Patriots vs Giants: The Aftermath

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

I was all set to heap all sorts of praise on the Patriots defense in this one, but if you can’t come up big when it matters the most, then what good was the first three and a half quarters?

I’m not being overdramatic, and I’m not being reactionary, but this team has a good chance of going to 5-4 after next week. The offense can’t bail out the defense and the defense can’t bail out the offense when it matters most.

Here are some of my thoughts on the Giants 24-20 victory over the Patriots:

-Gostkowski’s missed field goal was huge. At the time I was hoping that they would go for it on that 4th down. Well, they didn’t, Gostkowski missed a huge field goal and that meant that the Patriots couldn’t take their time on the 4th quarter drive since the field goal to win wasn’t an option.

-I guess Guyton came out with an injury, which is why White was in on the TD. White bit on the play action because he’s not experienced enough on defense to be playing in that situation. It’s a shame.

-The Patriots pass rush actually looked pretty good today. Eight QB hits, lots of pressure on Eli, but zero sacks. Granted, they looked good all game, but this is a game of inches and when you can’t push the opposing team back with sacks, this is what happens.

-Brandon Deaderick played a nice game, he looked a lot better than Shaun Ellis.

-If Brandon Spikes hadn’t gotten injured, I believe we win this game. Hopefully Spikes isn’t out for long.

-There was absolutely no excuse for Sergio Brown’s pass interference. Unfortunately Barrett’s injury flared up and Chung was getting an injury checked out. I’d rather have Ross Ventrone play safety than Sergio Brown at this point though.

-I thought McCourty and Arrington played good games. Arrington had a bad PI call and let up the TD, but as Tom Curran of CSNNE said, it’s kind of the nature of the beast for a CB.

-I’m not sure what the mindset was to have Ryan Wendell in at center, but he looked bad. Lets keep Connolly in there please.

-Both sides of the line played poorly today, but I’d rather see Nate Solder at this point than Vollmer. Vollmer has looked slow since coming back from the back injury.

-Brady played a great 2nd half, but there’s really no excuse for how he played in the first half. Both interceptions were completely on him. Hopefully he’s hurt, I’d hate to be seeing the beginning of his regression.

-Will Brady and Ochocinco ever be on the same page? Brady keeps trying to get him the ball and he keeps messing up. It looks like a joke out there whenever Ocho is targeted. I want him to do well, it would really benefit the offense, but that connection is not there right now.

-On a positive note, the Patriots DID look good for the first three and a half quarters of that game. I’m not sure if it was fresh legs with Deaderick, getting Mayo back, having Phillip Adams, not having to play against Diehl, Nicks and Bradshaw but they were playing as well as they have all season.

This team will make the playoffs, and trust me, I’m not writing them off yet. But there are some problems right now with the offensive line, and there’s still some serious holes in defending the pass. And it’s not the fault of the pass rush. They’re getting pressure, but it’s the quick short passes the Patriots have such trouble defending.

I’ll have more tomorrow on my six keys to defeat.

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19 Responses to “Patriots vs Giants: The Aftermath”

  1. psw says:

    Time for ocho to go
    Time for fat useless albert to go
    Time for sean ellis to go
    Time to get desperate and resort to casino (all in) blitz’ on a regular basis to generate a rush, and live or die by the consequences.
    And pray for a good draft.

  2. Ryan says:

    If it takes a loss for the Defense to play that much better I’m ok with it. Hopefully they improve again this week. I guess the real question coming off this loss is what is going to be Spikes prognosis and whether the heated exchange between Haynesworth and P. Johnson will turn into something or nothing. At this point, the Defense is playing better. However, Brady is not, he is forcing the ball. But I’m not jumping off a building or anything at this point. I’m going to try and stay more positive than I have. It seems like the DL also had some pretty good pressure.

    • DWE says:

      The whole reason Brady is trying too force the ball is simple……
      The O-line is plugged VS. stout.
      He is holding the ball far longer than he has ever had to do.
      The “reason” vs “excuse”, why we did not get or neccessarily need or want a “deep threat” is regarding the rest of the team “BASE”, because Brady does not have the time too wait for a regular mid feilder to get open – nevermind a deep threat to get open. If it happen’s……’s luck and chance only, not by design or talent.
      Every body talked about getting the “O-Line fixed” during the draft, and I caneven remember Mike saying if we end up with Nate Solder he’d be pissed and upset. Nate Solder should have been the second choice if not the third.
      He seem’s to be and maybe will be good, but he is a “Project”.
      Without an O-line that gives Brady the time he need’s which is what he used too, the same will continue……………falling short.

