Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: LSU vs Alabama (2011)


#75 OT Barrett Jones
-Looks good pushing into the second level.
-Uses reach well to not let Montgomery’s length get the better of him.
-Plays like a guard rather than a tackle
-Really great second level blocker, continues to impress there.
-Finds his defender well in space.
-Solidifies the edge well to open a lane for Richardson.
-Doesn’t let anyone inside, solidifies his gap very well.
-Shows some great athleticism meeting Mathieu on the edge.

#65 OG Chance Warmack
-Flashes some nice footwork, change of direction.
-Isn’t able to drive back his defender enough.
-Gets lost a little bit in space.
-Looks good, athletic on pull blocks.

#89 TE Michael Williams
-Surprising quickness, fluidity for size.
-Quality blocker, stands up Montgomery well.
-Extends very well when asked to block.
-Strong hands.
-Great blocking TE who shows enough prowess as a receiver.
-Gets the ball ripped away from him by Reid.

#76 OT DJ Fluker
-Can show awkward footwork, but does a nice job not letting Mingo extend against him.
-Gets overpowered too often by Mingo and the DEs.
-Doesn’t extend well enough, allows his defender inside too often.
-A little too out of control at this point.
-Always seems to just clip his defender, rarely hits straight on.
-Gets beat on the edge very often.
-Has a tendency to get way too high.
-Actually does a great job on Mingo, finally squaring off and using his hands/length very well.
-When he bends his knees and shows good technique, he’s a better blocker, but his backpedal needs a lot of work.
-Slightly better against the run, engages and pushes better.

#42 RB Eddie Lacy
-Stays high, but moves his feet and changes direction well for a big man. Showed patience on big run.
-Shows quality moves for a guy his size.
-Decent route runner, could do a better job catching the ball away from his body.

#54 DT Jesse Williams
-Pad level rises too high.
-Maintains his balance well, holds his ground.
-Gets into backfield well using bull rush.
-High motor, keeps moving and churning on every play.
-Shows off nice athleticism for a big man.
-Plays all over the line at NT and both 5-tech positions.
-Finds the ball well in the backfield, has nice vision.
-Finds himself on the ground a bit too often.

#37 S Robert Lester
-Shows nice instincts, closing speed.
-Reads the play well, jumps the route and grabs a pick.
-Looks good in man coverage, especially at the goal line.
-Keeps himself low back deep, shows off quality footwork and technique.

#35 OLB Nico Johnson
-Drops back well into coverage, has smooth hips
-Big for a WILB, shows nice instincts.
-Doesn’t always take the best lanes.
-Fills his holes well, plays his role in the defense.
-Fights through blockers, isn’t afraid of contact.
-Doesn’t flash tremendous speed.
-Blitzing not his specialty, though he was rarely asked to do it.
-Better in zone coverage than man.

#90 DE Quinton Dial
-Doesn’t have a great first step.
-Has a decent speed/size combo.
-Uses strength well to hold ground and set the edge.
-Uses length to his advantage very well, can’t always shed though.

#32 OLB CJ Mosley
-Doesn’t flash great instincts in limited play.
-Has trouble fighting through blockers inside.
-Decent change of direction skills.

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3 Responses to “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: LSU vs Alabama (2011)”

  1. td says:

    The “honey-badger” is good at special teams, but awful on defense. He’s out of position, broadcasts blitzes, misses tackles and is a source of personal foul calls.

  2. James says:

    Tyranny mathieu doesn’t have elite athleticism????? You’ve seen him return kicks right?

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