Patriots vs Giants: Super Bowl Positional Breakdown (Defense)

Patriots: Kyle Arrington, Sterling Moore/Devin McCourty
Giants: Corey Webster, Aaron Ross

The Patriots cornerback situation is confusing because McCourty will likely play CB in standard packages, but as soon as a fifth defensive back enters the field, he’ll go to safety. Neither group is very good, but Webster and Ross have been more consistent than the Patriots.

Advantage: Giants

Patriots: Patrick Chung, James Ihedigbo/Devin McCourty
Giants: Antrel Rolle, Kenny Phillips

Antrel Rolle has been very bad this season, but James Ihedigbo might be the worst starter on either defense. If Devin McCourty made a full time switch to safety for this game, the edge might go to the Patriots, but we don’t know what Belichick will be doing.

Advantage: Giants

Patriots: Sterling Moore/Julian Edelman
Giants: Deon Grant

Sterling Moore has really come on as of late, but it’s tough to trust a player who was cut mid season. Deon Grant hasn’t been great, but he does bring some consistency in the big nickel.

Advantage: Giants

Patriots: Sergio Brown, Nate Jones, Antwaun Molden, Malcolm Williams, Sterling Moore/Julian Edelman, Matthew Slater
Giants: Prince Amukamara, Will Blackmon, Derrick Martin, Tyler Sash

There’s a reason the Giants rarely take their three safeties off the field. Their other depth at defensive back is atrocious. At least the Patriots have one of either Moore or Edelman coming out as a dime back.

Advantage: Patriots

Patriots: Stephen Gostkowski
Giants: Lawrence Tynes

Advantage: Patriots

Patriots: Zoltan Mesko
Giants: Steve Weatherford

Advantage: Giants

Patriots: Tracy White, Matthew Slater, Sergio Brown, Julian Edelman
Giants: Tyler Sash, Jacquian Williams, Greg Jones, Derrick Martin

Advantage: Patriots

Patriots: Danny Woodhead
Giants: Devin Thomas

Advantage: Giants

Patriots: Julian Edelman
Giants: Aaron Ross

Advantage: Patriots

Patriots: Bill Belichick
Giants: Tom Coughlin

Advantage: Patriots

So after the offense, the Patriots lead 12-4, after the defense, special teams and coaching, the Patriots lead the overall match up 21-12. Feel free to comment and disagree with any of my selections.

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10 Responses to “Patriots vs Giants: Super Bowl Positional Breakdown (Defense)”

  1. TD says:

    Not sure why you are comparing same units to each other, this game will be decided on whose offense can score against the others defense.

    I think our OLine this time around can keep Brady from being killed by Gints DLine. I also don’t think the Gints offense will score at will because their OLine has a lot of weak links, especially at the OT spots. Our edge guys, Anderson and Nink could have big days.

    • Tom says:

      Agreed. The Pats front seven are going to cause a lot of problems for the Giants o-line.

    • HakeemtheMachine says:

      the Giants did score 24 points without Nicks and Bradshaw in the first meeting. That is kinda a big deal from the Giants offense perspective.Teams have had to pick there poison in how they roll there coverage.The Pats didnt even have to worry about that and the Giants still won the game.

  2. Billy C says:

    All three linebacker spots are probably closer to a push than a Patriots edge. Also I love Wilfork and agree that Love is underated (even though his production fades as he plays more snaps), however, I may give the edge to the Giants on this one. I just think there is more of a pocket push from the middle with the Giants than the Patriots. I know the middle of the Giants front four benefits from great DE’s, but that entire defensive front line is playing great football.

  3. Rick says:

    Score prediction??

  4. Phil says:

    I agree with you for the most part. I do actually favor out nickelback position Moore than the Giants nickelback position –pun intended. Both Moore and Edelman have really been great for us.

  5. HakeemtheMachine says:

    Tollefson got a lot of snaps because Osi missed half the season and Tuck was falling apart physically.When u added Kiwis snaps did u add in his snaps at DT and DE. He only plays LB on first down and run situations

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