2012 Patriots NFL Mock Draft: Doug 2.0

How high could the Patriots target this versatile Boise State player?

NEPD Editor: Doug Kyed

Predicting how the Patriots may draft lies somewhere between predicting the weather and picking the the correct mega millions numbers on the difficulty scale.

We think we know what positions they may be targeting, and we think we know who the best fits are, but often times Bill Belichick will throw us for a loop.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to predict in my latest Patriots 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

In this mock, I am not predicting any trades. With all the signings they have made in free agency, they may just keep their picks.

First Round (27) Shea McClellin, LB/DE, Boise State

It might seem early, but when the Patriots really like a player (Chung, Dowling, Brace), they’re not afraid to reach a little bit. If the Patriots can’t get Dont’a Hightower, McClellin is the next best fit. He can add depth at inside linebacker, he can rush from the outside and he can play with his hand on the ground when the Patriots are using a hybrid four man front.

McClellin is also a fluid player who will be able to drop into coverage when asked to. I would expect McClellin to mostly play outside linebacker to start off, as that’s where the Patriots need the most help. Rush linebacker might be the most shallow position on the whole roster with Bobby Carpenter, Aaron Lavarias, Rob Ninkovich, Trevor Scott, Alex Silvestro, Jermaine Cunningham and Markell Carter there. Most of those players are question marks to even make the team with Rob Ninkovich and Trevor Scott perhaps being the most sure things.

If you want a current Patriots player comp for McClellin, it might be a rich man’s Dane Fletcher.

First Round (31) Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama

If Jenkins is here for the taking, I expect the Patriots to bite on him. He’s had his off the field troubles, but so did Brandon Spikes and Aaron Hernandez, two other former Gators. They’re turning out fine so far.

Without his arrests, Jenkins would be a surefire top fifteen pick, who could possibly be the second corner off the board. Belichick typically takes his riskier picks in the second round, but there’s almost no way Jenkins is still there at #48. Jenkins can play against all receivers and is incredibly solid in press coverage, really getting into WRs faces at the line of scrimmage. He proved himself against the top competition in the SEC and shut down some of the nations best receivers.

The Patriots don’t want to get into a similar situation that they were in last season where they ran out of cornerbacks. Defensive back is becoming more and more important the more this league turns toward the air, and getting an upgrade in the secondary is much needed for this New England team.

Kyle Arrington is a replaceable starter, Ras-I Dowling is an injury risk, Devin McCourty could be just as bad as he was last year, Sterling Moore is still very unproven and Will Allen is best suited for a nickle or 4th corner role.

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91 Responses to “2012 Patriots NFL Mock Draft: Doug 2.0”

  1. dslave says:

    McCellin is versatile. they covet that attribute. the people asking for ”PASS RUSHING OLB’S”, dont yet understand their philosophy. as much as i would like to have those types of players on our roster, they dont do that.

  2. TD says:

    I don’t think the number of kids w/diff mother’s is the issue. It’s whether you believe they won’t be a continuous distraction. If there is anything BB hates most-it’s distractions (media) to players and coaches that keep them from getting better and making plays.

    The pot issue may work itself out since they get tested quite a bit, but I know plenty of people that do pot that function very well, just not at that moment in time.

    • Mark says:

      In the future they will probably find out that smoking pot reverses concussion damage…like something out of a Woody Allen movie.

    • qwerty says:

      it’s not the pot. it’s the sheer stupidity of getting caught and making it a distraction.

  3. Eric says:

    I really hope Belichick ends up drafting Jenkins so this holier than thou attitude can come to a sudden halt. He has the talent to be a shutdown corner. The Patriots have a strong enough locker room to deal with any immaturity issues he may have. Calling Jenkins a “thug” because of his off the field issues is borderline offensive. He made mistakes, as Hernandez, Spikes, and Mallett did as well, as has already been said. If he is willing to own up to them and try to improve his character, he deserves a chance to do so.

    The only reason I’d personally want Belichick to pass on Jenkins at 31 is if he thinks Jenkins will still be there at 48, which he almost certainly won’t be.

    • AM says:

      While I agree that some of the character statements about Jenkins are a little sanctimonious, especially regarding his relationships, let’s not sugarcoat things–he has had multiple drug arrests, and was arrested after a bar fight as well. He was kicked off of a Florida Gators team that made a living embracing bad boys who made bad choices. The guy may have talent, but he is also a huge risk who presents far more character concerns than Hernandez, Spikes, or Mallett.

