2012 Patriots Draft Contacts

Here are who the New England Patriots have been interviewing and working out for the 2012 NFL Draft.


I – Combine Interview
PW – Private Workout
PD – Pro Day Contact
OV – Official Visit
AS – All-Star Game Contact

Multiple contacts in bold.

Defensive Line

Michael Brockers, LSU (OV, PD)
Anthony Jacobs, Minnesota (PD)
Derek Wolfe, Cincinnati (PW, PD)
Ronnie Cameron, Old Dominion (PD)
Josue Ortiz, Harvard (PW, PD)
Armond Armstead, USC (PD, OV)
Chandler Jones, Syracuse (I)
Nick Perry, USC (OV, PD)
Christo Bilukidi, Georgia State (OV)


Ryan Davis, Bethune Cookman (AS, PW)
Darius Fleming, Notre Dame (I)
Melvin Ingram, South Carolina (I, OV)
Luke Kuechly, Boston College (PD, I)
Ronnell Lewis, Oklahoma (PD, OV)
Courtney Upshaw, Alabama (PD, AS, I)
Whitney Mercilus, Illinois (PD)
Kyle Wilber, Wake Forest (PD)
Bruce Irvin, West Virginia (OV)
Lavonte David, Nebraska (PW)
Zach Brown, North Carolina (PD, PW)
Noah Keller, Ohio (OV)
Shea McClellin, Boise State (PW or OV)

Defensive Backs

Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska (PW)
Tony Dye, UCLA (OV)
Ron Brooks, LSU (PD, PW, OV)
Omar Bolden, Arizona State (OV)
Brandon Taylor, LSU (PW, PD)
Harrison Smith, Notre Dame (I)
Ryan Steed, Furman (AS)
Casey Hayward, Vanderbilt (AS)
Jeremy Jones, Wayne State (PW)
Jeron McMillan, Maine (PD)
Matt Daniels, Yale (PD)
Micah Pellerin, Hampton (PW – with DB coach, PD)
Jordan Bernstine, Iowa (PD, PW)
Josh Norman, Coastal Carolina (OV)
Tavon Wilson, Illinois (PW, PD)
Trumaine Johnson, Montana (OV)
Markelle Martin, Oklahoma State (OV, PD)


Ryan Lindley, San Diego State (PD)
Patrick Witt, Yale (PD, PW)

Running Backs

Doug Martin, Boise State (OV, PW, PD)
Fozzy Whitaker, Texas (PW)
Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati (PW, PD)
Travaris Cadet, Appalachian State (AS)
Chris Rainey, Florida (PW, PD)
David Wilson, Virginia Tech (OV)

Tight Ends

Adrien Robinson, Cincinnati (PW, PD)
Emil Igwenagu, UMass (AS, PD)
Eric Lair, Minnesota (PD)
Les Brown, BYU Basketball (PD)

Wide Receivers

Kendall Wright, Baylor (PW, PD)
Joe Adams, Arkansas (AS, I, PD)
A.J. Jenkins, Illinois (AS, PD)
Darius Reynolds, Iowa State (PW, PD)
Rich Rossi, Sacred Heart (PD)
Josh Bellamy, Louisville (PW)
Deonte Thompson, Florida (PD)
Tommy Streeter, Miami (PW)

Offensive Line

Chris Anzevino, Kent State (PW)
Johnnie Troutman, Penn State (AS)
Marcel Jones, Nebraska (PW)

Pro-Days Attended:

Air Force
Alabama (BB, McDaniels)
Arkansas State
Ball State
Boston College
BSN Showcase (FCS, D2, D3, NAIA)
Coastal Carolina
East Carolina
Florida State
Fresno State
Iowa State
Kansas State
Miami (OH)
Michigan State
Northern Illinois
Oklahoma State
Ohio State
Old Dominion
Penn State
Rhode Island
San Diego State (McDaniels)
Sacramento State
South Carolina State
South Florida (BB)
Wake Forest

23 Responses to “2012 Patriots Draft Contacts”

  1. Harry says:

    Is this every single one that the Patriots have or just the ones you know of. Thanks for making the list!

  2. MaineMan says:

    I have a question.

    I see several prospects listed with “pro day” (PD) as the only contact. But the Pats are listed as having attended a metric buttload of pro days. How is it that only these select few prospects are included in the above list, but other are not? As just one example, the Pats attended the Wake Forest pro day and OLB/DE Kyle Wilber is listed, but Wake WR Chris Givens is not.

    What’s the criteria there?

    • NEPD says:

      More than just attending the workout. Personality test, talked with them, etc… but short of confirming an actual private workout.

