A Scout’s Take: 15 Thoughts on the 2012 NFL Draft

Donnie Fletcher Patriots Draft

Mike Loyko talks about combine snubs, Rex Ryan, wide receivers, and SO much more. (Photo: ICON SMI)

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

This is the first in a weekly installment where I will take all the random NFL Draft musings that are in my head and put them onto paper. Things you may find here are my thoughts on draft rumors, expectations, film break down, news, and just totally random facts.

My 15 Thoughts of the Week:

1) I wouldn’t be surprised if Baylor WR Kendall Wright ends up being the #2 WR off the board and being selected as high as the top 10. I can’t see him passing Justin Blackmon for the top WR spot, he will keep getting closer to him as the draft process moves on. With Blackmon is likely to go off the board somewhere in the top six in my opinion. That leaves the WR needy Jacksonville Jaguars who sit there at #7 with a decision to make. Do they go with a WR and if so which one. I think Wright will be in the discussion there.

2) Alabama S Mark Barron is expected to miss at least the next four to six weeks while recovering from double hernia surgery. I doubt this will do much to hurt his stock. The safety position in this year’s draft is so weak that Barron is the only safety to even garner consideration for the first round. With so many teams needy of an impact safety, Barron will still get consideration at the end of round one. For a player that has four years of game film in the SEC on him, the combine wasn’t likely to change Barron’s stock a whole lot.

3) IF I am the Cleveland Browns I do everything in my power to make sure I leave the first round with Baylor QB Robert Griffin and one of the elite WRs. Browns fans desperately need something to get excited about. Getting a face of the franchise player like Robert Griffin III and adding speedy play-makers around him can change the entire organization in one draft.

4) People ask me all the time who I consider the “safest pick” in this draft to be. That’s easy for me, it’s Stanford OG David DeCastro. DeCastro, as Mike Mayock would say, is a “plug and play” OG. Plug him in there day one and he will be a pro bowl starter for the next 10 years. It isn’t sexy to take an OG high in round one, but if you can solidify one position on your roster for the next decade with pro bowl talent you have to take the chance. DeCastro could be the first player drafted as an OG to break the top 10 of the draft since New Orleans took Chris Naeole at pick ten in the 1997 draft.

5) This could end up being the first time since 2006 that a DT isn’t selected in the first ten picks of the draft. That, however, means nothing this year as it’s one of the deepest DT classes in recent memory. Even though none may be top ten worthy, Devon Still, Michael Brockers, Fletcher Cox, Jerel Worthy, Dontari Poe and Brandon Thompson all will get strong consideration for the first round. Teams will be able to find depth along the DL deep into the draft, something that doesn’t come around ever year.

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9 Responses to “A Scout’s Take: 15 Thoughts on the 2012 NFL Draft”

  1. HDHorvath says:

    u do an great job. research and insight sound superb and your writing is excellent. keep up the good work! Go Pats. Thx

  2. ObserverCollege says:

    You’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid on the two Eagles. Kuechly didn’t “accomplish” anything. He was a MAC-level safety who FRANK SPAZIANI turned into an award winning linebacker. Spaziani schooled Nick Saban on the Awards Banquet Circuit–beating out TWO of Saban’s 5-star proteges for the Lombardi, Butkus and Nagurski awards. That’s the mark of a great coach–he’ll take his’n and beat yours’n, and take yours’n and beat his’n. Kuechly was merely the vessel for Spaziani’s confirmation as the best BC coach in 15 years.

    Too bad the rest of former coach Jagodzinski’s recruits can’t seem to listen. People like this author keep telling Fletcher he’s a bump-and-run corner, so he gets a big head and doesn’t listen to a coach trying to protect him in a soft zone. Unlike Kuechly, who at least was smart enough to realize Coach Spaziani had schemed a Heisman campaign if he did everything correctly (although the Lombardi et al isn’t bad). If Fletcher had actually listened to his Head Coach, he’d have been a first-team All-American playing classic soft 2-deep zone. Instead, Fletcher sits home on Combine weekend wondering where it all went wrong.

  3. TD says:

    If there is quality and depth in this draft at DLine & WR, why the hell should BB use those 1st rounders at the end of the round?

    It may shake out that guys available in most of the 2nd round are as good of football players as anyone available at end of round 1.

    I say trade both 1st rounders for extra 2nd rounders and/or 1st/2nd rounders next year. More than likely BB can get DL’s, DB’s and a WR in rounds 2-3 that would be there at the end of round 1.

    I would expect BB to get a #2 and/or #3 WR in free agency. We also need some return guys, mostly kickoff returners.

  4. Jim R says:

    Looks like a lot of quality wr’s and Corners can be had after round 3 . That being the case. first 3 rounds DT, DE,OL and LB. You have to figure they will address WR and Safety in FA. They will not keep all 5 picks. Trade up, down and all around to get some extra goodies for next year.

  5. TD says:

    A Guard going top 10? A team could be looking at what N.O. got in 1997, Chris who?

    If this draft is indeed deeper, then I would expect BB to deal both first rounders if possible for more second and third round picks. I’m sure last year he really wanted to deal the first pick in round two.

    Nice to see the Jets get burned by the strategy of getting top priced mercenaries and trading most of their draft picks in order to move into higher spots start backfiring. For those pulling their hair out over BB’s picks, investigate the hit ratio of draft picks for the Jets.

  6. MJP says:

    Awesome job man, I agree on a lot of these issues. One topic I’ve been hung up on is Michael Brockers being the #1 overall DT. It should be noted that I have only seen him in a few games and I’ve only been able to dig up two other full games of his.

    Point being that I don’t see it with Brockers, at least not to the degree that most people do. He gets pushed around a lot, he doesn’t stand up to double teams like he should, he doesn’t rush the passer like he should and I would bet most of his TFL’s were not of his singular doing…I believe that Defense created most of the hype around him.

    I do see his physical attributes being utilized when he stunts or pushes the pocket to get his hands into passing lanes but that’s about it, there’s nothing really dynamic about his game right now that would inspire me to use anything more than say the 25th pick on him…(he looks more like Tyson Jackson than Richard Seymour).

  7. Rick says:

    lol cool face at number 8!

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