    • Mark says:

      I agree. These are young souls. All of you think back to the time from highschool to age 21 and remember the mistakes you made. Most of these young men come from places and circumstances that induce the need for some serious choices at very early ages. The NFL is a chance for a new beginning complete with funding and some of the best mentorship in the world. For every Chris Henry (RIP), Owens, or Plaxico there are players who drop in the draft for whatever speculation. Wilfork dropped to use because of breathing concerns – Cannon leukimia. Randy Moss dropped nicely to MIN and despite some blips had a great career. AP went to MIN on surgury concerns – who doesn’t wish they plucked him.

      My point is with the 27th pick I hope BB collects a falling star. And if that star has issues, helping him will benifit everyone around him and he will be team loyal. I’m sure Marcus Cannon is pumped to play for the PATS for giving him the chance when others let him slide.

      Hopefully, there will be two stars so they get another at 31.

    • Dan says:

      I’m an atheist….so I just don’t want the team to risk a high pick on an a-hole…have to listen to the media for the next several waiting for him to mess up, or reporting on him messing up. All while we could have taken another player with a cleaner character to develope his talents as all rookies have to do…few walk into the NFL and dominate…it’s rare. So, character is simply part of the equation, and judging that character is the teams right, and teams that ignore it, or lesson it (even us in some cases) are just playing odds and making case-by-case decisions.
      It’s not a matter of condemning some kid…it’s a business.

      • Mark says:

        Ryan Leaf had no known issues or red flags – watch him go now!
        I should have used the word individuals – souls was more poetic sorry.
        There are no garrantees and I trust the PATS to get to the heart of the matter.

        Sometimes even perceived Saints aren’t saints.

        • Mark says:

          I basically agree with you Dan – I don’t want a lemon. Ability wise or headcase wise. But by the Almighty Boot of Godell and Mel Kiper’s Hair hopefully these kids are quaking in their little cleats.

          Just playing the devil’s advocate.

  4. qwerty says:

    I can’t find any evidence that Jenkins is talented CB. Not much film on him playing coverage. For what little I see, he doesn’t seem impressive. He seems kind of small for an NFL CB.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      I don’t understand what tape you’re watching then. Watch his tape from Florida. Very impressive stuff against some top WRs.

      • qwerty says:

        can you give me pointers

        • Jimmy says:

          search the tape of him shutting down AJ Green all game long. The guy was a beast at florida, and was still pretty amazing at North Alabama. Also he can return kicks like a demon, which should help take pressure off of brady.

        • MJP says:

          Are you being serious?

          You can’t find any clips of Jenkins against A.J. Green, Julio Jones and Alshon Jeffrey??? I think once you search for Janoris Jenkins you’ll find those clips….and you’ll be seriously impressed…if not, then maybe you need pointers on how to appreciate good football players.

          Also, why is Jenkins “a thug” for getting arrested for pot? Is marijuana really still illegal, kinda silly if you think of how bad tobacco and alcohol are for you and how many lives are taken because of those drugs.

          Mallett was linked to hard drugs such as cocaine and LSD, he never failed a drug test but his reputation preceded him and it’s pretty obvious that nearly ALL of the NFL teams where aware of how legitimate those concerns were….a kid that talented doesn’t slide to the 3rd round (would have been later if not for the Pats) because of “attitude”…get real…I smell some subdued racism in this whole Janoris Jenkins debate….much like the Cam Newton “issue” last year.

        • qwerty says:

          Here is another link

          Janoris Jenkins vs Julio Jones & AJ Green


          validates what i said before. jenkins can play slot.

          he hasn’t proven anything else

          wait till he has to deal with better QBs and NFL matured receivers and better game plans

      • qwerty says:

        here is a link

        Janoris Jenkins 2011 NFL Draft Analysis (Florida Gators) HD


        i see a cb who could maybe cover the slot but that is all.

        His number is 1. His small size really is disturbing. He looks like he will be manhandled in NFL.

        • qwerty says:

          i didn’t see him shutting them down as much as i saw poor qb’s

        • qwerty says:

          and poor use of the receivers

        • MJP says:

          So I guess Julio Jones and A.J. Green were just lucky that their QB’s played really well against nearly every other team EXCEPT Florida and Janoris Jenkins was just lucky that almost all of the QB’s he faced had trouble getting the ball past him.

