2012 Shrine Game: Film Room

Tyrone Crawford Shrine Bowl

Tyrone Crawford (DE, Boise State) made himself some money today in the 2012 Shrine Game. (Photo: ICON SMI)

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

We looked at six intriguing 2012 NFL Draft prospects on each team at the East/West Shrine Game, which was actually a good game for the first time in a while.

The West team won the matchup with a touchdown with less than a minute left in the game.

Here is how the future NFL players performed.

East Prospects

E#18 Thomas Mayo, WR, Cal-PA
-A little choppy into his break, but creates separation and makes the catch.
-Nice adjustment on ball, found soft spot on slant.
-Good balance after the catch, fights for extra yards.
-Slow again out of his breaks, tips off his cuts early.
-Good hands catch, a bit of a push-off to create separation.
-Weak route, drifted down the field instead of squaring out.
-Drops the ball outside, took a hit and couldn’t hang on.
-Wasn’t super impressed with his route-running, but if he can smooth our the rough patches in his game he could be a solid #3 WR at the next level.

E#44 Emil Igwenagu, TE/HB, UMass
-Lead block outside, can’t seal the safety.
-Slow to the hole, no block on play.
-Seam route, fights through OLB, gets lit up by safety but makes fantastic catch.
-Finds LB and squares him up, good block.
-Showed some great toughness today, certainly can see a team taking a late-round pick to add his versatility to the roster.

E#75 Rishaw Johnson, OL, Cal-PA
-Anchors well, takes a punch and doesn’t flinch.
-Shoved out of way by Missouri DT, but regains balance quickly.
-Stones DE cold, had some RB help.
-Good hand-placement, anchors easily against DT bull-rush. Strong lower body.
-Got a bit upright, knocked off balance.
-So strong, needs to stay over his feet though.
-Gets to the 2nd level, couldn’t find someone to hit.
-Has all the physical tools, with the right coaching he could turn into a great pro OL.

E#53 Quentin Saulsberry, OC, Miss State
-Quick out of stance, gets to 2nd level and seals LB.
-Stays low after snap, fires out to 2nd level again.
-On his heels after snap, lucky to not get knocked down.
-Turns USC DT DaJohn Harris, seals the backside.
-Lunges a bit, loses his footing.
-Very active, no quit in his blocking – finds someone to hit.
-DT got under his pads, pushed him into backfield.
-Decent game from Saulsberry, certainly a draftable center, but not sure he can be a starter at the next level.

E#35 Brandon Lindsey, DE/LB, Pitt
-Playing 4-3 SLB, pushed out of play by OT Ryan Miller.
-Handled 1-on-1 by TE. Harkey from UCLA really giving it to him in the run game.
-Drops into coverage, got to his assignment and looked decent.
-Sticks with TE in coverage on goal-line.
-Harkley still blocking Lindsey easily.
-Picks his way through some garbage, makes tackle.
-Gets under RT’s pads, pops him back and assists on tackle.
-Sticks with RB out of backfield, back to his assignment.
-Misses tackle in the open field on RB.
-Certainly not a 4-3 LB – would have liked to see him get some opportunities as a 3-4 OLB.

E#2 Micah Pellerin, CB, Hampton
-Active in run support, tenacious fighting off block.
-Anticipates TE’s route, was there for the pick if QB went there.
-Smooth in his pedal, pretty fluid corner.
-WR got some separation with good route, waited until Pellerin turned and then sat down.
-Locates the ball quickly coming out of the QB’s hand.
-Wasn’t on the field a bunch, but looked the part of a smooth corner. Want to see how he runs at the combine.

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