Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Michigan vs Notre Dame (2011)


#5 LB Manti Te’o
-Lined up at WOLB.
-Tracks ball well, fights off two blocks to help bring down Robinson.
-Recognizes QB run early, fights through RB block and makes the solid tackle on Robinson.
-Fights through trash and assists on tackle.
-Zone coverage, closes on receiver and makes tackle before the sticks on 3rd down.
-Bites hard and is fooled by play-fake.
-Follows running back, Robinson pulls it and goes for huge run.
-Recognizes swing pass and closes that off quickly.
-Takes on fullback with authority.
-Can’t make the tackle on Robinson, juked and doesn’t lay a hand on him.
-Misses Robinson in space again.
-Makes powerful tackle on Robinson, nearly keeps him short of first down.
-Can’t chase down receiver from behind, goes for huge play at end of game.

Overview: Te’o made a lot of big plays early, but the Michigan offense frustrated him in the second half. Robinson was difficult for him to handle.

#80 TE Tyler Eifert*
-Playing split out as well as inline – also saw time as “move” TE.
-Effective cut block in the open field.
-Can’t finish block on #88, leads to tackle for loss.
-Phenomenal diving catch on in-route.
-In motion, takes linebacker out of play on touchdown run.
-Walls off CB easily on run play.
-Unreal catch on poorly thrown ball, but was out of bounds – fantastic adjustment to the ball.
-Fights through re-direction at line of scrimmage.
-Nice block at the second level as motion man, takes Demens out of play.
-Nice inline block, good hand placement and pad level – a bit off balance.
-Great positioning blocking the safety, finishes the block well.
-Missed assignment, went for combo block and was late coming back for the safety.
-Adjusts to the ball and makes catch thrown to his back shoulder on crossing route.
-Pancakes DE on run play.
-Get just enough separation on LB and makes tough 3rd down catch in traffic.
-Plucks and protects the ball immediately.
-Misses assignment, let LB come off the edge untouched.
-Works across the field, another big catch in traffic.

Overview: Showed off phenomenal hands and good blocking skills, but also seemed to make a couple of mental errors in the running game. Has a chance to be a special TE.

#20 RB Cierre Wood*
-Sees the hole, runs through an arm tackle.
-Quick, decisive cut in the backfield, drags defender for an extra yard or two.
-Setting up his blocks very well.
-Gains ground while trying to stiff-arm linebacker, got what he could.
-Picks up blitzing linebacker, not afraid of contact.
-Runs behind his pads, didn’t try to cut outside, took what was given.
-One hop in the backfield, easy touchdown.
-Quickly picks his hole and powers through it.
-Nothing there, tries spin move to escape but is wrapped up by Demens.
-Chops down blitzer in pass protection.
-Runs through the trash and keeps himself skinny, busts big run.
-No chance, taken down by four defenders in the backfield.
-Fumbles the ball after running into blocker.
-Didn’t lose any speed after jump cut, makes a man miss in open field with juke.
-Solid again in blitz pickup, two consecutive plays making good blocks.

Overview: Had a great game – showed off good vision and smart decision making. Contributed in the passing game as an effective blocker.

#52 OC Braxston Cave
-Lined up at center.
-Gets two blocks, combo on Roh and then gets a piece of the linebacker.
-Fumbled snap under center.
-Pad level looks very high in pass protection.
-Moves decently on the pull, can’t find anyone to block.
-Good hustle down the field, doesn’t quit on any plays.
-Pancakes linebacker on touchdown run.
-Pushed around by Mike Martin, can’t handle him one on one.
-Weak block on the second level against Demens.
-Whiffs on block, results in tackle for loss.

Overview: Not overly impressive – moved well, but was over-matched physically.

#6 WR Theo Riddick
-Lined up in the slot.
-Easy out route, adjusts to the pass and hauls in the touchdown.
-Gets a decent block in on a linebacker.
-Sits down in an open area and makes the reception.
-Great hands catch on a quick in-route and gets some decent YAC.
-Returning kicks, showed some decent speed and vision.
-Good block down the field, gives Floyd some extra yards.
-Poor job fielding kickoff, ball bounced – results in ball at 10 yard line.
-Breaks off route a little early, makes catch but results in 3rd and 1.
-Exploits blown coverage, bobbles easy catch but goes in for touchdown.

Overview: Caught two touchdowns, but didn’t really make any flash plays. Inconsistent on kickoff returns.

#89 DE Kapron Lewis-Moore
-Lined up at defensive tackle and defensive end.
-Pushed back by Lewan early, but anchors and sheds block.
-Good pursuit on backside, fights through Lewan and assists on gang tackle.
-Draws double team in pass protection.
-Can’t get around Lewan, hands up and bats down pass.
-Steps with OT on down block, wraps up RB for minimal gain.
-Pursuing well again, chases down Robinson after bootleg.
-Splits double team from LT/TE and makes tackle for loss on Robinson.
-Gets a piece of Robinson and helps drag him down, Lewan basically let him go.
-Steps with OT on down block, gets to Robinson, but only holds on to his leg, can’t bring him down.
-Good speed and motor trying to chase down Robinson from behind.
-Called for roughing the passer.

Overview: I though Lewis-Moore looked fantastic. Gave Lewan fits at times and showed off an excellent motor. Made a lot of plays and near-plays in the backfield.

#26 S Jamoris Slaugheter
-In press coverage.
-Tight coverage throughout whip route.
-Bounces off of Robinson, poor tackle attempt.
-Physical coverage on Hemingway, might have gotten a piece of the ball.
-Reading the quarterback, plays the run and pass effectively.

Overview: Physical safety, looking forward to seeing him without Harrison Smith in the backfield.

#17 S Zeke Motta
-Lays a nice hit on receiver.
-Nice interception on floating ball, high points it.
-Pedals with receiver, in his hip pocket, but ball thrown behind him and can’t recover.
-Trailed receiver whole way, just didn’t have the speed to recover.
-Poor pursuit angle on screen pass, leads to touchdown.
-Overruns pursuit, receiver cuts back for huge gain.

Overview: Inconsistent. Made some big plays, but was sketchy late in the game. Like Slaughter, can’t wait to see him next year.

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