          So being short is the only concern you can list and we’re suppose to throw away his actual playing ability because of his height??? Doesn’t make much sense….you’re missing a lot.

        • qwerty says:

          i didn’t see much in way of great defense on the film. i don’t have access to all the film. maybe i would change my mind if i saw more film. from the video links that i posted, i couldn’t justify seeing him anything more than a great slot CB.

          I do realize AJ Green had difficulty against him many games but the video links don’t explain why.

          i tend to like the taller/heavier CBs in the draft. Even if they bust at CB, they may succeed as Safety. Gilmore looks interesting. Even Dennard somewhat.

  5. Dan M says:

    If Shea McClellin was a true 1st rd draft choice we would have heard about him a long time ago. Every year there are always a couple of guys that become the talk of the week because of a couple highlight films or combine workouts. I think people try to initiate these dark horses as better than they are because they want to be the first to say they saw a diamond in the rough. Not buying it! Boise St player stats are a little inflated because they are usually a good team that only plays against a good team once or twice a year. If a proven pass rusher (Upshaw) or safety Mark Barron are not available at pick 27 they should either look to trade up for a better player or move down to accumulate more picks.

    • qwerty says:

      McClellin is a developmental player so he really should be taken in second round. He does look like he has potential but he needs a year or two before he starts.

      Upshaw shows very little talent on film. Wouldn’t touch him with 10 foot pole. Plus really not for Patriots system.

      I’d rather try to find a CB who can play S than draft Barron.

      • Jim R says:

        The only guys I would draft from Bama are Kirpatrick and Richardson in Round 1. I would be pissed if they drafted Barron before a corner.

  6. Sam says:

    To echo some of the comments already made:

    1/27 – I really like the pick. He definitely seems to be made in the Patriots model, and again would not be surprised if he is ranked higher by the patriots. Has the versatility and athleticism to do well in the Patriots 3-4 as an OLB and as a pass rusher in 3rd down/ 3-3-5. Interesting article on PatsPulpit about schemes, and requiring the personell to run a 2-4-5 or a 4-2-5 and I think McClellin could serve that role.

    1/31 – Dislike this pick for a number of reasons. Patriots are careful to draft high character players, as demonstrated by the high number of team captains or otherwise commended players. Jenkins, for all his talent, does not fit that and would go against the idea of “building a team, not collecting talent”.
    More realistically though, I think we trade this pick, and I would be happy about it. The sense I get, is that Belichick understands that as long as he and Brady are at New England, we are always going to finish in the bottom 3rd of the draft order – where the difference between the 1st and 2nd round in terms of talent is fairly minimal. Thus he tries to trade for a 1st from another team that would not finish as well, and use that to select a real top talent. This was the case with Mayo when he was picked 10. So I think as long as we have 2 first round selections, Belicheck will always try and shop the lower pick and turn it into a Higher 1 the following year

    I really like the other picks, though I think we are going to pick up a WR in the middle of the draft and would like to see another safety taken, either before or after Brooks because the Patriots tend to select focused positions in pairs (Gronk/hernandez, Vereen/Ridley, Seymour/Green (i think)). So i see us double dipping on safety and D-line.

  7. Justin says:

    Stupid phone

  8. Justin says:

    I think a perfect draft for the Pats would be:
    27: Shea McClellin
    31: Devon Still
    48: Amini Silatolu (or Harrison Smith if he is available)
    62: Trade with New Orleans for their 3rd rounder and a 6th rounder this year plus a 3rd rounder next year. A second round pick would be as valuable as a first round for the Saints because they lack picks in both rounds thanks to the Pats having their 27st from last year and losing out their 2nd rounder thanks to Bountygate
    89: Jared Crick
    93: Greg Childs
    126: George Iloka (or a G/T if Harrison Smith was available at 48)
    And then that 6th rounder will probably be a guard, tackle, corner.. Someone who can do multiple things on the football field or can play multiple positions.

    I know everyone will probably say why not get a top rated defensive back but the truth is if you have a good enough pass rush it makes anyones secondary look amazing. Look at the Giants this year, the Packers last year, and the Saints in 2009. Plus the guys they have now with a full offseason under their belts should be solid.  

