Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Oklahoma State vs Stanford (2011)

Stepfan Taylor Patriots NFL Draft

Stepfan Taylor (RB, Stanford) had an impressive day for the Cardinal. (Photo: US Presswire)


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The 2012 Fiesta bowl sported four top fifty picks in the 2012 NFL Draft, but the teams weren’t left bone dry. Each team had a number of draftable 2013 prospects, two of which are pictured above.

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#1 RB Joseph Randle
-Not finding any room to run, but not dancing in backfield.
-Legs tend to die on contact, not getting a lot of drive.
-Loses balance on catch and goes to a knee, leaves ten yards or more on the table.
-Swing pass, stopped cold by corner. Stiff arm ineffective.
-Reaches ball over goal line for tying TD, caught Stanford napping.

Overview: Pretty ugly game for Randle, despite scoring the tying touchdown. He didn’t have much blocking, but he lacked pop after contact and never could find a crease. Didn’t look like a top prospect in this game.

#68 OG Taylor Lane
-Lining up at right guard.
-Not getting much push early on against DT in the run game.
-Has some nasty to his game, clearing guys off the pile late.
-Good anchor against the bull rush.
-Gets under Thomas and pushes him back into the end zone.
-Blocks air – head not exactly on a swivel looking to help.

Overview: Lane looked much better against the pass than he did against the run. The physical Stanford front seven stymied his attempts to get any push, despite the fact that he looked pretty strong through his lower body.

#45 LB Caleb Lavey
-Lining up at middle linebacker.
-Good depth on zone drop, not fooled by play action.
-Fights through two blocks, but can’t wrap up on RB.
-Good timing on blitz, RB makes him miss, couldn’t change direction at full speed.
-Takes on fullback, sheds and assists on tackle.
-Shook on whip route by Ertz, makes the tackle.
-Can’t make ankle tackle, got to the sideline through the trash.
-Dinged up, hit in the wrong spot.
-Pancaked by double team at the second level.
-Blitzes, out-positioned by TE and taken out of play.
-Good timing blitzing, wraps up for the TFL.

Overview: Good game from Lavey, made plays on each level and showed some decent athleticism and speed at times. Tough kid.

#4 CB Justin Gilbert
-Playing outside corner and on some special teams.
-Cowboys using a lot of soft zone.
-Phenomenal tackle on punt coverage, came free as gunner.sideline.
-Cuts in front of out route and intercepts Luck, good body control on
-Ran over by Taylor, wasn’t faked out by cuts and ultimately held on for the tackle.
-Turns head and doesn’t locate ball in time to recover.

Overview: Big play on the interception and looked good on special teams. Otherwise, didn’t have the greatest game against the run or pass.

#19 CB Broderick Brown
-Playing outside corner, small but feisty.
-A lot of soft zone being played.
-Fights off block on the outside and makes solid tackle.
-Takes a false step on pump, can’t recover in time.
-Can’t change direction on the fly, obliterated by pulling OL.
-Misses tackle in open field on Taylor, grabbed air.
-Pancaked by fullback, loses contain.
-Huge collision, stops WR with full head of steam from getting in end zone.

Overview: Physical player, but was caught being over-aggressive at times. Pretty small player, have to wonder what his true size is.

#89 DT Nigel Nicholas
-Lining up at defensive tackle and defensive end.
-Double teamed, not going anywhere.
-Handled one on one, looks overmatched by Stanford line.
-Quick move around left guard, walks back RB into pocket.
-Only winning on initial quickness, stoned if OL get their hands on him.
-Gains inside shoulder off the snap, stops RB in the backfield.
-Pushed off the ball by TE.
-Quick off the ball again, disrupts play.

Overview: As I stated earlier, if Nicholas didn’t win with his quickness, he was easily defeated. Occasionally showed some power, but I don’t think he’ll develop into anything but a rotational lineman.

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