Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Georgia vs Michigan State

Jarvis Jones 2013 NFL Draft

Jarvis Jones is going to be a top pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

After three overtimes, I got a really good feel for some of the top-notch 2013 NFL Draft defensive prospects on Georgia and Michigan State. Unfortunately, some of them weren’t so top-notch.

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#29 LB Jarvis Jones*
-Standing up at DE/OLB.
-Quick off the ball, cut down, but still gets pressure on QB.
-Tries inside move, RT sticks with him.
-Sheds weak block attempt by TE and makes his way into backfield.
-Can’t get around Fonoti on the right side of the o-line.
-Able to dip his shoulder and bend around the edge.
-Jarring chuck at the line, catches receiver off guard.
-Lightning quick around the corner, QB steps up to avoid him.
-Dips in and swims outside, just took too long.
-Unblocked, blows up QB as he pitches ball.
-Loses contain on bootleg.
-So quick off the ball, all RT can do is to put a hand on him.
-Nearly gets to the QB on blitz, then lays huge block after interception.
-Attempts inside swim move, stoned by Fonoti.
-Called for offside penalty, jumped early.
-Blitzes A-gap, big hit and QB pressure.
-Phenomenal first step, beats LT off the ball, forces throw away and delivers big hit.
-Late getting out to the flat, RB catches ball for big first down.

Overview: Didn’t actually make a ton of plays (just one tackle), but pressured the quarterback and made the Spartans account for him at all times. Teams will need to gameplan for Jones each week.

#6 DL Jonathan Jenkins
-Lined up as a 1-tech DT.
-Looks very tough to move off the ball.
-Doubled by RT/RG angle block, moved off his spot.
-Doubled, hustles down the field chasing QB.
-Anchoring well, impossible to move without double team.
-Showing an average bull-rush, no other pass-rush threat being shown.
-Nice hands picking off tipped ball, doesn’t quit on plays.
-Injured, off the field for overtimes.

Overview: Again, not much production (zero tackles), but Jenkins size forced the Spartans to spend two blockers on him. He will be a top DT/NT prospect for the 2013 NFL Draft. Had a good motor and made a wonderful interception.

#18 S Baccari Rambo
-Playing deep safety and on some coverage units.
-Good timing, hits WR as he is catching ball.
-Awful tackle attempt, weak shoulder.
-Not a lot of hustle, some pretty lazy plays in pursuit.
-Another awful play, didn’t help on tackle, watched as RB plowed for a first down.
-Smith and Rambo blow coverage, let TE run free for 2pt conversion.
-Takes glancing blow during play and holds his hand… play is still going and he is worried about a boo-boo.
-Really looks like he doesn’t want to get hurt.
-Shoe-string tackle on WR to save touchdown.
-Feeble diving attempt on WR, misses tackle – tying touchdown scores.
-Huge interception, jumps post route from cover three and makes the catch. Questionable contact before catch.

Overview: Rambo didn’t look tough, strong, or anything else that I want to see out of an NFL safety. He made one big play in overtime, but other than that, I have nothing positive to say.

#83 LB Cornelius Washington
-Standing up at DE/OLB.
-Fights off cut block by FB, strings play out and makes tackle at the sideline.
-Slow off the ball, content to be blocked and get his hand in passing lane.
-Hand down, explodes off the ball. Gains edge on LT and turns corner well.
-Sets the edge, forces play back in to his help.
-Great punch, keeps outside arm clean. Pressures QB on bull rush.
-Another powerful bull rush, takes the LT and RB for a ride.
-Gains edge on the RT, QB steps up to evade him.
-Drops into coverage on fire zone.
-Got the edge again on RT, but can’t get to the QB.
-Quick off the ball this time, rips underneath outside shoulder and pressures QB.

Overview: Had a very similar game to Jones. Not much of a direct impact (1 tackle), but you could feel his presence on a lot of plays. Not quite as explosive as Jones, but they share some similar traits.

#99 DL Kwame Geathers*
-Lined up as DT/NT – didn’t see him in first half.
-Blown off ball by double team.
-Fights off single block, assists on tackle inside.
-Pad level too high off the snap, pushed back by center.
-No push in pass-rush, dropping off and trying to clog passing lanes.
-Hasn’t loafed on a play that I’ve seen, pursuing to the sideline.
-Sheds block but can’t make arm tackle on RB.

Overview: Took over for Jenkins when he was injured. Showed good effort and hustled to the ball on each play. Didn’t do much in the passing game, but he and Jenkins will be very tough to run against in 2012.

#45 LB Christian Robinson
-Lined up at inside linebacker.
-Fights through trash to assist on tackle at the sideline.
-Man coverage on TE, redirects and stays on him.
-Run blitz with perfect timing, sheds RT block and makes big hit for TFL.
-Locates the ball quickly, shows good instincts as to where it is headed.
-Violent tackler, does not slow through contact.
-Sniffs out play instantaneously, gets right to the hole.
-Man coverage on TE, gets a little bump in.
-Reads play very quickly, beats RB to the hole – form tackle.
-Walled off by RG, taken out of the play.
-Doesn’t buy play action, sticks with TE in man coverage.
-Takes on block and brings down RB with a full head of steam.

Overview: Very impressive showing by Robinson. 10 tackles only begins to describe his contributions. He covered well and showed phenomenal instincts.

