2012 NFL Draft: Risers and Fallers


1. Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis
After Poe’s unbelievable showing at the NFL Scouting Combine in February his stock shot to the tops of draft boards and many analysts considered him a lock for the top ten. Since then, teams, scouts and analysts have gone back and put on the tape to re-evaluate Poe.

While he has all the measurables and freakish athletic ability, it didn’t show up on the field nearly as much as it should have. Poe should have been dominating opposing offensive lines, wreaking havoc in the backfield and getting after the QB. The fact of the matter is he wasn’t doing that and was often times getting blocked by 265 pound offensive linemen.

Does Poe have spectacular potential? Yes, he does… but he’s not a great football player at this point and will need time to develop. There is also a question as to what position he will play in the pros, further complicating the matter. It now appears that Poe will go much closer to pick twenty and could even fall into the twenties on draft day.

2. Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama
Let me first get a couple of things clear, I really like Upshaw and secondly I don’t think there is any chance he falls out of round one. However, it feels to me as if his stock has fallen a little bit. This is a classic case of other guys rising up the board and passing him by while questions have arisen about Upshaw’s overall game.

From people I have talked to, teams either view Upshaw as a 4-3 DE or strictly 3-4 OLB, teams don’t feel there is much position flexibility and worry about his ability to drop into coverage at the pro level. Upshaw didn’t wow anyone at the combine with his movement skills, looked a little stiff in this midsection and doesn’t possess the explosive first step like some edge players.

Whichever team takes Upshaw is getting a physical monster who gets into the backfield and gets after the passer with strength and power. After doing multiple mocks and discussing varies scenarios, it appears to me if Upshaw gets by San Diego at #18 he could fall closer to the Patriots selection. If by the grace of god Upshaw is on the board for the Patriots pick, they better spring to the podium and hand the card in.

3. Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina
Once viewed as a possible #1 overall selection, a lackluster year with poor effort and committment level has put Coples stock on the fall. I believe it’s now likely Coples falls out of the top ten and could tumble all the way down to pick #19 where the Chicago Bears are picking.

Coples has as much natural pass rush potential as anyone in the entire draft. It’s his lack of dedication, passion and effort that has teams worried. Coples will be in New York for the draft, but he might want to get comfortable because he will have a longer wait than expected.

4. Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa
Reiff’s stock is slipping a little bit, compared to where many expected him to be selected a month ago. Unlike Matt Kalil who is viewed as a sure fire left tackle in the NFL teams have concerns about Reiff’s ability to stick at left tackle and some question his ability to stay at tackle all together.

Reiff is more likely to fall into the 15-25 range than the 5-12 range, which is a little slide from where he was a month ago. Nevertheless, there are plenty of teams in the first round would could use an upgrade at LT or RT and will scoop Reiff up quickly if he makes it to them. If Reiff falls much further than that it would be a major surprise, at least in my mind.

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13 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft: Risers and Fallers”

  1. Ty says:

    What about Burfict and Minniefield?

  2. chas t. says:

    Lombardi says the Jaguars “love” Gilmore. Who in Jacksonville loves him? GM? HC? More likely, floating out info to drum up interest in #7 pick! Don’t believe ANYTHING that comes out about ANY player in the last 3 weeks before the draft!!

  3. McTash says:

    Risers and fallers are all media driven. The only thing that counts is where they are actually picked this Thursday thru Sat. Enough of this pratttle.

    • qwerty says:

      i agree it is media driven. large moves up or down should be looked upon as suspect. some like poe should never have been put in top 15. it will be interesting to see where some players are picked.

  4. MJP says:

    Chandler Jones is the most overrated player being discussed in round-1.

    How many of his 4.5 sacks were total junk? I know at least 1 was a completely broken play where Jones was eventually blocked right into the QB who was scrambling for his life (and that wasn’t because of Jones).

    He’s a 4.9 forty guy with awkwardly long legs, he’s not explosive or dynamic…that makes him a 4-3 DE in the middle of round-2…thanks to his length and strength…at least he has some skills that make him worth talking about.

  5. NEtyson says:

    How about zack brown…..in feb-jan he was projected 2 go anywhere around mid to late 1st and now hes in the late 2nd early 3rd

  6. td says:

    Who is saying that there are fallers and risers that are actually pulling the trigger(s) in the draft?

    That would be the media and bloggers of course.

  7. Mark says:

    Any of them there fallers might look purty fer keepin or mightn’ even git other teams below yonder to trade on up.

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