      If some remember Brady in College, it was he who always came in behind what’s his name who always got “the push”, and Bradt came in in the 3rd or fourth quarter and won the game. He has talent and knowledge, but hasn’t had an O-line like he is or was used too-Period.
      That’s why we put so much into our (2) TE’s being predominently the ball catcher’s…….because Brady does not have time like he used too have,
      He is being forced to in effect, have the same type of time Bledsoe used to have.
      Bledsoe had through out his Patriot career like 1/3 second’s too throw the ball when all other qb’s had an average of 3 second’s.
      Brady’s time to do what he need’s, and the “extra” second and a 1/2 id and has been slowly going away and is now gone!
      We had a rock solid O-line that Credit card commercial’s used to make commercial’s about…………..remember that?

      No matter what we camn say about the Defense……which suck’s-ass, no one can dispute that Brady’s O-line Suck’s by comparisson and like all else, ppl touch on it but do not want too stay on it like they should.
      Bill Belichick does not know how to rebuild a team.
      He know’s how to utilize a “BASE” that is already in place by someone else, and ride the coat-Tail’s. HE NEED’S HELP-PERIOD.
      & until Robert Kraft put’s his foot down and “demand’s” OLB’s, DE’s, DT’s and a much better O-line, the same will continue to happen.
      We can get “Value” in WR, we can get “value in RB’s, we can get “Value in and for “back-up’s”, but until BB is “FORCED” to though free agency and the draft to pick for actual “TEAM NEED” verses just “all Value, all the time”, the Pat’s will continue to flounder & fail.
      30+YEAR PAT’S FAN, & I also remember when Parcell’s was made to use pick’s on a cpl of guy’s he didn’t initailly want or thought we needed at the time, well guess what…………………..

      We didn’t need (2) running back’s,
      We didn’t need Ryan Mallet,
      We didn’t need an O-line personel that was third at best on the list,
      We didn’t need an )-linman that wouldn’t and couldn’t play for another year and a half until he recover’s fron “Ball Cancer”……”Maybe”.
      (1) of our pick’s was O.K., and (2) of our pick’s were at half mass……
      which in effect makes only two out of nine pick’s even worth making, and most of which were cut outright.
      We did not need to spend 4.5 Mil up front on Ocho, and if we just tagged Phil Taylor, we wouldn’t have had to settle on Fat Albert either.

      This team is soft and finness coupled with Bill Belichick Value-Period.

      *FIRST MISSION & NEED: Take the reign’s away from BB when it comes to the draft, because he deliberetally pick’s only what we do not need and deliberetaly pick’s opposit of what we need, bring in an actual DC beacuse he’s wearing too many hat’s he does not deserve to wear or can handle, then make “HIM WORK OUT & WATCH HIS WEIGHT AND HEALTH” because it set’s a bad precidence not a good one, and most importantly…………….. check him for Alzheimer’s, cause he clearly has it!

      We need too drop the best and most talented Offensive tackle in the mix of what we have right now-period, A.S.A.P., or take the best OT in free agency or the best suitable in the next draft.
      Then the rest on “D”.

      + Get rid of Hoyer and or Mallet
      Get rid of Edleman,
      Get rid of one of the two new Running Back’s(most likely Vereen), since they do not get used anyway, ,
      & get rid personally of either nink or fletcher, both are nothing but back-up material.

      But most of all, take away personel decision’s from BB.

      • TD says:

        Nice try Einstein.

        You are right, we really don’t need the guys BB gets in the draft: Brady, Koppen, Mankins, Light, Gronk, Hernandez, Wilfork, Spikes, Mayo, McCourty, Chung, Mesko & Gostkowski. That’s just the starters.

        Brady is holding the ball because D’s have figured out that their best chances are to play man all day long. Welker eats up zones, now teams are getting physical with him at the LOS and even further down the field. Branch needs time to get open as does oucho.

