Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Michigan vs Notre Dame (2011)

Tyler Eifert 2013 NFL Draft

Fair or not, Tyler Eifert is going to get a lot of Rob Gronkowski comparisons.


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

Our first “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft” article takes a look at two teams that have three potential first round picks next April, as well as a handful of other intriguing prospects.

I forgot just how wild this game was.

For more Scouting Notes, check out the 2013 NFL Draft Scouting Database. We’ll be adding more games every week.


#77 OT Taylor Lewan*
-Lined up at left and right tackle.
-Generates some push off the snap, gets high through contact.
-Lazy attempt at walling off DT on backside.
-Looked solid in his kick-slide, pushes DE upfield.
-Mirrors #89 easily, but doesn’t deliver blow when he raises his hands.
-A little off-balance, but gave DE a good jolt.
-Moves well running out to the edge.
-Good push from RT position, generates a lot of initial power, but loses it as pad level rises.
-Combo block on #89, who splits it.
-Fantastic block on #89, locked on and manhandled him.
-Looked confused on assignment, QB ran outside, but Lewan let man go.
-Got his feet crossed up, but luckily had some help.
-Sells draw well.
-Beaten outside, but able to reach and push DE upfield.
-Foot gets tangled up and loses balance, thrown to the ground by DE.
-Solid push on #89, gives Robinson enough space to get the edge.
-Perfect hand placement, stops DE in his tracks.
-Controls DE, turns him, and throws him to the ground.

Overview: Lewan looks like a legitimate candidate for early entry into the 2013 NFL Draft. If he can clean up some technique issues, he has the physical talent to be a first round pick.

#16 QB Denard Robinson
-Called run on first play, lets his blockers set up and shows good vision.
-Another called run, multiple hops in the backfield, can’t find space.
-Misses on 2-3 yard whip route, thrown outside.
-Sells play-fake, makes one man miss, but goes down at the line of scrimmage.
-Jumps out of the hole and gains 10 extra yards, phenomenal agility.
-Awful touch on middle screen, intercepted.
-Huge run, showed some power to and drive to gain some extra yards.
-Poor throw to a covered receiver on 3rd down.
-Floats a deep out. Accurate, but dropped.
-Steps up in the pocket and hits TE over the middle.
-Telegraphs throw and floats it up for an interception.
-Under duress, muscles ball to WR on dig route for huge play.
-Good decision to run with the ball, very shifty.
-Picks up fumble by fullback and takes it in to the end zone, good awareness.
-Play action, doesn’t get rid of ball on time and takes the sack.
-Good read pulling the ball out and running off tackle.
-Lofts up back shoulder fade in the end zone, caught for touchdown.
-Lobs ball into double coverage, luckily underthrown and caught by receiver.
-Throws another ball into coverage, this time intercepted.
-Makes Te’o miss in space, unreal acceleration / deceleration.
-Escapes pocket, just overthrows receiver in 2:00 drill.
-Finds open receiver for huge gain with 20 seconds left, into FG range.
-Lobs ball into the end zone, caught for game-winning TD.

Overview: Not an NFL quarterback, but Robinson just makes big plays. Some team will try and make him an offensive “Slash” type of weapon.

#12 WR Roy Roundtree
-Nice block down the field, helps spring big run for Robinson.
-Another good block on Te’o, springs receiver for extra yards.
-Fights cornerback on fade route in end zone, makes game-winning catch.
-Nice double move to draw the penalty as well.

Overview: Didn’t get a whole lot of looks in Michigan’s offense but showed some skills blocking and had one great catch. Will definitely get some more looks next year.

#88 DE Craig Roh
-Lining up at both defensive end positions.
-Showing a quick first step.
-Seems to be running towards a spot rather than reacting to the play.
-Takes on TE’s block, keeps outside arm clean and makes the tackle.
-No push on bull-rush, stoned by RT.
-Gets upright off the snap and pushed back.
-Tries inside move, but OT/OG pass it off.
-Redirection Eifert at line of scrimmage, gets a decent chuck in.
-Stoned again by RT, but pursues down the field and gets a piece of the tackle.
-Bowls over tackle, got under his pads and into the backfield.
-Gains the edge, but too stiff to turn it and sack the QB.

Overview: A lot of effort, but didn’t show the athleticism to be a huge factor on the edge.

#25 LB Kenny Demens
-Playing ILB.
-Walled off easily by tight end, can’t fight off block.
-Reads center pulling, but gets caught up in the trash.
-Reads the quarterback, makes tackle on receiver out by the numbers. Closed very well.
-Overruns Michael Floyd and misses the tackle.
-Beat by Eifert on in-route.
-Blocked by Eiftert on touchdown by Wood.
-Fights off cut block and makes tackle.
-Doesn’t let Wood get by him with spin move, wraps up well.
-Blocked out of play by Eifert, springs long run.
-Shows some decent speed pursuing Floyd outside the numbers.
-Walled off by guard, couldn’t fight through it.
-Easily fights through block by center, comes up to make the tackle.
-Comes on run blitz, wraps up running back at the line.
-Shoots through hole and makes ankle tackle on Wood.
-Sticks with Eifert in man, just can’t get his hand in the way.

Overview: Made a lot of plays out there, but didn’t want to take on blocks. Showed good instincts.

#32 S Jordan Kovacs
-Recognizes run, makes solid wrap up tackle on Woods.
-Quick play recognition, but cut down by Eifert’s block.
-Ran over by RB, but tackle was made.
-Comes up on Floyd and makes another solid tackle.
-Great diving interception, read the route well.
-Another tackle on Floyd after he made two others miss.
-Cleans up the mess again, makes the solid tackle on Wood.
-Playing contain, then pursues and makes the tackle down the field.
-Poor angle to ball carrier, loses the edge.
-Comes on blitz, ball comes out quickly.

Overview: Might not make a ton of impact plays, but was the best tackler on the field for Michigan. Could be a good special teams / backup guy in the NFL.

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