Senior Bowl Live: Film Room Offense


Starting lineup: WR Brian Quick, LT Mike Adams, LG Johnnie Troutman, C Mike Brewster, RG Kevin Zeitler, RT Mitchell Schwartz, TE Brian Linthicum, WR T.J. Graham, QB Russell Wilson, HB Chris Polk, FB Bradie Ewing

-Russell Wilson is pretty deadly on those roll outs. Gotta get out of the pocket, makes his height meaningless.

-Brewster and Troutman opened up a nice hole for Polk to burst through.

-Polk showing off those moves I loved for three years in Seattle.

-If Wilson can roll out like that in the NFL, watch out.

-Troutman showed off some nice athleticism on that pull.

-Mike Adams has been doing a nice job on Upshaw so far.


Once again, this is where the internet cut out, so I’ll recap the rest of the game:

-Chris Polk. He only had six chances out there, but he made the most of them on his first drive, showing the wiggle, burst and toughness that he showed for three seasons at UW. Our very own Mike Loyko said he wouldn’t take him before the fourth round today, I’d take him at the end of the first/early second.

-Kellen Moore actually didn’t play as poorly as he showed during the week. He should have had a touchdown, if not for some costly drops.

-Brian Linthicum did a nice job blocking today. He could very well be a target that the Patriots look for this year. They need another blocking specialist TE.

-I’m not going to lie, it was nice to see Marvin Jones catch a TD. He showed off some of the strongest, softest hands I’ve ever seen from a draft prospect this week. He grabs that ball away from his body and it doesn’t budge.

-Isaiah Pead had a huge night tonight. The way he can cut to the outside and accelerate is something not many other RBs can do. If he can show the kind of elusiveness he did tonight, he could be a valuable RB at the next level. I worry about his size, but I also think the days of the 300+ touch RB are numbered.

-I was surprised at how little Russell Wilson was used tonight. Some scouts told me he looked upset after the game. He played well in his limited snaps. He showed off the same high release point that he showed all week. I still have hope for Wilson in the NFL.

-Senio Kelemete was forced to play tackle and he was getting burned consistently by some very tough South defensive linemen. Kelemete will be a guard at the next level and could be a very good one. He’s over 6-3 and could still add a lot of weight to his 300 pound frame. He’s as fit as you can get as an offensive lineman.

-Mike Brewster was forced to play most of the game at center and held up pretty well against Brandon Thompson and crew.

That being said. I’m out for the night. It was overall a fantastic week and I learned more than I ever thought I could learn. If you’re an NFL Draft analyst and you are not down here or you’re not sending someone down here, you’re missing out big time. I’ve got a flight to catch at 7am, so I’m going to get as much sleep as I can.

I’m going to review the tape from this game in the next couple days and write some more on it.

Prepare for a huge Senior Bowl overview from both Mike and I this week.

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