        • DWE says:

          I’m not disputing a few great guy’s, all team’s will get them, but a number of who you’ve mentioned have been around for a while and will shortly be gone(light, Wilfork and Koppen) yet we have no suitable replacement’s, and alot of the rest are at 1/2 mass with nothing around to compliment them like what used too be, alot of guy’s are either one dimensional( can do one thing well-but not other’s), we can debate all day about a few key guy’s from the old realm, but can you dispute 7 out of 9 pick’s this last draft were a waste, as well as that by the nuber’s since it’s been all BB all the time, our draft number’s are at best 40%….at best.

          Finding a diamond in the ruff here and there is one thing, but specifically and deliberately not picking for what your team acually need’s, and having so many bust(s) is another.
          Belichick is wearing far too many hat’s-PERIOD.

          I’m not “HATING”, I just don’t understand why he deliberately does not pick what the team actually need’s.
          Always shifting guy’s in and out, always shifting in and around the board, alway’s bypassing clear and pure talent, always guy’s in and out and NO stability.
          *Just because you have Big-V Wilfork doesn’t mean you don’t need other guy’s on the line as well, does having two (1) dementional LB’s and a bunch of back-up’s and basically no backfeild mean that’ll work?

          Start filling for need Please.

          I’m not the only one who states these thing’s so I know I’m not alone and on more than just here at NEDRAFT.

          Wishing and Hoping with rose colored glasses on will only see us blown out of the play-off’s again like we have been year after year after year after year after year after year.

          do i mention all the injured has-been’s and total waste brought in……& compair with the “few” staples you mentioned that came in when it WAS MORE THAN JUST BILL BELICHICK making decision’s). Is this were I mention the waste on Sammy Morris, Fred Taylor, and Torry Holt as well.

          You can’t dispute, 7 out of nine pick’s were a total waste, you can’t dispute it began to be known that THE ONLY WAY TO GET TO TOM BRADY IS FULL ON NON-STOP BLITZING AND STRAIGHT UP PRESS COVERAGE………… Well, then why wouldn’t BB just beef the line up and combat that issue a bit?

          No instead he takes a project in Solder(who by the way could work out very well after he finishes his schooling and put’s on more weight), and pick’s a qb we really didn’t need( a wasted pick realistically) and takes 2 RB’s that also do not really even play either( one , maybe, but yah’ two more wasted pick’s), and what happened to the rest of the pick’s……..?

          Lee Smith?
          Mikell Carter?
          M. WIlliams?
          Marcuss Cannon was picked when he can’t even play for a minimum of another full year(cancer recovery timeframe), possably even longer, then he need’s to learn and get on the same page……? A non-contributing wasted pick again.
          How about either Will Rackley or John Moffit who was taken one after another, right after we took Mallet and Ridley in the third….
          Again, Mallet won’t play for at least 2 year’s longer…..a wasted pick respectivelly(especially since we still have Hoyer and he doesn’t even play-we should have had Hoyer gone before wasting a pick an another QB w/TB at the healm.
          Vereen???? What have we seen of this other non-contributing factor pick???

          I’m not “HATING” TD, but someone need’s to pull BB’s Head out of his rear end and as I sarcastically put it………check for Alzhimers.
          Because the last thing’s he’s been doing is picking for actual team need in much any respect, as well as he’s noe totally re-doing the secondary “on the fly”……..”again”.

          Protect Brady,
          Stop wishing and hoping on waste cases like Fat AL, Taylor, Morris, and other’s and Set a “BASE” up too work with.
          There is no stability on this team, and their is clearly no real defensive team leader other than Wilfork who will be gone soon enough.

          No real good veteran even wan’t too come to N.E anymore because of the way it’s been run.

        • DWE says:

          I’d like to see your honest assessment of our current draft pick’s and what you feel should be picked at what respective round and # considering where we actually fall at.
          Will you actually use a few pick’s for team need or just troll around for constent back-up value?

      • TD says:

        Well, at the time we did not “need” most of the guys I listed, especially #12.

        We also did not need Solder, but without him RT would have been manned by guys released and do nothing for other teams!

        Personally, I think BB saw the day coming when he would have to almost “reset” the whole defense and a lot of the offense and the one way to do that is with a lot of draft picks as you only get 1 first rounder and the success rate is not that high.

        • DWE says:

          IMO & OTher’s, It was known that Bledsoe’s day’s were numbered due to the number of hit’s he was always taking, even he knew it himself and stated it. We also in the same type of realm know that you can only last so long depending on your talent level, number of hit’s, pregression no matter what possition you play. So alot feel that the team actually payed attention to the “what if’s”…. & They did actually get a young, talented and very smart QB in Brady BEFORE Bledsoe was done, case in point. Bledsoe also coached up Brady which alot of ppl never really knew.

