2012 NFL Draft Interview: Miles Burris (OLB, SDSU)

Miles Burris is a natural OLB who can also rush the passer

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

With the 2012 NFL Draft 27 days away San Diego State OLB Miles Burris talks with Mike Loyko about the draft process and what it’s been like going through the pre-draft process.

In a draft class that is fairly limited with OLB depth and even more limited with outside linebackers who can rush the passer Miles Burris is a unique prospect. Burris was used primarily as a pass rusher in San Diego State’s 3-3-5 defense and was able to improve his pass rush skills and production each year. He’s received interest from a number of teams who would love to use him as a “Clay Matthews” type of OLB to bring pressure. However, unlike other outside linebackers who can rush the passer, Burris isn’t limited to only OLB. He’s received interest as a ILB as well. He is a fit for almost any team and any scheme. Here is what he had to say about the draft process, how NFL teams view him and his pass rush skills:

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4 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft Interview: Miles Burris (OLB, SDSU)”

  1. Jim R says:

    Watched some film online. Kid has an extra gear like you say. he also trusts his eyes when he sees plays develop. He will make somebodys roster

  2. Greg Steinberg says:

    Ive also been following Burris for a couple years now and its great to see him getting more exposure. Its being said everywhere but people will be surprised how high he goes in the draft. His game performances are much greater than his times. That being said, he came in top 10 in every category, a few were top 5 and his 3 cone drill was the fastest time of any linebacker entering the draft. Check out his pro day highlights and combine stats:


    and his highlight tape:

  3. Stuart Harris says:

    Burris is an amazing self-driven athlete. He has significant intangibles not measurable at a combine or pro day. As stated, he is a game-time-ready player who also works as hard in practice and off-season. A leader.

  4. Richard castle says:

    I’ve followed this guy for the last two years, he’s a phenomenal player with a non-stop motor. To get a beat on what he can do go to YouTube miles Burris highlights and click on the 10 minute one. Whoever is smart enough to pick him will b getting bargin-he’s a starter for sure. It’s hard to tell how good he is from measurables because he has a fifth gear that’s only shows up on game day and he has so many intangeables.

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