In the Film Room: Southern Miss vs UAB

NEPD Staff Writer: Stephen Sheehan

Matt McCants, a mid-round OL prospect from UAB was the star in this game – bouncing back after being wore out by Vinny Curry of Marshall a couple of weeks back.

Matt McCants, #71, OT, UAB

-Mirrors well and uses his long arms to keep defenders from getting into his body
-Executes textbook hook block near the goal line to create room for TD
-Walls off defenders well even when he doesn’t get great drive
-Late off the snap, QB gets ball off fast to avoid sack
-Whiffs on cut block on screen play
-Plays through the whistle and drives linebacker 5 yards down the field
-Comes out of his stance too high at times which doesn’t allow for initial power off the line
-Pulls around and lead blocks for QB draw. Effective second-level blocker
-Picks up safety blitz, buries him in the backfield
-Easily drives Cordarro Law across the field for cutback lane
-Quick on his feet, executes another successful trap block for a first down
-Needs to show more of a mean streak and attitude looks athletic and wasn’t tested often
-Shut down Cordarro Law, who is a late-round DE/OLB tweener, all night

Austin Davis, #12, QB, Southern Miss

-Shows good speed to get to the corner for a first down
-Good arm strength to drive the ball for post corner route for TD
-Wasn’t asked to make many difficult throws
-Mostly accurate on checkdowns to the flat and screen plays
-Doesn’t possess the prototypical physical makeup
-Takes vicious hit, shows toughness to stay in game
-Makes a nice throw on deep in-cut route for first round on 3rd and long
-Sets his feet and stands tall in the pocket
-Smart play to throw the ball away in red zone
-Doesn’t turn the ball over, but doesn’t make many big plays either

No real standouts on defense. Southern Miss DE Cordarro Law has 25 career sacks, but wasn’t noticeable in the game. McCants shut him down and overpowered him in the run game. Southern Miss linebacker Korey Williams was the only other defender on the draft radar, but is out for the year with an ACL injury.

UAB safety Jamie Bender is the team’s leading tackler and made a nice pass breakup on 4th down. He’s a solid run defender but doesn’t have elite physical skills. Looks like an UDFA at this time.


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