2012 Senior Bowl: Week in Review


  1. Brandon Thompson
  2. Mike Martin
  3. Vinny Curry
  4. Alameda Ta’amu
  5. Kendall Reyes

We all knew how good Quinton Coples, Courtney Upshaw and Melvin Ingram were coming into the week. They did just as much as I expected them to this week showing off very impressive pressure from the outside. Thompson has one of the best first steps off the line that I’ve seen in a while. NFL guards might be quick enough to react to it, but he’s a strong player that if you get off balance, can absolutely blow by you. I see Thompson as an end of the first rounder.

Martin came out huge this week. He uses his wrestling skills really well, gaining leverage against his lineman. Once he gets under a bigger center like Mike Brewster, they don’t stand a chance. I saw some questions whether Martin can play nose, and I think he can. I told his story all week, but my high school had a 170 pound nose tackle and it worked because of his wrestling background. I think Martin will be able to hold his ground in the middle of a defense.

I wasn’t the biggest Curry fan coming into the week, I thought he didn’t do anything special and might have only had such a strong career because of his level of competition. This week he showed it wasn’t a fluke, and he actually showed off some nice athleticism. Ta’amu is a powerful player that’s quicker than you might expect. He’s projected as a two down player, but I saw some improvements with his hands this week that might help his pass rush abilities.

It was really a great week for defensive linemen in general, Jaye Howard, Derek Wolfe, Jack Crawford and Cam Johnson also impressed me.

Who fell: Shea McClellin, Tydreke Powell

McClellin just isn’t a defensive lineman. He doesn’t have the quickness off the line to be an undersized pass rusher. I think McClellin is a special teamer at the next level, and I even question his speed for that.


  1. Bobby Wagner
  2. Keenan Robinson
  3. Audie Cole
  4. Demario Davis
  5. James-Michael Johnson

Wagner might not be the best fit for a team like the Patriots, being slightly undersized, but for a team like the Eagles he could be an absolutely perfect second round pick. Wagner was the smoothest linebacker out there this week.

Robinson was also very smooth and showed impressive athleticism for a linebacker his size. When the linebackers were going up against running backs in pass rush drills, not one could stop Robinson. I can’t wait to see if his swim move that he’s developed this off-season will translate to the NFL.

Who fell: Emmanuel Acho, Nigel Bradham

Acho was undersized and didn’t standout anywhere. He may be speedy enough to be a Tracy White-like special teamer, but that’s all I’m seeing from him. Of course, that probably means the Eagles are going to draft him in the 5th round and start him. Bradham played very stiff all week.


  1. Janoris Jenkins
  2. Brandon Boykin
  3. Casey Hayward
  4. Donnie Fletcher
  5. Jamell Fleming

It’s unfortunate that the Senior Bowl rules prohibit press coverage from anywhere outside the goal line, because Jenkins, Boykins and Fletcher were all over the WRs down in Mobile. Jenkins showed a ton of a physicality and could really turn and round coming out of his breaks. I’d take Jenkins in the first half of the first round.

Boykin was probably 1A until he got hurt in the Senior Bowl. Apparently the leg injury isn’t as bad as was originally reported, and he’ll be back shortly, but it will still limit the preparation he would have received in training. Early second round prospect.

Who fell: Alfonzo Dennard

He left halfway through the week with an injury, which doesn’t help in itself, but before then some of his flaws started to peak through. He’s slow in his transitions and can easily get beaten deep. He’s a great corner with his eyes to the QB, but he does lack the elite speed needed to be a true shutdown corner.


  1. George Iloka
  2. Harrison Smith
  3. Brandon Taylor
  4. Markelle Martin

Safety was a very tough position to judge this week, but Iloka had very impressive size, wingspan and athelticism. His size could make him a very unique player in the NFL since he has the speed of a cornerback or safety and the size of a linebacker. I’d take Iloka in the beginning of the second round.

Harrison was more athletic than I expected coming in and Taylor almost looked like a cornerback in his backpedal and reaction.

Who fell: Antonio Allen

Allen just didn’t show up to me, it’s possible I was looking at something else every time he was playing well, but it’s never a good sign when someone is just forgettable.

View more from the week at our Senior Bowl Headquarters.

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3 Responses to “2012 Senior Bowl: Week in Review”

  1. Ken W says:

    The more I see and hear about George Iloka the more I like him. Seems like he is a great fit for the Patriots.

    Versatile – 3 games at CB last season
    Big – good for covering those elite TE, plus pushing Gronk and Hernandez at practice would only help them become even better
    Smart – every interview I see with him he seems like he is a student of the game. Always is bringing up terms and schemes. Also heard him say that players in the NFL are so much faster and stronger then players in college that the little details are what makes a difference.

    If that isn’t a BB kind of player then I don’t know what is. Go get this guy in the 2nd or 3rd and put him next to Chung and see what he can do.

  2. Mike says:

    How did Antonio Allen fall? He was tied for the most tackles in the game with 7. He made two tackles that could have very well turned into 6 points for the North had he not been there.

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