2012 Draft Sleeper: UConn WR Kashif Moore

UConn WR Kashif Moore is a WR to watch as the Draft gets closer

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

Casual NFL Draft fans may not be familiar with Kashif Moore. After all, he went to UConn, where throwing the ball in their offensive scheme was an afterthought. Kashif wasn’t given the opportunity to compile stats like many WR prospects, but Moore didn’t let that deter him.

I had the chance to talk with Kashif a week ago and we were able to talk about a wide array of topics, including his thoughts on the NFL Draft.

UConn has been notoriously known as a running team. In past years, they have produced NFL running backs such as Donald Brown and Jordan Todman. It can be tough for a WR to stay ready and focused knowing that they might not see many balls thrown their way. That’s not the case wasn’t the case with Moore. ” While it can be somewhat frustrating at times, I made sure that on every play I ran the best route I could and went 100%, even when I knew the ball wasn’t coming to me. It also gave me a chance to really improve and work on my blocking and that’s a part of my game I really take pride in” said Moore.

When Kashif did get the ball he was an explosive play maker, breaking off receptions of 31, 39, 47, and 62 yards. UConn only had 12 passing touchdowns all season and Moore caught five of them. By many accounts Moore appears to be one of these players who will be a better professional than he was in college. When asked what type of offense he played in at UConn Moore said “I come from a pro-style offense, with a lot of play action passing, Coach De Leon really helped me develop as a WR.”  At UConn Moore played both in the slot and outside the numbers as well as contributing on Special teams. It’s that versatility that has drawn interest from teams. “Most teams view me as a slot WR in the NFL and I feel comfortable there, the important thing is team’s want to see you play fast and I can play fast” says Moore.

Moore is a dedicated and tireless worker. These are values that he learned early on from his father who was in the United States Air Force and taught Kashif how to be dicisplined and dedicated. “My Dad really kept his thumb on my growing up. He taught me that hard work pays off and I try to follow those words today.” It was that type of work ethic and leadership that earned him a team captain as a Senior. Moore prides himself on “setting a good example, showing up on time and showing teammates how hard to work.”

If Moore wasn’t known before the NFL combine he definitely made himself known while in Indianapolis. Moore arguably had the best workout of any WR who attended the 2012 NFL Combine. He ran an official 4.41 forty and had unofficial hand time of 4.35, which is one of the top times posted at the combine. Moore’s vertical jump of 43.5″ was the best vertical at the combine regardless of position. Moore also posted top five numbers in the 3 Cone (6.82) and the short shuttle (4.05) showcasing his change of direction and explosion in and out of breaks. The workout Wowed scouts and will universally make scouts go back and look at Moore again on film.

When I asked Kashif about his combine performance he told me “I feel great about my performance at the combine, I really went out and hit the numbers I was trying to get and proved what I wanted to prove.” Moore was expected to run fast because Moore was also a part of the UConn track team. However, Kashif wanted to make it clear to me that “I am a football player whose fast, I am not one of these track guys who just happens to play football, I have a great love for football.”

For people who haven’t seen Kashif Moore play I asked him to give me a scouting report on himself. Moore described himself as “an explosive player off the line of scrimmage, a vertical threat who can get behind defenses, I can play in the slot and I take pride in my route running ability.” Moore also called himself “a leader both on the field and off the field.”

Moore is really starting to rise up draft boards. He has drawn comparisons to another UConn WR who was initially under the radar in Marcus Easley. Easley was in a similar spot as Moore, an under used but athletic WR. Easley showcased himself throughout the draft process and ended up being selected by the Buffalo Bills in the 4th round. I believe Moore is a better natural wide out and when you combine his leadership, special teams and work ethic he is a player that will be selected higher than people think. Kashif Moore is definitely someone you may not be familiar with now, but is someone to watch closely on draft day because he is going to surprise people in the NFL.

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