  3. Rob says:

    I say they go after a corner like Jenkins who has the talent to be the best cover corner in the draft if surrounded by a good locker room (like the patriots). If we could keep him on the field, he would produce. We should also go after Harrison smith and/or Brandon Taylor to sure up our shaky secondary. We also need to find some kind of pass rush with a first or second rounder.

  4. Phil says:

    I’m happy to see they had an eye on Rich Rossi from Sacred Heart…it’s cool to think that scouts have interest in a player from a school right down the road from me.

  5. Caleb says:

    Brandon Kinnie from Nebraska worked out with the pats too according to an espn radio station here.

  6. James says:

    Chandler Jones (Combine) and Rainey (Private Workout) have definitely met with the Patriots

  7. Bob Shannon says:

    I believe the value is in the 2nd and 3rd rounds in this years draft for the Patriots…..Is there a huge difference in personel at either #27 or 31 than 35, 40, 45 or 50??? Can the Pats trade those picks to get more picks in the 2-5 rounds….Giving up a #27 for guys like McClellan Minnifield, Reyes, Streeter, and Blake…That is the value I see by trading a #1 pick for and still be able to use one of them….The goal is to have multiple starters or key role players for each number one traded….

  8. dslave says:

    i’m of the opinion bb likes tape. it’s what on tape and resources we dont even know about. the specifics about footballs important, football iq, team leadership, i think is part of their philosophy. but he’s a film junky. he’s maybe the type of coach that does his homework when the kid isn’t looking.

  9. Will says:

    Tracking is a lot of work and it’s very much appreciated. It’s too bad the workouts, visits and interviews don’t seem to help an awful lot in determining who BB really wants to draft. Last year, for example, the Pats showed interest in 52 players and of these 44 had private workouts. Of these, the Pats drafted 2: Solder and Mallett, and neither had publicized interest shown by the Pats. It seems BB uses these workouts/interviews/visits to find out about the player and for visits for medical info. It’s hard to learn much though.

  10. Bill says:

    A lot of guys from all over the place. Early picks to probable free agents. Just doing due diligence. The process rules guys in and out, so not much to glean from the list, except lots of LB’s and DB’s. I’d love to see Pats get 2 LB and and a DB. An ideal list :
    Harrison Smith
    Vinny Curry
    Mychal Kendricks
    Add in a 300# DE at #27 / WR @ 3rd / OL @4th Rd and you got a team with a lot of future and present

  11. George R says:

    So glad they’re checking top Safeties! I think Barron is still the odds on favorite….Like to see Alan Branch DE Clemson on the list though? Fletcher Cox DE Miss St. I think could fill Seymour’s spot!

    • Tom says:

      It is nice to see who they have interviewed and who they haven’t, but don’t focus too much on who is or isn’t on the list. Last year, Dowling was not on the list, but picked in the second and players such as Cameron Jordan and Wilkerson were interviewed multiple times, but were past on by the Pats.

    • Jimmy says:

      i would prefer harrison smith over barron. Barron is great but not what we need. hes a big hitter who lacks elite coverage. get harrison smith out of Notre Dame and an elite cover corner like janoris jenkins and the patriots role. oh yeah they also need a pass rusher like vinny curry out of marshall or nick perry out of USC

  12. Phil says:

    Very happy we have an eye on Harrison Smith. He seems like exactly what we need for a safety; a smart, instinctual player.

  13. dslave says:

    this is one of the best aspects of ne pats draft. I respect your crediability for your contacts. Its accurate, informative in your scouting data, and Upshaw will never be there at 27. He reminds me of Lamar Woodley. We could of drafted him and we passed.

    • Jeff says:

      I could see BB passing on Upshaw…wouldnt shock me at all. BB hates pass rushers.

      • Jeff says:

        Wrong…BB hates taking high risk players in the 1st round because it’s wasting the highest % chance to get a solid starter/stud.

  14. Tom Watson says:

    Love that they talked with Joe Adams, Ingram and Upshaw! Coutney Upshaw and Joe Adams seem like logical picks to me.

    • Jeff says:

      I was thinking the same….add 2 visits with R.Lewis who is an animal rushing the passer.

  15. Tommy says:

    Chris Rainey said he was going to meet with the Patriots. Also, Chandler Jones tweeted a picture of stuff he got from teams he met with, and one of them was the Patriots.

  16. Tom says:

    You should provide links to the sources that you got this list from. It would be really helpful.

    • NEPD says:

      Tom – everything posted was either seen by our own eyes at the Senior Bowl or confirmed through an agent, player or secondary source.

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