn’t buy lame double move, Still called for OPI.
-Beat on fade route, but dislodges football from Stills.
-Playing quarters, drops easy catch on deflection.
-Misses tackle on RB, didn’t come in under control – off balance attempt.
-Fights through a crowd of OL on screen pass and makes TD-saving tackle.
-Blitz attempt, comes inside and makes QB throw ball away – perfect timing.
-Off man on Stills, flips hips smoothly and sticks with him down the field.

Overview: Had a tough assignment against Kenny Stills and company but held his own pretty well. Played some man and zone and wasn’t a liability against the run.

#72 OL Mason Walters*
-Lined up at RG.
-Getting some initial push in the run game, extends him arms through contact.
-Beat badly by DT in pass protection, jolted and froze.
-Nice block on second level, got out on Travis Lewis and took him out of play.
-Misses on second level block, not much of a chip on DT either.
-Stones DT in pass protection, got his arms extended and it was over.
-Good positioning on combo block, moves DT out of hole.
-Perfect position on end-around, took Walker out of play easily.
-Locates guys to hit in pass-protection, really finishes the block well.
-Bending at the knees and showing good lateral movement.
-Showing some power out of his stance, pushes #97 off the ball.
-Good awareness, able to combo pass block with OC while checking to see if OT needs help.
-Pulls and gets stood up by linebacker, stopping play dead.

Overview: Battled against a tough interior Oklahoma line and held his own for the most part. Showed some power at times and looked like he has the smarts necessary to play in the NFL.

#26 RB/WR DJ Monroe
-Not getting a lot of room to run.
-Finally gets a decent gain on end-around.
-Takes KR back for a touchdown, called back on penalty.
-Splits out wide and makes two DB’s miss at the same time on screen.

Overview: Wasn’t in on a lot plays, but showed some explosive athleticism when he touched the ball.

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  1. PatriotsDraftGuru says:

    The Patriots should look at Tony Jefferson real hard in the 2013 NFL Draft.

  2. Daniel B says:

    I’d like to preemptively welcome the Oklahoma players to the Detroit Lions.

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