Senior Bowl Day 4: North Practice Report


NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

Today was a little disappointing down here in Mobile. We had some crazy thunderstorms with a couple tornado warnings, so as soon as we got down to Ladd-Peebles Stadium, we found out that practice had been “cancelled.” I was well over half-way back to my hotel when I check the old twitter (don’t tweet and drive) to find out that practice had been moved inside to the convention center down here.

There wasn’t much to see from a scouting perspective, but I’ll clue everyone in on a couple things we’ve noticed so far while down here and include a video from the walk-through:

-The South practices are run a lot more efficient and productive than the North. It seems like Mike Shanahan on his coaches seem to know what they want to see and what scouts and media want to see a lot more than Leslie Frazier and co. There’s a lot of offense playing defense and defense playing offense-style walk throughs going on in the North practices, and a lot more special teams. In the south, there’s lots of fun one on one, seven on seven battles constantly.

-These practices were also a good time to catch up with some of the people we’ve met down here, compare notes, pick everyone’s brains, etc. It seems like everyone’s consensus down here is to write up your own thoughts before you read anyone else’s. I wouldn’t be afraid of myself or anyone else borrowing opinions, but you don’t want anything to cloud your own judgement.

-Almost every team talks to every player. You can constantly see teams talking to players, but a lot of the time it doesn’t mean a ton. Teams are doing their due diligence and probably even talking to players to see if they’d want to sign them down the road.

-A lot of the scouts and media left today, so these next few days will be a lot easier to talk to some players we haven’t got a chance to chat with yet. Today we got interviews with three players who have been really tough to track down.

-The media is treated very well down here. We’ve got constant access to everything, free food, etc. The city seems to run on this bowl, so we’re all treated very well.


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