          Wilfork was actually also needed at the time also and was pinpionted for longevity, he was not scene as a temp, a hopefull or a moldable project. At the time we had Keith Traylor almost at the end of his career(played a little in Miami after us?) & Teddy Washington previously also torward’s & at the end of his career
          So as a compliment to guy’s like Richard Seymore, and as a longterm replacement for filling the shoes for guy’s like Veterans Traylor and Washington, he was needed.

          Solder was needed as well, although he was not many ppl’s first choice especially on board’s as NEDRAFT, the O-line was seen as a major need! Alot of talk about Castonzo especially( except he had the wrong agent-which is another story). The O-line was and still is a major need. So Solder was needed as well. We all know Light is retiring, Koppen has been around for like a decade almost aready as well. *On another note another O-lineman currently has back issues………..So Yes O-line help was a major need and they should have gotten 2 ready too play guy’s……
          Not a Project(third in line guy and a Cancer recovering can’t play regular for about 1 1/2 year’s guy.

          Anyhow, I agree with needing alot of pick’s and not wanting a Vernon Gholsten type top contract guy either.
          But there is way too many specific’s regarding “then” and “now” times and the base we had and currently still don’t anylonger.

          Belichick has too many hat’s and it would be smart to bring in some help for him, he’s making way too many mistakes with 1/2 teir, value type guy’s who do not last. He’s passed on so many other Vince Wilfork'(s) too bother mentioning, too many Richard Seymore(s) and the like.

          Everybody has a bust(s) now and again and he’s had his fair share as well, but sooner or later it’s the other pick’s that really hurt. That’s what settling for the Fat AL’s and the Ocho’s at 4.5 Mil up front will get ya?

          Again I’d like to see some smart moves by BB and the Org again VS. all the “hopefull” and “backward’s” ones we’ve all been seeing.

          Personally Solder was a decent pick & Dowling was good. Other than that Ridley seem’s to actually have lot’s of potential. Other than that ALL WASTED in spades.

          We have O-line trouble that the road grader Rackley or even John Moffit could be helping out with(both now and future).

          We have D-line trouble that Phil Taylor would be chewin’ Up and spitting out along side of Wilfork instead of wasting time with an issue like Fat Albert.

          We have “FOUR” running back’s, but almost zero run game?????

          We have McCourty for a DB and basically no one else?
          (we all knew by the way Dowling had an injury, but IMO should have been let to be just a back-up, heal and learn for now but got put in way too quick).

          Just sayin’ Hopefully they’ll start to gell, we should make the play=off’s just by the scedule as it is, but my money is on one and done again and anyone should have seen this coming.

          Definetly frustrating for us all. So yes, I think Robert Kraft and maybe a Little of Brady ought to step up and see what’s up? & I think BB need’s some help because his decision making is seriously flawed by compairison to previous year’s with Cremmel, Weiss and Pioli being around.

        • Lundahl says:

          BB is rebuilding this entire team since 2010 but nobody is listening to him.

        • TD says:

          So in your eyes, when BB hits with a pick he’s either lucky or he HAD to pick him based on team needs?

          I have to throw the B.S. flag on you that Bledsoe “coached up” Brady. He could not get his job back from Brady for one reason; he’s not that smart of a QB. He had an exceptional arm, but not a brain.

          Also, draft Taylor last year and no Solder. According to ProFootballFocus, Taylor’s play has tailed off, although so have a lot of the Browns’.

          I am in agreement w/Lundahl that BB is rebuilding almost the entire team since the 2007 season, which should have been the crown achievement of the 2001-2007 guys (Bruschi, Harrison, Seymour, Vrabel, etc.).

          At least the Pat’s are very competitive while team re-building. Look at what has happened to others that had to rebuild: Rams (greatest show on Turf?), Seattle, Bills, Tennessee, etc. 5 years of bloody losses and high draft picks.

  3. TD says:

    This team suddenly has consistency problems all over the field, even QB.

    The D actually played better except the last 2 Giant drives, where they reverted back to form for some reason (most likely the pass rush).

    Now we have a FG kicker that can’t kick and the special teams have been….well not so special. Got to tighten this up w/Jets and McKnight up next week.

