Patriots vs Ravens: AFC Championship

Super Bowl Patriots Ravens

Patriots vs Ravens: The Game that Killed Twitter

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

Wow, talk about one of the all time greats. The Patriots are going to Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.

The Pats might not have played their best game, but in the end, they got it done in the style they have all year: bend, but don’t break.

The team that never seems to be able to block kicks, and never seems to get the benefit of missed kicks finally did it.

Here are some very quick hit thoughts on the game:

-Wilfork had an incredible game.

-Sterling Moore struggled until that last drive, but damn was he key there.

-The Patriots proved once again, they can win without a stellar Tom Brady game. That being said, Brady is the guy who led them on the go ahead drive.

-Edelman seemed to be getting burned a little bit, but he was going up against Anquan Boldin, so you can forgive him a little bit.

-We’re all on Gronk watch now. He and Hernandez had great games as usual.

-Ed Reed wasn’t a huge factor, but the other safety Bernard Pollard sure was.

-The Pats only allowed one sack to Kruger and three QB hits. They did a really nice job against the Ravens pass rush.

-On the other side of the field, The Pats had three sacks and seven QB hits. Not bad.

-The Patriots didn’t win the turnover battle. They almost did the impossible by winning the game.

-They did however win the penalty battle, which was huge.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to the senior bowl, so James will be handling the Keys tomorrow.


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7 Responses to “Patriots vs Ravens: AFC Championship”

  1. Lundahl says:

    Indianapolis !

  2. TD says:

    I think Brady was so worried about throwing INT to Reed that he was trying to throw into the smallest of windows and rushing his throws.

    D came up huge at the end, but the issue BB has to address is their problems stopping teams on 3rd down. On a bunch of 3rd and long’s, they either did not get a pass rush, allowed guys to get open past the first down marker or both. Flacco was however very accurated, throwing into small windows during the game.

    • qwerty says:

      With Flacco’s pinpoint accuracy in very small windows where ball was very protected, it would have been difficult for any secondary to stop many of those conversions.

  3. qwerty says:

    Patriots down plays

    1) Missed a wide open gronk for likely a TD

    2) Brady threw that last interception was bad judgement call

    3) That woodhead fumble.

    Flacco threw the ball very well in the small windows so very difficult for patriots secondary to make plays

    offensively and defensively both teams played decent enough

    even though patriots lost turnover battle, those last two plays by ravens were the equivalent of offensive turnovers. they dropped TD pass and missed FG in last two plays.

    for the ravens, it was a very BITTER LOSS. these type of losses the ravens will have post game nightmares about.

    Time of Possession for Ravens was 33:33. Patriots had 26:27.

    sweetest thing about the game is that brady had off game and defense held on when it mattered.

  4. John Major says:

    I think the defense played great for being the 31st rated defense. I hope the announcers keep on saying that because it makes them look stupid. Wouldn’t it be something if the 31st rated defense won the Super Bowl?

  5. John Major says:

    I’ll take it! I just have one question to ask anyone. Why did BB have Brady throw a bomb to Mathew Slater against one of the best defenses in the league? Not smart. What the hell was he thinking? We were very lucky to win this game with the turnovers against a very good team. I’ll say it again, ” I’ll take it!”

  6. MJP says:

    2 Brady INT’s, zero, count em, ZERO touchdowns for TB and a Woodhead kick return fumble….and this Defense only gives up 20 points.

    The D will get zero credit but they stonewalled Ray Rice and overcame multiple obstacles, a lot of which were not of their own doing….great news heading into the Super Bowl.

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