    • Ken W says:

      how about this:

      1. Shea McClellin OLB
      1. Devon Still DE
      2. Jayron Hosley CB
      2. George Iloka S
      3. Mavrin Jones WR
      4. Best interior OL

      • Jimmy says:

        i would rather try:

        1. Janoris Jenkins CB
        2. Nick Perry DE OLB/Devon Still DT
        3.Harrison Smith SS but have him play FS instead. Do not trust Steve Gregory at FS. Never trust a man w/ two first names.

  9. Justin says:

    Sorry typo there. At 48 I meant the G/ T from Northwestern State, Amini something his last name is too long.

  10. Justin says:

    I think a perfect draft for the Pats would be:
    27: Shea McClellin
    31: Devon Still
    48: Their pick stays the same as Dougs mock (or Harrison Smith if he is available)
    62: Trade with New Orleans for their 3rd rounder and a 6th rounder this year plus a 3rd rounder next year. A second round pick would be as valuable as a first round for the Saints because they lack picks in both rounds thanks to the Pats having their 27st from last year and losing out their 2nd rounder thanks to Bountygate
    89: Jared Crick
    93: Greg Childs
    126: George Iloka (or a G/T if Harrison Smith was available at 48)
    And then that 6th rounder will probably be a guard, tackle, corner.. Someone who can do multiple things on the football field or can play multiple positions.

    I know everyone will probably say why not get a top rated defensive back but the truth is if you have a good enough pass rush it makes anyones secondary look amazing. Look at the Giants this year, the Packers last year, and the Saints in 2009. Plus the guys they have now with a full offseason under their belts should be solid.

    • Jim R says:

      That is damn creative thinking. Great idea on 62. I agree with a lot of your points. If they get some pressure from front 7 back end will improve right away. They can also pluck some UFA’s for corners there are a lot. He seems to find a good UFA every year who makes the team and plays.

  11. Oppitz says:

    Its a good draft, but this “Pats type of player stuff” never seems to go to the Patriots. Everybody says McClellin is a perfect fit but I can totally see Belichick passing him up not once, but twice, as he seems to always do. lol

    But I would be happy with a draft like this.

  12. AM says:

    Interesting draft–feels like the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, in my estimation:

    The Good: McClellin is an outstanding pick; he feels like a star in the making. I have a (completely unsupported) feeling he may be even higher on the Patriots draft board than on other teams’ boards, simply because everything about him screams “Patriot:” proper size and height for an OLB, great motor and coachability, positional versatility, and steady, improving production. Jaye Howard is great value in the fourth round, and could play his way into the rotation quickly. Brandon Thompson is a very interesting selection–great ability, although I would also be curious to see if he could make the transition to a 5-technique. At worst, though, he could be productive in the 4-3 alignment, and maybe even spell Wilfork at the nose on occasion.

    The Bad: Brooks and Schwartz are underwhelming picks. Schwartz especially seems like a reach at that point in the draft; I’d rather pick someone who clearly has better prospects as an interior lineman (although I am also more confident in Cannon than most). Amini Silatolu is a developmental prospect, but a better investment.

    The Ugly: Finally, there is Jenkins. The multiple offspring don’t concern me as much as other people–personally, I think that people are reacting to the “unwed” aspect of that situation more than the number of children, which is plain silly. What does concern me is the number of arrests, at least one of which was related to violent conduct, and (echoing comments above) the lack of support from those around him. Spikes and Hernandez had occasional issues; Jenkins is a persistent problem. Consider how bad you have to be to actually get *kicked out* of Florida! Ultimately, he would represent too high a risk in any draft, but especially this one, which is positively stocked with DB talent. Gilmore, Dennard, Fleming, even Josh Robinson or Chase Minnifield later on would represent better value with less risk. Better off looking to a WR or a higher-rated DL (or Harrison Smith at safety) at #31.

    • D.T. says:

      Did you read the Florida/Meyer article on Yahoo!? It slams Jenkins so hard.

      • AM says:

        I did–not a flattering picture. I also read elsewhere that Belichick spoke to the Florida football team and told them not to act like their predecessors; pretty damning.

  13. Jim R says:

    Safety is a huge position of need. You do not have to draft one just to play them there. You can draft corners who have proven coverage skills and convert them. This also gives you a lot more flexability in you coverages. They very well could draft a Safety to play safety.
    In the 4th round I would like to see them get Tim Fugger from Vandy. Just a bad ass name

  14. Rick says:

    I really like this draft, just needs a saftey a bit higher in my opinion, but other than that, i would love all of those picks!