    Even if Gostkowski made that field goal in 1st half, the result would still be an L as they would have kicked a FG on 4th down instead of the TD. The time on the clock may have had more time left for the last Giant drive.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      I disagree, the entire drive would have been scripted entirely differently and they would have eaten the entire clock on each play. Knowing you need a touchdown, everything becomes more urgent.

  4. qwerty says:

    many excellent comments.

    since brady is the one throwing the ball, he needs read ocho’s moves and make the throws to a wide open ocho. i was impressed by ocho. maybe as season progresses, they get more in sync.

    i though brown’s PI was flimsy. Their feet got tangled up. That is what caused the receiver to go down. Brown made play for ball on upper part of body cleanly. Brown’s comments about PI match my observations

    Even though Arrington got torched for TD, I thought he has played much better than last year so I can’t be too negative about him.

  5. John says:

    and well see what this team is made of over the next 8 weeks starting monday night

  6. John says:

    this team gets gashed whenever quateerbacks get out of the pocket

  7. tim kavic says:

    good anaylsis-unfortunately the Patriots will probably lose next week- and will finish up at 10 and 6 ( I hope at least). They have too many shortcomings that all of us can see, the main ones being ;
    1. lack of any consistent running game deep wide receiver threat
    3. very poor secondary play
    4. average linebacker play(especially against the pass)
    5. limited sacks on the quarterback, especially when you need them ( 2 long drives by Eli for example in the 4th quarter)..However I submit that the Patriots suffer most from lack of talent- they need to draft and/or trade better and get more game changing players on both sides of the ball- haven’t really done that the last few drafts ( of course there are exceptions-Welker and Moss by trade, Chung(when healthy),Spikes ( against the run) but that is about it- they need better talent, and until that happens, they will be a fringe playoff team in my opinion- they just don’t have the horses- they can and do compete hard but that is not good enough in today’s NFL.

    • DWE says:

      1. Lack of consistent running – Yet we have ” 4 ” Running Back’s, two of which came from a second and third round pick. ( + K. Faulk )
      **Plugged in O-line that shoulda’ garnered the use of a draft pick on a OT.
      DID WE NOT PICK UP TWO RUNNING BACK’S IN THE DRAFT USING A 2ND AND A 3RD ROUNDER???????? So apparently BB feel’s that BJ-GE suck’s ass, fumbles all the time & that dillrod Scat-back Woody somthing or another can’t produce in the run game either……..evn though our O-line is slacking, lacking and plugged in…..

      2. No deep threat- It serves no purpose having one since it’s known that the O-line is a plugged in O-line, that’s why we predominently use 2 TE’s as the bulk of our ball catcher’s and also go No Huddle, Brady hold’s the ball longer than he ever has(much longer), he doesn’t have time for mid feilder’s and a deep threat to get open-Period.
      **plugged in O-line, that shoulda’ garnered the use of a draft pick on a OT.
      Who need’s an up beat & tough O-line in the NFL anyway for the likes of a running game or needing time for your HOF QB to throw…….apparently not here in N.E.. WE can do without a tough O-line according to BB.
      3. Very poor secondary play – There is no secondary to speak of…..
      **Let every one go after not getting any in the draft except for a Dowling who should have never been forced to play so much right away. He should have been a back-up only for now, learn the play book and heal.
      Apparently BB feel’s that in a pass happy leage, who the hell need’s a secondary?

      4. Average linbacker play – All we have IMO is average linebacker’s……
      **Yet no pick’s in the draft even close to being worth while……LB’s or DE’s, or DT. Heck, I guess 1 skill only back-up Linebacker’s is what BB likes.

      Limited sack’s on oposing QB’s – Limited almost evrything……
      Big-P(Phil Taylor ) next to Big-V wilfork on the line & THEN taking a chance on a cheap Fat Albert………Ding, Ding,Ding…….Much would be happening with our “D” line then, but instead……Yup’, 7 of 9 pick’s……..wasted.
      We’d have the “wonder twin’s” in Gronk & Hern, and we’d also have the “wonder twin’s” in Big-P and Big-V as well………..But hey, 4 running back’s and no run game is o.k. with BB. Who need’s to get to the other team’s QB? Not us apparently, we’ll do fine with sub-par “VALUE” personel, just fine……..

      So, Ya’ I could add on and get more specific, but I do agree overall Tim, I agree overall.

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