Senior Bowl: Day Two North Offense

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

Today me and Mike are splitting each practice with Mike taking the defensive side and me on offense. I got a good chance to look at the north team, who I hadn’t seen yet.

Here are some things I noticed:

-Kelechi Osemele was playing playing a little too high and was getting lifted and driven through. Osemele is a big man, he’ll have to watch that, especially since he’ll be going up against some very powerful interior linemen in the pros.

-Marvin McNutt had a strong day today. He had the best hands of the WRs today and was consistently beating DBs in the one on one drills. One thing McNutt did really well was wait to turn his head on a pass from Kirk Cousins. He trusted his QB to get the ball where it was supposed to be, and didn’t key off the CB.

-Brian Quick on the other hand looks outmatched. He had a lot of big drops and isn’t getting separation from CBs. This was a big week for him coming from an FCS school. I’m still not convinced he’s got the speed to make it in the pro game.

-I thought that Marvin Jones shined today. He’s got the speed and size, and I was very impressed with his route running today. He moves his feet about as well as anyone out there and was making some big plays on go routes as well.

He was outshined this year by fellow Golden Bear Keenan Allen, but Jones is holding his own in the senior bowl. I talked to him after practice and he said his goal was to run in the high 4.4s or low 4.5s, it was nice to hear an accurate representation of his skills.

-Everyone’s saying it, so I might as well too: Kellen Moore looks out of place here. His arm strength just doesn’t compare at all to the rest of the QBs here. He’s floating balls and it just never gets zipped in there. He’s also having some trouble with his accuracy.

-Here some notes I took from one on one WR-DB drills: Devier Posey beat Asa Jackson, Marvin McNutt beat Leonard Johnson, Marvin Jones beat Alfonso Dennard bad on a go route, T.J. Graham beat Jamell Fleming, Gerell Robinson beat George Iloka, Brian Quick beat D’Anton Lynn. It was a good day for WRs, but I did see Quick and Robinson get beat a few times.

-Garth Gerhart is out of the senior bowl and Joe Looney from Wake Forest replaced him. It looked like Looney got hurt today though.

-Mike Brewster and Mike Martin were really going at it a couple times out there. The former Buckeye and Wolverine must have a lot of pent up aggression out there. Both looked very solid.

-Johnnie Troutman impressed me today, he beat Kendall Reyes and Derek Wolfe a couple times.

-Senio Kelemete was struggling with his footwork a little bit. I was surprised to see him playing tackle today. If I were a pro scout, I’d want to see him strictly at guard.

-Mike Adams was really solid in pass protection. He’s a guy you see a lot of pro scouts talking to, I saw the Panthers eyeing him especially today.

-From things I’ve heard, I wouldn’t expect to see the Panthers taking Ta’amu or Reyes.

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