  15. billy c says:

    I believe the Pats need to address the FS position earlier in the draft; maybe Barron on a trade up if he slips or Smith late in the first. I also think with such a deep receiver class it would be a shame not to pick one up later in the draft. Lastly, although I do not know much about Schwartz, I agree with the need to reinforce the O line with another capable body. you forgot to add Mankins is coming off knee surgery and although he is a stud it is still a knee surgery.

  16. Plz ppl... says:

    Not sure how Hightower fits over McClellin. Hightower kinda resembles Brandon Spikes. Not sure the fit on the outside at 6’2 either.

  17. Bruschi54 says:

    I think that Brooks in the 3rd and Howard in the 4th make more sense than the first 4 picks. I think that Solder did prove himself last year and Gallery has not been terrible the last two seasons. The Pats have to come out of the first 2 rounds with someone they feel can be the starting FS, and Brooks is a depth guy for now. I like the whole McClellin story and hope he is solid NFL player if we land him, but using the 27th pick is a big time stretch.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      McCourty also proved himself his rookie year.

      • Jimmy says:

        yeah but did you see how badly he sucked this year? I love how a lot of people, no offense, just assume that he will be back in his 2010 form. Hell, I wish that would happen but it is no sure thing. I say take janoris jenkins if he is available with pick 27. then with pick 31, get either a safety of a guy who can rush the hell out of a passer.

        • Doug Kyed says:

          That was exactly my point. McCourty was great in ’10 and was bad last year. Can’t assume Solder will be great next year.

        • Jimmy says:

          i see what your saying. sorry ive just been hearing a bunch of dumbasses saying that mccourty will be all better next year and back to his ’10 self. I am not so sure about that. He went from one of the better corners in the league, to giving up more receptions than any other corner in the league. I think he will continue sucking next year.

    • Mark says:

      I agree with the Bruschi – don’t want to see reaching. Solder fell to them. To get Shea- if the PATS believe or want to take a chance he slides past 31 – they could trade up with 48 and 93. The JETS pick 47 – we gotta leap them and many teams from 33-39 may be willing…

  18. D.T. says:

    Janoris is a lot worse than Hernandez who was Tebow’s buddy or Spikes who was a team captain.

    None of the FL players have stood up for Jenkins or supported him. He’s got 6 children and paying child support for all already. He’s got drugs, violence arrests. In short, he’s a ghetto thug who’s superathletic and smart enough to play football.

    I don’t want him at all and he’s not a Pats player.

    the best comparisons to him, career-wise, are Pacman Jones or Cromartie.

    • Plz ppl... says:

      4 kids not 6

    • qwerty says:

      he has 4 children. his 3rd arrest for drugs may drop him to second round. i don’t see enough highlights to attest to his supposed high skill level at position.

      as long as he is not addicted, drugs are just a minor thing. it’s really about how stupid is he to get caught. will he be stupid in nfl.

      his supposed violence was punching someone in night club – big deal

      the most serious thing is having 4 children at young age

      • Doug Kyed says:

        Why is the four kids the most serious thing?

        Not quite sure how that’s going to affect his play on the field, or his behavior off the field.

        Last I checked, having four kids isn’t illegal.

        • TD says:

          Cripes, look at Cromartie, he has almost twice as many and performs well enough that the Jets gave him a rich contract.

        • D.T. says:

          But do we want a thug on our team? NO. We don’t need a guy like this one bit. I’d much rather get Kirkpatrick or Gilmore. This pick doesn’t fit in with any of our past picks. Tell me the last time BB picked a real low-life type player. We always pass on Dez Bryant types or Pacman Jones types, no matter how talented.

          Spikes, McCourty were both captains. Hernandez was highly recommended, Gronkowski never had any major issues, Cunningham was clean. In fact, I don’t see any low-character guys in the last 5 drafts.

        • Doug Kyed says:

          If you’re going to discount Spikes/Hernandez as low character, are you also going to say the same about Mallett?

        • Ryan says:

          Doug, do you, let alone ANYONE else know exactly why Mallet was discounted. I have done as much reading as anyone, and the most I get is “character” issues with out any proof.

          I would love some proof. So for the sake of your argument? Why exactly is Mallet worse than Hernandez/Spikes.

        • Doug Kyed says:

          Drugs, and more serious ones than Jenkins.

        • qwerty says:

          why is having 4 kids at a young age ?

          when you bring kids in the world, you need to care for them. it shows a serious lack of responsibility on his part. it may not effect him on field but it’s a core character issue when we judge him as a person.