#9 LB Alec Ogletree*
-Playing inside linebacker and on some coverage units.
-Taken down by cut block.
-Big sack on Cousins to bring up 4th down.
-Stays underneath slot WR, has help over the top.
-Dodges block and stops RB in his tracks with Robinson.
-Jumps route, but can’t hang on to potential pick six.
-Flying to the ball, wants to hit people.
-Blitzes from edge, looked tentative.
-Physical presence on the field, attacks the man with the ball.
-Can’t get off OL block, pushed to end zone.
-Fills the hole, huge collision with RB.
-Slips off of OT’s block, assists on tackle.
-Great hustle, shows make up speed chasing down screen pass from behind.
-Huge hit on short kickoff.
-Read QB’s eyes, times jump and deflects ball.
-Not fooled by play action and got good depth on his drop.
-Anticipates RB’s route, jumps it and drops the interception.
-Shoots by WR, but can’t wrap up for TFL, slows down the RB enough though.
-Muscles RB to the ground before he can make first down, takes stiff arm and fights through it.

Overview: Ogletree was the most impressive player on Georgia’s defense. He flew around the field, making plays in run support, coverage, blitzing and special teams. I can easily see him as a Top 100 2013 NFL Draft Prospect if he chooses to declare, if not higher.

#1 CB Branden Smith
-Playing outside corner, occasionally pressing. Also playing on special teams.
-Closes quickly and makes form tackle on receiver just short of first down.
-Smith and Rambo blow coverage, let TE run free for 2pt conversion.
-In on an offensive play, blown up for big loss on handoff.
-Perfect coverage on fade route, disrupts receiver when ball arrives.
-Not fooled on fake screen, stuck on Cunningham without issue in off man.
-Boxed out by bigger receiver in end zone on post route, no safety help.
-Attacks ball carrier on two point conversion, good tackle.
-Off man, closes fast on quick slant, nearly disrupts catch.

Overview: Played well in man coverage and tackled well when needed to. Has the ball skills to contribute on offense as well.

#36 S Shawn Williams
-Playing deep safety and in the box.
-Closes down quickly at the sticks, body slams tight end.
-Drops interception at his feet, would have been tough catch.
-Driven 10 yards backwards and pancaked in end zone by TE.
-Jumps hot receiver during blitz and takes the interception 40+ yards.
-Keeps his feet fighting through trash, assists on tackle.
-Cuts down TE with his shoulders, gets the tackle, but no wrap up.
-Tries ankle tackle on RB but can’t hang on.

Overview: Physical safety that makes some big hits. Made a huge play, diagnosing the route and coming up with a big interception, understood very well what the QB would do in reaction to the blitz called.

#11 QB Aaron Murray
-A lot of no-huddle in the game-plan.
-First read, wobbles the ball out to the flat, slightly behind Brown.
-Some awkward footwork on bubble screen, King has to wait for it as ball not thrown in front.
-Rolls right, feels pressure and finds underneath receiver. Rocket ball.
-Not on same page as receiver, read the coverage differently.
-Sprints out to his right and drops it in the bucket to King for an 80-yd score.
-Another wobbly ball out to King, not a ton of zip on it.
-Stayed cool, evaded Worthy in the pocket and fired strike on the move to his left.
-Not on same page with King in scramble drill – bad throw picked off.
-Mis-read on CB, receiver ran flat route while Murray thought he was going to sit down – another interception.
-Doesn’t make the same read as King.
-Perfect timing on throw outside, perfect back-shoulder execution.
-Two-handed pump fake, drops the ball in a bucket to King for big gain.
-Hits hot receiver with no issues against blitz.
-Rolling to his right, patient, finds open man for two point conversion.
-Great touch on deep corner route, WR covered tightly and couldn’t make catch.
-Keeps eyes downfield while sliding in pocket, escapes out to his right and runs OB.
-Stares down receiver and then floats deep out, nearly picked off.
-Doesn’t step up, wobbles it short of Brown on deep out.
-Misses fire zone and throws it right to Spartan, but defender drops it.

Overview: Up and down night for Murray, showed some poise in the pocket and touch, but also had a lot of mixups with his receivers (could be their fault) which needs to change. Murray didn’t throw a very clean ball either.

#12 WR Tavarres King
-Playing outside and in the slot.
-Has to wait for ball to arrive on bubble screen, still able to make a decisive cut and get the first down.
-Another screen, makes one guy miss but swarmed by Spartans behind LOS.
-Sells corner route perfectly and runs the post.
-Makes the easy catch and runs away from S and CB for 80-yd score.
-Not on same page with Murray in scramble drill – interception.
-Again, not seeing the same thing as Murray. Visibly agitated.
-Stutter go, great catch on deep ball. Good hand discipline and YAC.
-No separation on deep out against #31.

Overview: King had over 200 yards and made some very good catches. If he can get on the same wavelength with his sight adjustments as Murray, they could have a great year.

#15 WR Marvin Brown
-Playing outside and in the slot.
-Separates from LB out of the slot, nice catch on out route.
-Sloppy corner/out route, tangles up with safety.

Overview: Only targeted twice, didn’t show anything too special.

#30 RB Carlton Thomas
-Looks absolutely tiny.
-Destroyed in backfield by two Spartans, no chance.
-Couple of solid blitz pickups.
-Takes big hit by safety and goes down, decent burst getting to the edge.

Overview: Looks like a possible 3rd-down back. Very small, but plays bigger.

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