        • Doug Kyed says:

          And you know he doesn’t care for his kids… how?

        • AM says:

          Following up on Ryan’s comments, the drug allegations around Mallett were exactly that–allegations (plus one arrest for public alcohol intoxication). Jenkins had multiple arrests in an environment where effective football players are given multiple passes when it comes to encounters with the law. By any measure, it is a more serious matter.

          But for what it is worth, I think that Mallett had significantly more character concerns than Spikes and Hernandez, although most of those were of the “diva” variety. The issue with character concerns is always two-fold: first, are they rooted in bad circumstances, or bad personalities; second, can the circumstances and/or personalities be controlled in a professional environment. Jenkins would be coming to a strong locker room with a no-nonsense coach, but he would also be getting (late) first-round money. The Patriots are strong enough to give him the tough love, “take it or leave it” approach, but that only guarantees that they can cut or bench him without hesitation. If they do so, it is nonetheless a wasted pick.

          It is certainly the case that Jenkins could rehabilitate himself in the proper environment, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a draft loaded with DB talent, and that he isn’t at the talent level of a Claiborne or even Kirkpatrick, where he might justify taking a chance on the pick. He’s worth a pass.

        • Dan says:

          It’s not just the four kids…it’s a touchy subject, yet it’s a very real issue. Aren’t the kids with 3 different women? Denying that he is, or has been, a complete ass, and making babies (whether he cares for them or not), is only part of his problem. He has issues with decision making, putting himself first, not following rules and LAWS…weed etc…and I love weed!
          So, he’s being judged…welcome to reality. Some company has the choice to bring you in for millions of dollars and they want to know that you are going to be the best asset they can bring in.
          He’s risky…that’s life…he’s made his bed and he’ll certainly have the opportunity to prove everyone wrong and do the right thing and show his high skills with some NFL team.
          I just don’t see the Pats being that team….especially in the first.

          Bottom line, we don’t know the whole story…I’m sure these teams will have much more info; like does he dabble in other drugs, does he seem sincere, is he convincing, who does he hang with etc…??? There’s a story there and we are not privy…where he goes will tell a lot.

      • Ryan says:

        Not to PRY, but drugs serious ones? Like allegations, or something that can be looked up on the local database? If they are allegations that is just stupid. Is there any concrete evidence? Citation?

        • Doug Kyed says:

          You can choose to believe anything you want. I’ve heard things from people I trust that the character concerns for Mallett are just as great as or worse than Jenkins.

          If his character concerns weren’t great, tell me why he went in the third round to a team that didn’t even need a QB when he was clearly a first round talent?

          Its naive to think concerns don’t exist just because no one’s willing to say something or report something on record.

        • Ryan says:

          Happened to Dan Marino? I guess I was just trying to figure out exactly why he is such a bad prospect. If you look at his accomplishments you have to wonder. Hoping to find some real information. I have done my OWN research and all I have come up with is that he got a public intox.. Other than that he was under Petrino, which I’m sure mentally scared him. Other than that his accolades are amazing.

        • Doug Kyed says:

          Marino fell to late 1st, not 3rd.

          I’ve told you, it was drugs, worse than the drugs Jenkins was arrested for.

          You’re not gonna find any citations or “proof” because he was never arrested for doing them. But I don’t think I’m telling you anything you don’t know when I’m saying that not every single person who does drugs gets arrested for them.

          There’s a reason that Mallett fell to the third and it wasn’t completely based on his attitude. There were concerns.

          Honestly, not trying to be rude, but its laughable to argue that the Patriots haven’t taken character concerns when they took Mallett last year.

        • Ryan says:

          That wasn’t my point at all, I figured you might be knowledgeable about Mallet. And I used it as an opportunity to figure out more about him. I honestly, never found out truly why he fell. Especially, when the Patriots had him rated as their top QB. I guess I was looking for more information.

          If anything if he is as good as the Pats feel about him. Maybe there could be trade of Hoyer, even though all sources point to an obsession with him.

      • qwerty says:

        >And you know he doesn’t care for his kids… how?

        during all these years, how has he been supporting and caring for the kids given his young age while playing football and going to school.

        you really think a 23 year old kid can support the kids. if he gets injured, any nfl career may also be moot.

        haphazardly bringing life into this world 4 times is troubling

        maybe he comes from wealthy family so no problem. i hope so.

        most responsible people plan for their children. if he had one, we could call it an accident but not four

        • Dan says:

          I couldn’t agree more…to deny that isn’t a major red flag is insane. And, aside from the money, children need attention…they need their fathers around, and how can he be around when he is so young, has to work, and there are 3 women involved? The fact is, he won’t be there for them…not physically; hopefully financially, and it’s an F’N crime. The kids will be the ones that suffer.
          He may pull it off…I’m not sure…it’s just silly to say it’s not a giant red flag as to his selfish, irresponsible ways.
          The tendancy is for these character issue to carry over…some change, but most don’t do it so fast.
          The NFL doesn’t have 5-10 years for a troubled young guy to “get it”…see Pacman, and many others…white, black, whatever…just toubled young guys from rough backgrounds that are being asked to grow up a lot faster than us, and that’s not always so easy.

    • Dan says:

      I can’t see them bringing in Jenkins…not with all his baggage coupled with the fact that there are so many other CB’s with talent and NO baggage.
      It’s a longshot…

  19. D.T. says:

    McClellin is wAAY overrated. Nawrocki says he’s a 3rd rounder.

    • Plz ppl... says:

      Nolan’s a jacka$$. And if you take what he says as gospel. Go check out his 2011 selection chart. There are misses all over the place. All you need to know is he said Gabbert was the best QB to go in the 1st and has the most upside, dude’s a joke.

    • qwerty says:

      i agree. he would be a bad first round pick especially with all the other talent. it would be like getting a ninkovich who will need years of development.

      if patriots want a sure fire starter and talent at OLB then they move up with first and second round pick and get marvin ingram who can easily be a 3-4 down player if he drops enough. otherwise stay away from OLB and situational players until 3rd round or later

      i’d grab jenkins as first round pick only if he is truly talented otherwise maybe get db hybrid like Lloka in the second round.

      with all the WR’s and CB’s in this draft, it would be a shame if they didn’t get some talent there.

      • Doug Kyed says:

        McClellin is not Ninkovich. Far more versatile, not a situational player, a lot more upside.

        • STEVEN G says:

          I agree with u here Doug. Im starting to like Shea @27. I trully dont believe we need to draft any cb’s. If u wanna reach a little here n grab s-Harrison Smith, id be ok with that. Would prefer de-Stills here. Thompson? We dont need anymore 3-tech, ng types. Another 5-tech(Reyes) would be ideal here.

        • MJP says:

          My original concern with McClellin is that most of what I found on him on video in terms of pass-rush seemed to be from broke plays and hustle.

          But after finding more and more clips from other games I was impressed with how sneaky he is as a pass-rusher,it’s not pretty but he’s got some pop through contact and his pad level is good, he can threaten the edge and even dip under the OT’s pads to gain leverage.

          He has some nice stunt and blitz ability, change of direction is decent and his motor is very good—it doesn’t look super clean but I think he could be a poor-man’s clay matthews (not the same athlete overall but close enough to warrant a comparison).

      • AM says:

        Disagree on McClellin–I think he could be a star in the Patriots’s system. I would start him at weakside OLB, and have Ninkovich, Spikes, Mayo, McClellin across the field. It would be an outstanding combination.

      • Ryan says:

        Ingram is 6-1, not a perfect fit in a 3-4. Bill is only going to look at him to compare. BB loves his prototypical size guys 6-4+. That said, chances of a position outside OL, DL and CB taken in the first round slim. I don’t know why we all get so excited. Shoot, we probably wont draft a OLB or FS in this entire draft.

        • qwerty says:

          ingram makes up for his short statue with his athleticism. he is a 4 down player and immediate starter for the patriots. i have no doubt he would excel in the nfl on just about any team. He is very exceptional in this draft.

          in terms of physical measures, BB would make an exception with ingram. he is too good to pass up.

      • Dan says:

        I think he’s being pushed just a little too high, but I really would love to see them get him. BB doesn’t like to gamble with his first rounders…not to mention the kid is an OLB, which only makes the risk much higher. Then there’s his level of competition etc…
        It’s a stretch that they take him in the first
        I say they end up picking one first round player and it will be someone that is solid, from higher competition, and is much safer; yet, we’ll get a very nice player.

      • patfanaz says:

        Does anyone know if the Pats have even brought McClellin in for a private workout or taking a close look at him at the Boise State pro day?

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